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Whitney's Whirl - Your Horoscope for the week of June 15-21, 2009

by Whitney McClough

Sun enters the sign of Cancer on June 21, 2009 so our thoughts turn more to family and home activities.  This is the Summer Solstice, and a Solstice is an astronomical event that occurs twice each year, when the tilt of the Earth's axis is most inclined toward or away from the Sun, causing the Sun's apparent position in the sky to reach it's northernmost or southern most extreme. 
The name is derived from the Latin Sol, which means Sun, and Sistere, which means to stand still.  At the Solstices, the Sun stands still in declination, or the apparent movement of the Sun's path north or south comes to stop before reversing direction. 
The Sun trines Jupiter this week, and we should all feel a lot better as the sun shines down on us and finally, summer is here.  And, as the Sun enters the Sign of Cancer on June 21st, we actually do enter the Summer Solstice.  It's the longest day of the year, when we have the most sunlight, so let's pray that it is a sunny day so we can enjoy every minute of the Summer Solstice.
With Jupiter trine the Sun we really start to feel our oats, and be generous towards each other.  This is a lucky time for all of us to start a relationship, win at powerball, or plant seeds to become your summer garden, even if it is late planting.  It's a time for travel, and for enjoying life, and we will feel optimistic, and willing to find some humor in everything.  Let's be jolly and chuckle, and no we don't need Santa Claus to help us.  It's summer, get out and breath, move your body, and enjoy the warmth to your skin and bones.
Not to put a damper on this wonderful week, but with Mercury Quincunx Pluto, someone could possibly say something to really upset us, and we are going to have to deal with it.  It might be an ultimatum, so to find out what you need to do with that option, call Whitney at 207-451-9731, to make your appointment to understand how this will effect your week.  If this is where push comes to shove, then just hold your breath, and give it a few days if you can.  The energies will change soon.

With the Sun square to Uranus we will feel the urge to break away and be independent.  You may feel very undisciplined this week, and feel very annoyed are the normal routines that we all face.  You may find it hard to behave responsibly, and feel that everything constrains your freedom.  You may do something that is totally out of character, and yet, you find it's just what you need to do. 
You may not listen to anyone to tries to help you adjust those ideas, as you may be stubborn and sure of yourself.  You may find out that you end up in a hot kettle of soup that's hard to get out of, so play with care, as you don't want to make a foolish decision, and then regret it.  Please think before you leap this week.

When you add the sultry mixture of Mars and Venus conjunct quite closely, the trouble you could get into could be sexual.  When you add Mars trine Saturn to this mixture, you find an irresistible force which meets an immovable object, so proceed with caution. 
There is much energy in this readily available for disciplined work, but something may break if you push too hard.  So, the week's planets suggest that we take it slow in relationships, and think before we leap.

The Sun trines Neptune this week, bringing more imagination to you.  You may have some big goals that you are dreaming of now, and if you use your Vision Board, you should be able to harness the energy of creativity to allow it to happen.  This is a spiritual statement as well, and you might find yourself drawn to something creative, spiritual or both.  You could do something to help your community or assist with a religious project or two.
ARIES:  With Venus and Mars Trine Saturn, you will have tremendous stamina and determination to not just work hard, but to see some powerful results from what you do, especially financial rewards.  Don't forget to save some of that hard earned cash.  I see an enlightening moment when something is revealed, and you might have to explain. Not to worry, you really are both on the same page.
TAURUS:   This week the ball is your court, and you are communicating with everyone who can assist you.  This is prime time to return to an educational path, and possible change careers at the same time.  It's more then promising, and there are a lot of your very personal dreams attached to this.
GEMINI:  This week you can talk yourself into a career maneuver.  Some financial changes will help you get ahead, student loans perhaps.  Fear not, jump in and tack advantage while it's being offered.  Some restrictions in your home and slowly being moved out of the way.  Think about color and transformation, and you will find that it's easier to enjoy your surroundings.
CANCER:  Some thing that you haven't quite hatched yet, is brewing.  And, this brew is getting rich.  The finances are there to support your ideas, and if this is an educational dream, step into it, as it will bless you with advantages that you can't quite fathom yet.  A very distinct social group will transform and expand your life.  You don't need to be alone anymore, and you can simply reach out now, and find like minded individuals who enjoy being creative.  Sensitive souls, like you.
LEO:  I see travel around you this week, plans, and then poof, you're off!  Good work has paid off for you in your career, and now you and your special sweetie have time to play.  Don't let a little work snafu slow you down, just let it bubble while you are gone.  A new love enters your life and it really might shake up your world, and your heart!  Don't reflect on the past, and look at old issues, but open your heart to a new adventure in love!
VIRGO:  You might feel disgruntled when you have to work hard this week, and there is more to it, then you feel like doing, but work you must.  Don't think your supervisors don't see what you do, they really do, and they are about to reward you.  While career is going great guns, there is the minor detail of your main squeeze disagreeing with your career ideas, and you needing to make an adjustment to it.  Take the opportunity as it will work out no matter what anyone else says.
LIBRA:  Time for a vacation or some kind of get away with someone special.  And, don't let a family member put a damper on your plans either.  You need to just break away from work, and find some mental stimulation perhaps on foreign shores, or as far away from the norm as possible.  Romantically it looks superb as well, so we know what you're doing this week.  A creative opportunity comes your way midweek.
SCORPIO:  I see an adjustment to a conversation this week, that could bring an ending to something.  Whatever it is, your spirits will pick up, and fly when your luck turns around, and something happier focuses your attention!  An issue related to your home should lighten your load, and help you out, I hear the sound of money tied to this, so congrats!   Persistence will pay off this week, pertaining to friends, and someone you might be very interested in too.

SAGITTARIUS:  How about some travel this week Sag?  If someone close to you does a nose dive on your plans, think about it before you make a hot headed decision.  I see an opportunity to advance at work, more money coming to your from your career, and a lot of interference from the family right now.  You might just need to take some time for you, and just go.  Some travel is just what you and your sweetie need this week.  It doesn't have to be far, but enough to blow the dust from your mind; you need a break!
AQUARIUS:  When it comes to love this week, strike while the iron is hot because it will pay off.  You have a lot to do this week, especially writing, and keeping the creative side of yourself active.  Go for walks this week, and get the blood flowing as it helps with creativity.  Don't wait for things this week, but make them happen.  A tremendous week to let ideas bounce off you, but hold on to those that are closest to your vision board. 
CAPRICORN:  You will deal with many job changes this week, but they are empowering none the less, so keep the faith, and allow the feeling of power to emanate feeling strong, and working towards those brilliant ideas.  Jupiter in your 2nd house is still bringing income to you, and July will see you putting money in the bank, so don't forget to create your vision board.
PISCES:  I see a surprise wedding around you, and could it be yours?  At very least a wedding announcement!  Yoga and fitness seem to fill your week, even if it's on video from home, it helps you firm and stretch, just what the Dr. ordered.  I see some activity at your home that really keeps you busy.  You might have a new addition to the family that keeps you hopping, or chasing!  But if not, sleep under the stars or sit on the back porch and watch what goes on in the night sky.  Relax a bit this week.

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