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Our Global Evolution & The Year 2012

by Dr. Cherie Skinner

For thousands of years many cultures across our world have told of a time to come, a time of massive change where the world as we know it would no longer exist. This is the time. We are now in the midst of planetary evolution and the signs are around us to be seen by all. The time has come for all of us to know and live the truth that we are divine beings and through this knowing remember the truths of this human world and the plan for the dissolution of our civilization and the birth of a new one. As divine beings we have the right to finally know truths that have been hidden from us for thousands of years, come home to Self and participate in the co-creation of this new world.

Human History

The subcontinents of Lumeria and Atlantis were seeded with humans to live in joy, peace, harmony and abundance on Earth – fully open, linked with soul and knowing who they were humans lived as they were created and as beings live throughout the cosmos, without harm. A group of what we call the Others came with the promise of “more.” Some on Atlantis heard and chose to group with them, then they were joined by additional humans. It was seen clearly that this world had fallen into duality so those who were still fully awake left. The dual world became the only world on Earth. Wanting always more, humans worked to have power over, to possess material objects, to aggressively and with harm control and build hierarchies.

Thus was built the human world we now experience. Over thousands of years the energies and collective thought patterns of this dual way infected all life so the animal kingdom changed from their kind and participative mode with humans to one of survival of the fittest. Manmade kingdoms were built on this way of being and the children of the children of the children all forgot who they were.

Now, born fully awake infants soon learn that in this world there are consequences to not acting and conforming to rules set down. In this world of harm, and the desire for more, children are trained in like manner denying their innate knowing and connection with their self, their soul. Humans fall asleep and become dual – part soul informed and part ego-personality informed. Always, in every direction, the ego has to be on alert for harm. All was and is done from fear-based lessons learned in childhood of how to survive, how to maintain and how to protect. It is a world of reaction and consequences based on fear, severed from the loving and compassionate existence we all came from.

The Cosmic Plan

The cosmos is a kind and loving place without harm. It came to the Masters that there must be a way to transform this dual world into one that aligns with cosmic law and its core energies and state of being of love, compassion and joy. The decision was made to move this planet and solar system from the third domain (dimension) to the fifth domain where it would be free from the continuing influence of the Others, then all life could transition from living in a dual world to living purely from the soul, with harm to none. This plan moved into its final, accelerated state on August 7, 1945. We are now in the final years of the dissolution of the old third domain world which will end on December 31, 2011. You see it in the news, in your life and in talking with a friend. Life is not as usual on planet Earth.

At the same time, the energies for the new fifth domain world have been laid. We are now (2009) one-half third domain energy, and one-half fifth domain energy. Since everything is energy, even though it may appear solid, this means that every cell of your body, every leaf of the tree, the Sun, the Earth, and all in the solar system is blended energy. Since higher energies expand this energy has greater influence and step-by-step the new world is being created while the old dissolves. Look around you and witness the dissolution of all that is of the dual, knowing and seeing the emergence of the new world.

Your Role

Many souls stood in line wanting to participate in this momentous occasion. You are here because you wanted to be and you qualified for none were permitted to embody unless they had the capacity to have an open heart and want harm to none in its purest sense. Although all qualified fewer have stepped forward to this state of being, some stepped forward and then stepped back. Humans are evolutionary beings, moving from the third to the twelfth domains as they evolve over cosmic time. Many are here in form from the higher domains. All who remain have a role that was predetermined by the soul before birth. A role to participate in the co-creation of the new world – some call this their purpose.

With the laying of energies the Masters have opened the doors for you to remember your purpose and co-create the new world. You can step away from living a dual life to living soul-driven in alignment with divine laws in fifth domain energy. Those of you who have studied and moved toward soul union are supported in reaching the state of Self Realization more quickly than ever on Earth. All life will return to being in form in the fifth domain world in divine order, acting through soul, unified with soul as they live and act without the influence of the Others or the constrictions of the dual world.

All the truths of this transition are within you. Sit in Contemplation or Stillness and remember. Remember who you are. Remember the plan for this planet. Remember what you are to do and begin now.


Dr. Cherie Skinner is co-founder of Eros Dei Dictum, Inc. [Love of God’s Truths] a nonprofit corporation and global seminary without walls. She is a fully awakened spiritual Master and leads a worldwide community through Eros. Her life is dedicated to the upliftment of all life.

For more on these topics join Dr. Skinner on her international Wyrush Gathering tour:

META Center NYC: October 9 – 11, 2009

Call 1-800-906-6189 or email erosdd@gmail.com for information and reservations

Blog: http://eroscommunity.blogspot.com

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