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Morning Mindfulness

Simple Ways to Start Each Day with a Higher Consciousness

by Elisabeth Fayt

Fifteen years ago, I began my journey studying with the Masters of India, and learned many lessons on the Energy of Life and the Law of Attraction. Prior to that, if someone even mentioned the word “Energy” I would say “talk to the hand”. This is all too human a response. We tend to push away those concepts that are foreign to us. As I plunged into the Eastern teachings and learned that absolutely everything in our lives was created by the energy in our minds, it captured my attention.

So let’s start with a simple energy lesson. All day you are intending, and what you intend, you create. You create with your thoughts. Your body is surrounded by a field of energy. Every thought you think enters this energy field. This energy field is your “vibration” which acts as a magnet, attracting to you all of life’s experiences.

Let me ask you some important questions: Do you remember your very first thought this morning? If you do remember, was it a positive or negative thought?

Next: Do you remember the thoughts you had in the shower? Do you remember your thoughts at the breakfast table? How about your drive to work?

Reality is, if you do not recall your first thought of the day and if you do not recall your thoughts in the shower and so on, then you are, what the Law of Attraction calls: creating by default. That means that you are creating based on the random thoughts that are floating through your mind. This is a scary thing, because studies have shown that 80% of the average person’s thoughts are negative.

Why is that? Why does the average mind gravitate to the dark side? It is because the mind naturally goes to where it feels it is needed—the challenges of life, the things that demand our attention. The child quietly playing on his own needs no attention, but the naughty child screams for it. Such is life.

Where you put your attention, there is your energy for creating.

The key is to train the mind to consciously think.

Pre-paving has always been my number one way to become conscious. A pre-pave is a statement or phrase that tells the Universe what you want. It is the quickest and most powerful way to become a conscious creator.

Let’s starts with your morning thought. When you start the day in mindfulness, pre-paving what you want, you raise your vibration instantly.

Some great morning pre-paves to start your day:

I have all the time in the world to accomplish everything I desire today.

Pre-paving in the morning is about being mindful of the day you want to create. It makes a huge difference to what you attract that day. Often people pre-pave negativity by waking up saying to themselves “I have so much to do today. How am I ever going to get it all done?” They line up the energy for chaos!

Your first thought of the day “lines up the energy” and creates what you’ve asked for. Each positive pre-pave raises your vibration. When you pre-pave that you will easily accomplish what you’d like to accomplish, something magically happens throughout the day. You end up with all the time in the world, even time to throw in a little Joy!

I deeply connect with others today.

Let’s face it, relationships fuel us. They can also bring us down. One thing is for sure—we cannot escape them. When you pre-pave that you will connect with others today, the energy will be “lined up” for you to make those deep connections. Otherwise you will randomly sift through the day with the default energies of your wandering mind and the wandering minds of others.

Take charge of your relationships by telling the Universe right at the start of the day what kind of relationships you want with others.

I love my life.

When you tell the Universe you love your life, it will bring you more to love. Even in the midst of challenges, I start my day with this pre-pave. I smile and feel it right down to my core. This attitude greatly alters the outcome of any circumstance!

Pre-paving is easy to do and incredibly powerful, but that’s not all. There are many other simple ways to easily raise your vibration in the morning.

Each morning, do you wake up to a radio alarm? Is it the news giving today’s tragedy or a morning show joke that’s a little off color? Let me clarify here that I am not criticizing morning radio. I personally appeared on close to thirty radio shows last year. They can be quite entertaining! I just ask that you consciously choose what you are putting into your vibration first thing in the morning. When you are asleep, or are in the process of waking, your sub-conscious mind still ingests outside noise. Everything taken in subliminally has an effect on your vibration.

Now think about your daily shower ritual. You can charge your magnet by pre-paving while in the shower. Tell the Universe what you want today. For example: “Today I respond with calmness. I feel calm in all I say and do.” Instead of allowing your mind to wallow in life’s challenges, instead, fill your mind with positive pre-paves that will guide the Universe into giving you what you want. Whatever it is that you want, pre-pave it in the shower.

Another great way to raise your vibration in the shower is to intend that the water is cleansing your vibration. At the end of your shower, energize yourself with a cold burst of water and intend that any negativity be washed away. This is an energy technique that really works—try it!

Now it’s time to choose your clothes for the day. I always say this: “People spend more time choosing what they are going to wear in the morning than they do choosing how they will connect with people, how they will feel or what they will accomplish.” But let’s spend a minute on what you choose to wear. Everything you choose has a vibration, including your choice of clothes. Do you want a vibration of success today? Then dress the part. That’s why business coaches everywhere say: Dress for Success. It is the vibration of success that you create with your choice of clothes. A woman may dress seductively at work, then wonder why she is treated inappropriately by a colleague or client. Clothing has a vibration and you take on the vibration of the clothing that you choose to wear. I am not speaking against any type of dress. I just ask that you be aware of the vibration you create with the choices you make.

It’s time for breakfast. Are you calmly sitting and eating a healthy meal, or are you standing, grabbing and going? You’ve heard the saying “You are what you eat.” When you realize that food has a vibration and this vibration enters your body, does this not give a new meaning to the phrase? What you eat and how you eat it affects your vibration, which affects everything you attract into your life. In essence you truly are what you eat.

Another thing to consider at the breakfast table: Do you bless your meal prior to eating it, or do you worry about over-indulging, negatively pre-paving something to this effect: “Oh it’s so delicious! I hope I don’t eat too much.” If so, you’ve just unconsciously lined up the opportunity to over-eat.

Now it’s time for work. You get into the car. Do you pre-pave safety, or do you pre-pave that you “hope there won’t be too much traffic on the highway today”? Your thoughts are creating your day! Whatever you pre-pave, you line the up the energy for it.

What you listen to in the car also affects your vibration. The vibration of the song and lyrics will affect your day. Certain music will lower your vibration. If you arrive at work in a low vibrational state, you become a mediocre magnet that is ready to be pulled down by the first negative person you contact.

On the other hand, if you pre-pave safety and listen to an inspirational talk on CD throughout the drive, there is no coincidence why you end up with mostly green lights and enough time to stop for your favorite latte. You’re on top of the world. Everything that day goes smoothly.

The day has hardly begun, yet everything has changed, based on your thought. Your vibration is a sum of what you have been thinking and pre-paving since you woke up. Often by 8 o’clock in the morning, your vibration has already sent out its message to the Universe to create a day in like kind.

By pre-paving and by being mindful that everything around you holds a vibration, you can choose those thoughts and things that will help you consciously create your day. All day you are intending, and what you intend, you create. The Universe is waiting for your next command. What will it be?

For more on Elisabeth Fayt, visit www.elisabethfayt.com.

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