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Now is the Time to Feel Good

by Cassendre Xavier

I’m sure that by now you’ve heard of “The Secret”, a blockbuster film and book phenomenon released in 2006.
Based on the principle that you attract what you think about, many leaders of New Age (sometimes called “Ageless Wisdom”) spirituality say there is really no “secret”. To quote comic author Swami Beyondananda, “If you're looking for the key to the Universe, I've got some good news, and some bad news. The bad news: There is no key to the Universe. The good news: It was never locked.”
The key to manifesting your desires is to feel as if you’ve already attained them. That means you have to think about what you want for longer than it takes to realize you want it, because at that stage, you’re probably in the state of longing for, and being without it. You’re probably feeling bad. If, according to the Law of Attraction (a term for this system coined by husband/wife authors Esther Hicks & Jerry Hicks), you’re only attracting things and circumstances that support your feelings, then you’d do well to watch that you’re feeling good most, if not all of the time, regardless of what’s happening in your life. You don’t want to be attracting things and circumstances that support your feeling bad.
In order to transform a negative situation, it can help greatly to picture the opposite and getting in touch with what that might feel like if you had it. Then imagine what it will feel like when you do have it. Dwell on and grow that feeling, and according to the Law of Attraction, you will have it.
Is there a situation that you want to transform today? What is the opposite of it? What does the transformed situation feel like? Get very specific and allow yourself to envision and experience those emotions.
What can you do to feel good today, or right now even? If your health is an issue, perhaps you can remember what it felt like to be healthy, or healthier. Dwell on that feeling and those times. Maybe you’re wanting more romance or companionship? Imagine yourself happy and in a fulfilling relationship with good friends and a caring partner.
Maybe you have a specific financial or professional challenge? Imagine you’ve just received a large sum of money (“more than enough”) or the job of your dreams.
What does that feel like? Once you’ve reached a good feeling place, keep going back to it and get more and more specific in your daydreaming, because your mind doesn’t know the difference between what you are “making up” and what is “real”, it still goes out and starts getting what you want. If you expect a bad day, you’ll stub your toe or burn the toast first thing in the morning, then miss all the green lights and arrive to work late. If, however you expect a wonderful day, miracles will happen and you’ll feel synchronicity happen at every turn – you’ll be in “the flow”.
Here are some tips to help this process:
1) Add paper to your visualizing techniques – Post It Notes, posters, scrapbooks of what you want will really help you stay focused and wo/manifest your desires more quickly.
2) Put more physical actions behind your desires. Dreaming, thinking, and visualizing are very effective, and adding the emotional element is fuel to the fire, but nothing will really happen, or last, until you’ve made some changes in your life. Use the aforementioned tools to direct you to what actions you need to take, then don’t hesitate to move.
3) Keep a gratitude journal. Nothing speeds up things faster than being grateful and thankful for what you have – essentially growing new good things from things you already are happy to have in your life. Start and end your day by jotting down a few things you’re grateful for – from your health, family, friends, etc. and soon you’ll find your list growing and your life changing for the very best.

* Cassendre Xavier is an award-winning musician, writer, and community arts organizer. The founder and an organizer of Philadelphia’s 6th Annual Black Women’s Arts Festival, she coined the term "renaissance negresse" in 2002. Visit Cassendre at cassendrexavier.wordpress.com

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