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Discover Your Purpose

by Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed.

“Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; If it doesn’t, it’s of no use.” Carlos Castaneda, from The Teachings of Don Juan

Have you ever talked yourself out of something you really desired because you believed you probably wouldn’t be able to attain it? Maybe you had a dream of being able to travel all over the world, or perhaps it was to own a large home in the country or to have your own successful business one day.

I’ve talked to thousands of clients over the past fifteen years who have put their hearts’ desires on hold because they couldn’t figure out how to get from where they were to where they wanted to be. They decided that instead of risking potential failure by taking action on their hopes and dreams they would do something practical instead. Many of them became unhappy lawyers, discontented sales managers or frustrated accountants.

These careers were often chosen not because they had any particular passion for this work but because they were pragmatic and provided a potential for higher income. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a well-paying occupation. The problem is, many people spend their lives ignoring their real calling, their passion, their true path with a heart. The writer, Studs Terkel sums this up when he says, “Most of us have jobs that are too small for our spirits.” The fact is that if you follow the path with a heart and do what you truly love, you'll never work another day in your life.

Follow your passion

The biggest error most of us make is waiting for life to be perfect before we begin to make a change. Here’s part of a secret: there will never be a more perfect time than now to embark upon your true calling. Why should you take this risk? Here’s the other part of the secret: when you follow your heart, and take steps towards what it is you feel truly passionate about, you will have begun the process that brings about an abundant and joyful life.

I’m practical enough to understand that most of us have mortgages to pay, groceries to buy and kids to get through college. I’m not suggesting you just chuck your job and think that overnight, things will change so dramatically that you’ll do what you love and the money will follow. However, what would it look like if you simply started the process towards doing what you love? Take a moment right now and ask yourself how.

What would you like to create in your life? How many of the following are true for you?

Ø I look forward with excitement to each day because I love what I do.

Ø I have enough abundance to pay my bills, give money to worthy causes and have savings and investments for a comfortable retirement.

Ø I have balance in my life and have time for myself, friends and family.

Ø I feel motivated and productive in my work.

Ø I feel loved and appreciated.

Ø I feel that the work I do is of service to others.

Ø I have more than enough energy to accomplish my tasks as I go about my day.

If you checked most of these items, then congratulations, you are living a life you love. If many or all of them unchecked, you may feel overwhelmed and discouraged. How do you begin to create the change you desire? I have good news for you. By simply being aware of what it is you want to create, even if it’s in abstract form, you have begun to attract it to yourself. When you keep your thoughts and heart focused on right livelihood, abundance, friends, community and support instead of the opposite you will have embarked on a new path.

Ask your intuition

Your inner wisdom guides you to the right choices through your heart. When you have a choice to make, choose what you are drawn to and feel excited about. Take the action your heart is leading you to. If you catch yourself saying “I have to or I should do this or that“ take it as a signal from your intuition that you need to refocus on where the positive energy is and make a new choice.

Become quiet, allow yourself to relax and feel at peace. Ask yourself, “What is my calling?” or “What makes me happy?” Listen. Allow your intuition — the soft whispers in your mind, the deep inner knowing in your heart, the wisdom within — to guide you. Allow the answers to surface. You may have a flash of insight. A resolution to a course of action may unfold as you pay attention to your feelings. You might simply realize that you have an answer to your problem. The solution may have popped fully formed into your mind.

You are unique. Listen to your heart and do what it tells you by doing what you love. No one else can live your life and do what you’ve come here to create and learn. There is a world waiting for you to start your coaching business, to receive your beautiful floral designs, to read your inspired writing or to be encouraged by your wisdom. Whatever you love to do is where you need to focus your choices. The path of the heart is God’s way of showing you the direction to follow. It’s the path to take to achieve your destiny.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to assure you’re on the path with a heart:

Ø Do you feel excited and passionate about your choice? This is one of the primary ways your intuition will guide you.

Ø Does your decision serve or help others as well as yourself? Any choice that is a true “path of the heart” will not only fulfill your goals and desires in some way, it will also serve others.

Ø When you begin to take action on your choice, do opportunities begin to open up and synchronicities occur? Pay attention to any signs and symbols that show up to indicate that you have taken a right action.

Ø Does the decision you make provide you with an occasion to use your unique gifts, abilities, and skills? The path with a heart will always use your particular talents. These are part of your tools to create your destiny in this life.

Choose your path

You may have read this article, thinking that you’ll do all these things and your future will be better than the present. The truth is, your point of power is in the here and now. Don't postpone your happiness until you find the perfect relationship or your ideal job. Experience the aliveness of each moment and focus on what truly makes you happy, creates love and brings you gladness. This is the path of the heart and I assure you that when you make this path a constant choice you will experience a successful, abundant and joyful life.

Lynn Robinson, M.Ed., is one of the nation's leading experts on the topic of intuition. Through her work as an intuitive she's helped thousands of people discover their life passion and achieve their goals. She's a bestselling author whose books include “Divine Intuition” and “Trust Your Gut.” Her free Intuition Newsletter is available at http://www.LynnRobinson.com. She can be reached at 800-925-4002 or Lynn@LynnRobinson.com

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