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Whitney's Whirl - Your Horoscope for July 27th - August 1st, 2009

by Whitney McClough

This week is somewhat mild compared to last week's eclipse; however, next week is another eclipse, so this is really the calm before the next storm.  So let's look more closely at this weeks planetary activities:
The Sun begins the week at 4 degrees of Leo, and Septile Mars in Gemini, closely followed by Venus in Gemini too.  We will experience a very strong desire to accomplish something, as progress will be important to you this week. 
What you accomplish this week may be quite significant in creating a path of destiny for yourself.  Mars can push us to do, and so we have little patience, but only choose to work, not to diverge into war!  You know what is right for you, just stick to what feels best for you, and let everyone else explore their own path. 
The Sun Septiles Mars. This aspect carries a very powerful forceful sense to it. It can manifest in a sexual forcefulness, as in sporting or physical prowess. It brings great energy, and physical magnetism.  It will come in handy for all of the summer fun time activities, like wind surfing, and sailing.  In relationships it will test the waters, and will bring like minded hearts together.
With Venus Septile Mercury, words and ideas will flow with easy and grace, and those who write poetry, and paint pictures with or without words will benefit from this aspect.  If you have something to say this week, this aspect will  assist you in a way as to provoke good will and inspiration, by your words.  Artists will see that this energy flows and it is  easy to create something noteworthy with it.
This is a great time to take an art or writing class, as you will be so close to the creative vibes won't have to work very hard, resulting in excellent outcome.  A good time to learn the script if you are a performing artist too.
With Mercury Biquintile (72 degree angle/aspect= talent), Uranus.  This aspect  brings in the energy of a creative mind.  We will need outlets for an open minded approach to issues in life.  You might come up new words or music, or anything creative, but it serves the creative mind. We might find out preconceived ideas more open to a new approach, and without being burdened with heavy responsibilities.  Learning something new under this aspect would be a great way to use these energies. 

Mars Quintile Uranus, This aspect will bring in a unique way of expressing yourself powerfully.  There is force, clarity and an original expression of self with this energy.  You might see people who have incredible charm. Unusual art, with exciting and unique forms with bring financial blessings,as well as some exciting fun this week.  If you have a chance to go hot air ballooning, or bungee jumping, as an example, do it!

ARIES:  With the Sun in your 5th house of love, and play trine Mars, you are destined to do some traveling even close to home. Sight seeing, and having some fun with your family and friends, will keep you busy enjoying the summer festivities.  You will want to mingle with highly artistic and inspirational people now with Venus trine both Jupiter and Neptune.  If you feel that you have met your soul mate, think twice, and wait two weeks, and call Whitney for an appointment to see if this is the right person for you.  207-451-9731.

TAURUS:  With Venus, your ruling planet, in Gemini, and in your second house of income, trine Jupiter and Neptune in your 10th house of career you should see success if you are job searching.  There will be good work options, and with Gemini involved, it will be busy, and multi-faceted.  Be prepared to be busy, and enjoy the income.  The Sun in Leo in your 4th house sextile Mars and Venus both in Gemini in your 2nd, could see you doing well in a home based business.

GEMINI:   Mercury, your ruling planet, is in Leo, in  your 3rd house of local travel, and communication sextile Venus in Gemini in your first!  This will be a busy week for you, especially with siblings, and sharing ideas about what to do about just about everything.  You need to think about you too while all of this business is happening.  With Venus trine to Jupiter and & Neptune in your 9th house, you might offer or participate in classes in art or something spirtually uplifting.

CANCER:  The Sun highlights your 2nd house of personal values, and income this week, and Biquintiles your Pluto in Capricorn in your 7th house of partners. You may be obsessive and extreme in your drive for power this week.  And once you decide that this relationship is the right one for you, you will commit all of yourself to it.  You can take up a cause, and whomever you partner is will be amazed at your abilities.  This is your week to change yourself and your environment forever,...just do it.
LEO:  The Sun is in Leo, and your first house, pushing you to be seen and heard!  Mercury is in Leo as well.  With the Sun Biquintile Pluto in your 6th house, you need to push for recognition in your job or work environment.  You have leadership abilities and others need to know and see this.  This week, you can change your world as you know it.  With Venus in Gemini trine Jupiter and Neptune in your 7th house of partners, you could be socializing and fall in with those whose minds are in tune to yours.  You could also meet a soul mate this week.  You will feel driven to find someone, and voila, they find you.

VIRGO: You need a social outlet, but seem to be hemmed in this week.  Don't stare at your restrictions this week, but  think about your desires instead.  If you hide out you will miss the many options awaiting you.  This could be a perfect time for a vacation, but don't allow work to become the end all now.  Mercury sextiles Venus, and this will allow you to meet and captivate someone.  Add the Pluto Biquintile to the Sun, and I see a romantic, private get away...uh huh!

LIBRA:  Your ruler, Venus in Gemini, in your 9th house trines both Jupiter and Neptune in your 5th house of play, and romance, should certainly see you on a vacation or having numerous options for long distance travel, meeting someone connected to education, or learning to play when the time is right, like now.  Venus in Gemini likes a variety of choices, and with it square to Uranus in your 6th house, you might make a choice to leave your job.  This could actually be connected to a move, and bigger things on the wind, and you CAN do this.
SCORPIO:  With the Sun and Mercury both in creative Leo in your 10th house of career, others can't help but be drawn to your creativity.  With the Sun Biquintile Pluto in your 3rd house, you will be driven to learn or teach something artistic, and commit to a new path that will help you stand out even more than you do.  A sibling might help you in a new direction, and help you to launch something big.  Family might offer some financial support this week too.

SAGITTARIUS:  Jupiter your ruling planet, in your third house trines Venus in Gemini in your 7th house, meeting people locally, and with the Biquintile to Pluto in your second house, you may find that you have money making potential, and launch something big. With the Sun and Mercury both in your 9th house of legalities, it would be best to put it in writing.  With Venus square Uranus, and opposite Pluto, financial negotiations will be unstable. Spend time planning this endeavor.
CAPRICORN:  The Sun highlights your 8th house of finances sextiles Mars in your 11th house of hopes, wishes and financial income, which makes it easy to make money this week, connect with lots of new people, and feel great about your future plans.  With Venus, Neptune and Jupiter, it looks extremely good for finances to increase!  Create your vision board, and watch the angels manifest your dreams. 

AQUARIUS:  With Uranus, your ruler, in your 2nd house of income, trine Venus in your 5th house of love, creativity and gambling you could see a lottery win this week, and someone could step into your life in a romantic way that might add a delectable note of surprise.  The energy between these two planets brings you into a more social arena, where you can showcase your creative talents, and mingle with like minded individuals.  It's definitely your week to learn to kick back and enjoy life, and maybe fall in love.

PISCES:  The Sun highlights your 6th house of work, service, and small pets, Sesquiquadrates Uranus in the 12th house of health issues, which causes some irritations.  If something is bothering you, or a pet, take care of it now.  The Sun also Sextiles Mars, which allows you to use and explore your creativity.  It will assist you in putting your work on display and making cash this week.  There will be a heightened sensitivity to your work this week, in whatever form it happens to be, with your clients approval.

Whitney McClough, a highly sought after psychic and medium, offers individual psychic readings and parties, along with Astrological, Intuitive coaching sessions.
Whitney teaches classes in Psychic Development, Astrology, Tarot 101, and offers sessions in hypnosis, or past life regression. Call to book your time with Whitney at 207-451-9731, or contact her at: VisionsByWhitney@aol.com.

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