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Whitney's Whirl - Your Horoscope for June 8-14, 2009

by Whitney McClough

The Sun makes a Semioctile to Mercury this week, adding a note of stress to our thinking.  With Mercury also semioctile Venus, our relationships may be somewhat testy this week.  Mercury also makes some other aspects that will leave us confused and perhaps overzealous.  Mercury square Neptune showers us with confusion, so we had best think very carefully, and if the fog rolls in, wait until another day to make a final decision. 
The week starts with the Sun creating a lovely, applying trine to Jupiter.  So this energy is building into something brilliant, big, and wonderful in our eyes.  This aspect promises bigger opportunities and goals that we are capable of reaching.  Success won't feel like a surprise this week for any of us, providing we can keep our thoughts clear and focused.  So, if relationships aren't quite making sense, then keep your focus on the future and those rosy dreams you have. 
While others may think your life is always blessed, you know that it is in wise planning and hard work that become life's precious events.  Something should turn out quite well this week, if you don't rush it, and if you peruse every issue, and know that you have read ever bit of fine print.  Think carefully, and wait until week's end before you decide, and then move on that decision.
Jupiter also represents faith, and with the Sun trine to Jupiter we must believe that we are going to come out ahead this week.  Put up your vision board, and do some intense visualizations, and watch this week turn out much better then you originally believed.  
The Sun is trine to Chiron this week, and so we are all to help someone along this week. Offer a healing/helping hand.
Three famous people who have their Sun trine to Chiron, the wounded healer, are, Gandhi, Luciano Pavarotti, and Michelangelo. Healing comes easily to these people, and they are able to express their creativity and special individuality.  The energy this week is to heal; to heal yourself, or heal someone else, to be healed, to do your best to be a healing hand in someone's life somehow.  Express your talents, and others may be healed because of it.
With the Sun trine Jupiter this week, it will be hard to find a bad mood, as this is a very uplifting aspect.  The Sun highlights a particular house (in our chart) for us, and then trines Jupiter allowing us to not only believe the dream, but build it as well.  If you need to understand your chart and which "house is which", then contact Whitney for your natal birth chart and clear information on what is coming up for you.
The aspect of Sun trine Jupiter brings good fortune to us, and many opportunities as well. It's up to us to reach out to take advantage of this energy, but it would be difficult to ignore this lively energy, and so we will respond in a upbeat, lively way. 
And remember, that the most important issue now is the broader picture and our highest principles. Jupiter's influence brings lucky times, blessings, optimism, prosperity, generosity, and increase, sometimes in your weight so be aware of all of the expansiveness of Jupiter.
Jupiter is called the "Greater Benefic", and the Santa Claus Planet. It brings in opportunities to your highest ideals, a sense of your own purpose, and what will bring you joy and a sense of completeness.  In your natal chart it shows where you are lucky, and your overall level of optimism. So, with the Sun trine Jupiter, and Mercury square Jupiter, we could get somewhat carried away by our ideas, with some discrepancy between belief and truth. 
We may find that we are enthusiastic and ready to do something as big as possible this week, but you will need to be certain about the information with which you work.  Be certain that it is correct, and complete as you begin to ignite's your plan.
With Mercury Biquintile Pluto this week, there is a tremendous opportunity to take our talents and turn them into a powerful statement of who we are.  Pluto rules self-empowerment and transformation,  and so, coupled with Mercury's talented view of things, we will almost magically transform something in our lives.  Get our your magic wands, and repeat after me....I do believe in miracles, I do believe in miracles, click your heels three times, and see it before you...!
Mars Quintiles (A Quintile aspect is 72 degrees) Jupiter which brings in a talent again for finding creative solutions to life's problems.  You may find that this week you break away from the usual, and create a new way to reach your goals.  You will enjoy a new creative way of developing your plans and strategies this week.  This aspect shows us that the ability to develop and expand our ideas in new areas that appeal to us, are the focus we should take.  Anything creative, entertaining, or perhaps cultural will be part of a solution this week.
Venus Binoviles (Binovile is an aspect of 80 degrees)  It brings spiritual and social growth, self-integration, and extreme talent.  Venus in Taurus Binoviles Uranus in Pisces, creating a creative vortex and good luck.  Buy a lottery ticket, and do a vision board, yes it could happen for you!  A 23 year old cowboy in Montana walked away with 88 million dollars, why not you?
Venus quintile Pluto: This brings in the drive to find ways to use your creative expression.  You may focus this week of a goal that you have held in your heart for many years.  You will attract others by your dedication and getting things done. You may feel drawn to unusual art. 
Mercury enters the sign of Taurus on June 13th, at 10:45 p.m.  This will lend itself to writing, thinking or planning creatively.  Taurus is a fixed, earth sign, and very stubborn in its views, thus Taurus can be stubborn and grounded, but as it is also ruled by the planet Venus, there is a lover of things beautiful, and creative.  Remember to be flexible this week as Mercury in Taurus can make you single minded.  You will see that there may be more than one good answer, so share creativity and your ideas.

ARIES:  Turn your dial to M for money this week!  With three lucrative planets in your house of what you value, and income, you will make a major transformation in your career, and income.  Your ability to communicate and connect with your superiors makes this an easy jump!  There's a lot for you to smile about this week! 

TAURUS:  Put all of your energy into climbing the path to success this week because the planets are pulling you into the line of profit.  Your creative ideas will make you money, so don't be shy in show casing your talents.  I see writing for you this week, and a surprise opportunity in your career.

GEMINI:  Allow your kettle of brilliance to simmer because as Mercury squares your 8th house stellium of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron, it stirs up lots of mental madness.  And, this mental brew is there to support you as you make changes to your finances, and possibly your home front as well. 

CANCER:  Oh sensitive one, your ideas about relationship are bound to change.  With so many delectable people entering your world, you will be confused at best. So, pick one, or better yet, find out their birth information, and come to Whitney for a reading to find out with whom you are most compatible.  You won't be bored this week.

LEO: Someone will become more then a friend this week, providing you take time to get together.  The focus for you is on career issues, which could create problems between your desire to play and your sense of responsibility at work.  Take the middle ground, and work when you must, but your social whirl is too rich to ignore. 

VIRGO:  Think about new educational ideas, and allow your creativity to plunge you into a highly sought after career.  There are many opportunities that will find you this week, if you simply look.  Even though you have had some restrictions and responsibilities, don't focus on them, because this weeks planets are taking you someplace new and financially rewarding.

LIBRA:  Plan your vacation and/or classes, because both are connected to romance, adventure, and travel this week. A passionate liaison feels like rocket fuel to your heart and creative side.  With Pluto in your 4th house of home and family Quintile Venus in Taurus in your eighth house, money, love, and passionate sex are calling your name!

SCORPIO:  Mercury Quincunxes (150 degree orb, adjustment)Pluto in your
7th house of relationships, so you will need to attend to those closest to your heart this week, and keep them pleased.  With Venus Quintile Pluto, your love of single mindedness needs to be focused on love, and how to enjoy life this week.  Don't push things to the limit, take time to play.

SAGITTARIUS:  Your significant other and you will be focused on finances this week; with some discrepancies about power and control.  You may need to look at your financial plan, but clear communications will keep the energies moving with no snafus..  Some local travel and classes like Yoga and Pilates will help you feel good about yourself.

CAPRICORN:  With Mercury Quincunx Pluto, you will need to look at your work scenario, and make an adjustment to important changes within it.  With both Mars and Venus in your 5th house of love and fun, both trine to Saturn in your 9th house, you will choose a responsible way to turn a vacation into a business negotiation.  Work hard if you must, but when the Sun goes down, go out and play.  An excellent week for travel.

AQUARIUS:  Place an ad or answer one, because I see a new love opportunity via email.  A writing venture will bring you some notice, and some cash so that story that you've been writing in your head, needs to be on paper, and on someone's desk too.  With Pluto trine Venus, someone from the past could return with a love offer. 

PISCES:  With Neptune, your ruling planet, trine the Sun, you will find yourself highly inspired, and able to produce something creative this week, which should net you some cash.  Those dreams that you have stored away are ready to flourish now.  Emphasis on home, family and making dreams happen this week.

Whitney McClough, a highly sought after psychic and medium, offers individual psychic readings and parties, along with Astrological, Intuitive coaching sessions. Whitney teaches classes in Psychic Development, Astrology, Tarot 101, and offers private or group sessions in hypnosis, or past life regression. Call to book your time with Whitney at 207-451-9731, or contact her at: VisionsByWhitney@aol.com.

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