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Whitney's Whirl - Your Weekly Horoscope for May 11-17, 2009

by Whitney McClough

The Sun is Novile (40 degree angle), Mars this week, which helps us find joy in our sexuality, and physicality, and our own power...this feels good!  Get out and stretch, walk, feel the Spring in the air, put your head phones on, and move it!
Mercury in Gemini, is retrograde and Quincunxs (150 degrees) Pluto!  This will be a touchy week while we reassess our thoughts, and how much control we need or desire.  The darker side of Pluto may come out this week, and we may stew in our brew of deep hearted revenge.  Or, should we choose to take a higher walk with ourselves, we can transform those same ideas, readjust them, and become Luke Skywalker!  Yes, the force is with us.  Choose your path, not your weapon.
With Mercury in Gemini retrograde, septile (51 degrees)Venus in Aries.  You will feel how important it is to speak from your heart, and yet with Mercury retrograde, and Quincunx Pluto jealousy or anger may overcome the power of love. Stay in the light, and walk with your angels.  Better to walk away in peace, then be a winner of words, as those words will feel like the guillotine to someone.  Think Peace this week.
A Viginitile (18 degrees) helps us open doorways to higher worlds this week.  This aspect is sweet, and those who work in a creative world will feel this energy.  If you want assistance from your angels, be sure to read your list aloud, and sit in quiet meditation.  You will be delightfully surprised with the connections you make this week, with those on the other side, or with your own creative muse.  It won't last long, so tune in while you can.
With Venus and Mars still in Aries, and Venus Septile Mercury, you will feel more inspired this week, with more drive to compete and complete your work agenda.  This also brings in a competitive streak in general, but with Mercury Septile Venus, there is some karma associated with the events of this week that are driven by the two planets.  Use the energy of the sweet Vigintile to help you work with any issues that are less then pleasant. 
You will feel a very strong sensation this week that your angels are working with you, especially in any artistic or creative expression.  A deeper reservoir of spiritual and artistic statement may truly amaze you.  Don't be surprised at the compliments you hear, as they are truth.  Whatever you say or think now with Mercury retrograde, you may not agree with by mid June.  Hold onto those thoughts and see if it still feels the same by mid June..
ARIES:  You may battle with yourself this week for freedom from any limitations, especially work related.  This week you really need to fly the friendly skies and walk the beaches of far away.  You may feel as though you have hit a melt down point, and maybe you have, but a vacation is just what you need to come back refreshed, with a plethora of rejuvenated, and inspired view of life.  Don't forget to ask for angelic inspiration, as I see them beside you taking notes.
TAURUS:  Career opportunities will push you in a new direction, with an exciting path of education as part of the package.  This will be one very important week as you finally begin to see your destiny moving forward.  A long term plan opens you to financial success; however, you may struggle with finances awhile longer.  However, there are so many opportunities that you just simply can't lose.  Make a plan, tell your angels, and watch the blessings find you.  Sounds too easy?  Get the book, Ask and it is Given, and do a one hour session with Whitney, at 207-451-9731, for the inspiration you need.
GEMINI:  Changing your course of destiny are you?  Well, it may feel that way as others challenge your values.  You will have to adjust how much social life you have to how much responsibilities you have with the family or at home in general.  There is a new course, new personal strength with the Sun Novile Mars aspect. You may find joy in being forceful this week, but other aspects suggest  time out just for yourself.  Think peace this week, and be kind to those around you.  Find some fun, and leave about 90% of your duties behind.
CANCER:  You will need to clarify a very important issue with your partner this week, or at least use the Vigintile from Mars in Aries to Uranus in Pisces to open the door to higher and better communications.  Someone is hiding something, and  once revealed it will bring a big adjustment to your life plan.   When you finally decipher the true meaning behind this, you will need the  spiritual path to pull you up and out of the worldy "stuff", and keep you focused on a new horizon.
LEO:  As the Sun Biquintiles Pluto this week, you have an extra ability to express yourself, and with greater impact now!  If you present your talents this week, you will be rewarded, and perhaps even surprised with the opporunities that come from this as others can't miss the pizazz that radiates from your words, or your presence.  Your outlook may change dramatically this week, so accept an opportunity even if it seems to be a stretch.  You may not feel totally comfortable until June, but give it a chance.
VIRGO:  With Mercury, your ruler, retrograde this week, you will notice a ripple somewhere in your career, as opportunities may line up to surprise you.  You may not be certain which to choose until next month, but choices you have!  Romantic relationships may change course, or change completely as Pluto demands this.  Don't make any decisions until mid June on issues of career and love.  An opportunity to further your education, or for you to share information will be part of the upcoming harvest.
LIBRA:  Relationships will sizzle this week, and it may be that someone chooses to change their home base, or may at least consider it. There is excitement as you dig through the nooks and crannies of planning.   and talking about it with excitement.  There may be a vacation attached to this while you both try to assess the deeper meaning of sharing special place, and time together.   The Vigintile (18 degree orb) from Mars to Uranus will inspire you and your partner to take a bold leap transform you lives. 
SCORPIO:  There is some much desired support heading your way this week.   Someone may surprise you as they sidle up close beside you with words of a different kind, and with the Sun shining in your 7th house of marriage, in trine to long term commitment planet, Saturn, you could say yes!  With Mercury retrograde and Quincunx Pluto, you will need time to adjust to the many upcoming blessings wrapped around this.  If this feels obsessive, just enjoy it, and make plans.
SAGITTARIUS:  Education and/or  travel will bring a sense of confidence, feeling more grounded. However, with Mercury retrograde in your 7th house Quincunx Pluto in your 2nd, you may have a hard time convincing those closest to you that your views on transforming your financial picture, matches theirs; however, these opportunities are here now, so take advantage of them.  The golden bridge to financial freedom starts this week.
AQUARIUS:  The Vigintile from Mars to Uranus (18 degree orb) brings an awareness of an open doorway to higher worlds.  Meditation will bring you in tune with the angelic realm, and more inspired creativity as well.  Jupiter in your 1st house square to the Sun in your 4th brings in optimistic energy, but with it square to Saturn in the 8th, stick with a compassionate attitude.  Don't get to big for your britches this week.  You may regret speaking with an over inflated ego this week, your will vs someone else...calm down...give with your heart..and just chill.
The home front could be a bit of a hornets nest this week,  Use the Vigintile to open doors of communications that could be testy.  Stay on the kind side of communications.  With Mercury retrograde in your 6th house of work and health, Quincunx to Pluto in your first house, you may need to make some adjustments in the transformation that is going on within spiritually as well as within your physical body. 
PISCES:  Be kind to yourself this week as you may have so many mixed spiritual messages coming in that you can't hear over the din. On a positive note, Neptune sextile Uranus, will expand your psychic abilities tremendously. With Jupiter riding shotgun with Uranus, you can expect a lucky bolt from out of the blue.  Don't hesitate if something unusual is offered this week, just take it.  It's a lucky time to buy a lottery ticket too. This energy would be perfect to take a class in Astrology or Psychic Development with Whitney Boyd, www.VisionsByWhitney@aol.com.  207-451-9731

Whitney McClough, a professional Astrologer as well as a highly sought after psychic and medium, offers individual psychic readings and parties, along with intuitive coaching sessions. In a whirl of psychic energy, your information will come from your guides and angels through Whitney to you, bringing in the information that will assist you now and in the future.  Whitney teaches classes in Psychic Development, Astrology, Tarot 101, and offers sessions in hypnosis, or past life regression. Call to book your time with Whitney at 207-451-9731, or contact her at: VisionsByWhitney@aol.com.

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