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Whitney's Whirl - Your Horoscope for April 27 - May 3, 2009

by Whitney McClough

The week begins with the Sun in wealth oriented, Taurus, so we are turning a corner, and our finances should begin to reflect this.  Even the world news spoke of the USA finally turning a financial corner.  With Mercury also in Taurus, both in the 2nd house, we will find our focus even more on our finances, and how to create more of it.
 With the Sun trine both Pluto and Saturn, we have the power to focus on work that requires good self-control habits, as well as learning new skills, and useful discipline.  While others may be impressed with your work and self-control it certainly makes sense to you.  You can make an overall plan for you future, and this will result in long range success. 
Write down your plans and goals, do a vision board, and watch the results happen.  Those of you who are not moving forward, are not connected to the energy of focus and intention.  An excellent book to assist you with this is, The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intention, Part 1, by Esther & Jerry Hicks.  Another excellent book is, Ask and it is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks, and a third suggested read is, Money and The Law of Attraction, Learning to attract wealth, health & happiness. This book is listed on Amazon.com for $5.89.  Get your copy now, work on your vision board because your life is waiting for you to create it.
The week starts with the moon in Gemini conjunct the Part of Fortune, so communications will be very beneficial.  Do all that you can as the week starts to fill out application forms, and discuss employment options for success.  Do all that you can to open doors of communication regardless of whether or not someone is advertising a position.  Seek and ye shall find is the quote of this week.
With Mars Square Pluto, wow, look out as this is one powerful aspect, and brings with it the energy to creatively transform your life, especially with Venus, the planet of creativity sitting right beside Mars in the sky.  This aspect will make us all very aware of how much we want to succeed. 
Our energies are very high this week, and we can step all over the toes of those around us, so we need to watchful of not offending anyone else's ego, as there will be lots of it flowing this week.  So, we may have to deal with others egos, which could result in your taking another direction, so tread lightly, and carry a big stick...be aware this week!  Be watchful of violence this week, and you will see this energy being reflected back to you in the news.
With Jupiter (rules birds) conjunct Neptune (human infection) we have heard of Swine Flu breaking out in Mexico.  There will be more of this over the summer as this planets dance in the heavens.  And, isn't it odd that in July, there is a rendition of Alfred Hitchcock's, "The Birds", where the birds went ballistic and attacked everything.  The birds are the carriers of these flu's.   The planets clearly reflect what we are experiencing down here on planet earth.
With the many aspects of Mercury this week: Mercury sextile Venus, Mercury square Jupiter, Mercury sextile Uranus , Mercury square Neptune, and finally Mercury trine the North Node, you will find it relatively easy to feel optimistic, but stay on target and don't miss any details.  Remain flexible, and keep optimistic even when things may feel confusing with Mercury square to Neptune.  The North Node is the path we are formulating, and with it in the sign of Gemini, it's all about connection and communication this week.
Venus is in a very tight square by midweek with Pluto, the planet of obsession and self-empowerment.  You may find that a love relationship feels compulsive, and you may respond in a way that causes a wave of instability at this time.  You might feel a need to hold onto a relationship that no longer works.  If so, someone is going to feel very restricted, and a sense of being smothered as well.  You will need to grow this week, and allow a sense of freedom to prevail.  If not, feelings of manipulation and displeasure could destroy something you still desire, so be careful with love this
Jupiter will conjunct Neptune this week, and your ideals will be aroused.  You will feel a great level of compassion, and you will be willing to lend a helping hand.  You may also find a new interest in a spiritual sense, and possibly take a class.  A class in Psychic Development by Whitney McClough, would be a great place to start.  Call Whitney at 207-451-9731 for class schedules. 
Keep your ego under control this week, a stay focused on the spiritual world for answers.  This is not the best week for investments, gambling or taking risks with your cash.  Stay very clear with your cash this week, as it is easy to be taken advantage of now with Mercury (thinking) square Neptune (delusion).
And last but not least, May 3rd, is Kentucky Derby Day, with the Moon conjunct Saturn, and also Quincunx Mars in Aries.  Mars in Aries is what makes a horse race fiery, and fast, the Quincunx make me concerned for health issues arising from the stress and intensity.  Say some prayers for the horses who only know to run with an owner's head filled with grandiose ideas of winnings!
ARIES:  Two fiery planets push you to make some fast moves this week,  romantically, or financially, but keep the facts in front of you.  Career options reach out to you, and you are geared up to say yes!  Extra money is your focus and it's coming through the contacts that you know and some newly established as well. Talk to everyone you know this week, and it will pay off in currency.
TAURUS:  Your brilliant ideas, and creative suggestions will be appreciated in your work environment; however, a sensual get away would also work out with a note of adventure as well! A very powerful love experience could unfold for you, and/or, another relationship is not complete.  You may desire stability, but wild desire may be closer to what you find.  Change is on your horizon, so use your wisdom while you have it, and think things out as best you can before the blaze begins.
GEMINI:  A refresher course or an opportunity for new education has been on your mind for awhile now.  If you follow through with your ideas, this inspired action will move you further up the ladder of success.  I see new social connections bringing an adventure, and fun into your life as well as someone special.  A more established person could bring you the financial security you need, and the social status you desire, so don't turn away from someone whom you might normally pass by.  Still waters run very deep this week.
CANCER:  You've had some brilliant ideas that are about ready to pop!  New social connections are going to assist you with those newly forming creative storms!  Your sweetie will find that his own creative ideas are heard if not catching on right away.  People recognize him and are thinking about his words, at the very least.  And, for you there are so many new clients all of whom are turning to you for ideas.  Put your dreams on your vision board because it's happening, and it all starts this week.
LEO:  You may find yourself trying waaaay too hard this week to make things happen, and if you can just relax and allowing the seeds to sprout you will do well this week.  It's not a week to push, but to suggest, and to keep your ego under control.  You could find that education and applying yourself to a totally new career goal will work.  Take a vacation, and just let things happen.  Your ideas are going to catch on, and others will see things your way, but probably not this week.
VIRGO:  This is your week to find a career opportunity.  There is education attached to it, so just say yes.  The learning you undergo will put you someplace you never thought you would be.  This will be a learning or teaching situation were others of like minds gather.  And someone very usual will be there helping you along the way.  Enjoy the creativity of this week, and just go with the flow. 
LIBRA:  You might just spread your wings and fly this week Libra, as someone wonderfully exciting not only captures your interest, but invites you to do something totally transformative.  You could move, and join your new life with someone who has similar ideas.  This exciting package is totally appealing, and you could be sightseeing and settling in.  Great minds think alike, so don't delay.
SCORPIO:  Relocation and a new career opportunities are staring you down.  That house or apartment that you have dreamed of, is within your means now, and your partner says yes, let's do it.  It will enliven your life, give you a stronger financial foothold, and help you both to stretch your minds and have some fun.  Some financial brainstorming is essential.
SAGITTARIUS:  Training and learning will be essential as you prepare yourself and others to new ideas, new jobs, new placements.  Your changing view of love may keep you somewhat erratic this week, but don't make any decisions just yet.  With Mercury coming up to retrograde soon, your relationships should be on hold until mid June anyhow.  Play but don't get caught.
CAPRICORN:  Cappie, something's brewing, and you are the engine pushing the train.  Your desire to reconnect with a situation from the past, or a legal situation could be just what you need to put some cash in your pocket.  If the answer was no before, it may well be yes now!  Your determination is going to make some very big changes soon!  A meeting, a conversation or something out of the blue, could bring the cash you deserve and desire.  Choose your words with care; however.  Speak kindly.
AQUARIUS:  With Jupiter square to Mercury this week, you will feel quite optimistic and powerfully positive.  This a great week to plan and visualize your future, and to think in large terms, but do not speak arrogantly, and do not overlook details.  Remain flexible in your views.  Be sure you have all the facts when dealing with business ideas.  If you are really aware you can overcome any problems this week.  Big opportunities are arriving, clear communication is the way to go.
PISCES:  Some startling new ideas could pop up this week, and new aspects of life will open up, and you will have a strong desire to jump on board.  However, this is the week when you need to be extremely cautious that no one misrepresents themselves to you.  You are determined to pull yourself up out of a financial rut, and you will, just don't act like a bulldozer, while you do it...this week think finesse.

Whitney McClough, a highly sought after psychic and medium, offers individual psychic readings and parties, along with Astrological, Intuitive coaching sessions. In a whirl of psychic energy, your information will come from your guides and angels through Whitney to you, bringing you personal tools of success. Whitney teaches classes in Psychic Development, Astrology, Tarot 101, and offers sessions in hypnosis, or past life regression. Call to book your time with Whitney at 207-451-9731, or contact her at: VisionsByWhitney@aol.com.

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