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11, 11:01, 11:11 - What Does It All Mean?

by Rochelle Sparrow

My business partner, Cortney Kane, and I had just finished up a speaking engagement in Atlanta. It was very exciting for us because through our experiences we had learned so much about who we were. Working to heal trauma in my life, working as a therapist and now as a psychic trance channel, I developed an interpretation of reality based upon reclaiming my life.

I see everything as a mirror. Everything is an instantaneously built reality based upon our inward energy at any given moment. My business partner and I had analyzed every available moment of our trip to gain deeper insight into who we are. Because of our understanding of what we wanted, our choices expanded.

We were looking at our surroundings of the plane’s interior when we sat down, preparing to take off for home. “Look at that,” I said. Across the aisle was the number 11. “That is interesting, I wonder what it means,” I had thought of 11 as kind of a womb, a gateway to another understanding of experience of what life can bring.

As we usually did, I began to digest what was occurring. We knew from the weekend, we were going to become known because of our expertise. Our speaking engagement was a great success and the clientele coming to us for our services was non stop. Cortney and I began to talk about more events and about our work becoming seen by as many people as possible, when I felt a acceleration. It wasn’t the plane taking off.

“Cortney, do you feel that?” I had felt my body speed up, as though I had been catapulted out of a sling shot into space. “This is weird, what is happening?” She said, “everything is being organized.” Cortney is a psychic artist. She gets her information psychically through her painting. Although she gets information in words as well, art is her primary structure of reception. I hear words from guides while in trance. I sometimes see pictures but my primary reception is through language. This time, I found myself seeing pictures and Cortney began to interpret what I was seeing, we had traded skills.

“Cortney, I see a hall, a hall with golden statues, like emmy awards on either side, I see this on the right and then on the left, I see the whole universe!” “yes,” Cortney says, “The inner guidance is always present and is the gold of knowledge within us that represents all of what is known in the universe outside of us.” The acceleration continued and then I felt a collapse, like dominoes into alignment. I felt a slowing down and then a recognized of being someplace else. I said, “Cortney, we are someplace else, we are not in the same place, not at all. Everything is brand new.” I started to cry. I was looking at the people and the seats in front of me, the plastic luggage compartments as though I had never seen them before.

I said to Cortney, “I know what eleven means.”

According to Danish physicist, Niels Borh, our observation of the world around us is not independent of us. Bohr interpreted that both waves and particles of atomic energy were affected by observation. He termed his principle of quantum mechanics the Copenhagen Interpretation. Bohr determined that the actions of both waves and particles were due to the structure of an underlying principal and not two unrelated events. He termed the principle, the Correspondence Principle. According to Bohr, both waves and particles exist at once.

Our concrete, third dimensional reality is total and complete as it is. The seat I was sitting in, the overhead lights, the magazine in front of me and thankfully, the plane, was whole as it was. Everything we see, including us, is structured in concrete reality as one, complete mass. One symbolizes unity. It declares primacy. One can indicate a beginning. One can also be an indicator of completion. It can communicate both a beginning and ending simultaneously.

However, everything we see, including us is also structured in something we don’t see: energy.

One is our third dimensional reality; one is our holographic reality of energy.

Eleven communicates to us the dual and complete nature of reality.

Everything in third dimensional reality mirrors back to us our own energy all of the time. Twenty four seven, our energy manufactures our personal reality. E does =mc squared.

Because of my difficulties in life, I had to take an inner perspective in helping myself heal. My observation of my life became an internal process. I was continually introspective and deciphering what I was feeling and what I was doing. My eyes had turned inward.

Our weekend in Atlanta had proved to be quite healing for Cortney and I. Saturday night, after seeing clients all day, we had watched the movie, Sunshine Cleaning. It was about two sisters who cleaned up trauma scenes after a horrific murder or other life destroying event had occurred. Cortney and I had moved on from our own traumas in our lives. We were now helping other people through our psychic abilities to heal the traumas in their lives. Grown men of all races, colors and ages came to us that day. Man after man went away in tears. Why? Because they had been recognized and through our inner witnessing, they felt something release. It was so satisfying for us to help people in such an accelerated way.

Carl Jung coined synchronicity as “meaningful coincidence.” He was wrong. There are no coincidences and there is always meaning. Our trauma had meaning. Our work was no coincidence.

The meanings that we see in our outer experience can focus our awareness in immediate ways. We can see the energy that forms our outer life with consciousness. Once our outer life, with all its history, is seen with clarity and no inner conflict, we move on.

On the plane that day, returning home from Atlanta, I knew with certainty what I wanted. The girl I had once been, who hid in her room from a psychopathic abuser and abusive mother quaking in fear, trying to disappear, no longer influenced my life. Now I wanted to be seen by as many people as possible. I wanted to be involved in my work in any way I could be and available to as many people as possible, to help them clean up their trauma. I had no inner reservations, conflicts, doubts or concern. I had completed a move from one reality into another. I was one with myself.

11:01 speaks of the ability to complete one dimensional existence and to move into another space of integration. It is subtle mirror of reality that is displayed through time that states you are on your way. You are on your way to something different, someplace else and someplace you have not been before. You have completed an existence that is no longer present as your experience.

The night before I left for Sacramento the power blew out. It was quite unusual because I live in a big city. As I waited for it to go on, the moment it did 11:11 flashed on my DVD player. Now, what was weird was my DVD player wasn’t on.

Being myself I immediately called Cortney. “Do you know what just happened?” I told her. “This is going to be a trip where I move into another dimensional space, another place from this one really quickly. I need to watch exactly what happens.”

I was going to see my mother whom I have not seen in thirty years. My mother had apologized to me by phone for being abusive. I was going to see her in person to forgive her. When my niece and I went to see her at the nursing home, we decided to stop at her trailer to get family photos which we both wanted desperately. We knew little of our secretive family history and we yearned for information. As we opened the door to the trailer, we entered a place of darkness. The curtains were drawn, every square inch was covered with clutter, clothes were strewn everywhere. The chaotic mind of my mother was presented within the squalor of the trailer.

We grabbed the photos, went to see my mother and left for my niece’s home in Sacramento. We took the photos out and strewn them across my niece’s kitchen table so we would look at them. That night, I became aware of a energy in the bedroom, coming across at me. I surrounded myself with light and went to sleep. In the middle of the night, I had a nightmare. A man with yellow eyes was coming toward me. I woke up.

I had to wake up to get away. I had woken up to get away. My life did not carry on the patterns of unresolved chaos that could have been replayed over and over again. I did not hold any malice against my mother. I felt a serene detachment. I was someplace else,

Perhaps the events in our lives build to create an experience from our inner energy. Those experiences may organize themselves in different ways until we have that aha moment, that significant understanding that creates a different observation. We see things brand new and we are no longer where we were before. We are no longer willing to do the same things we did before. We may want to change jobs organize our living space. Maybe we need to become more mindful of our husbands or our wives. We create goals for ourselves and spend more time with our children. We see where we are headed because we have cleaned up our past.

Eleven shows us the dual nature of who we are. Eleven one tells us about our non conflicted state of mind. Eleven Eleven tunes us into events unfolding before us that can carry us into another reality if we choose to heal our energy.

Our lives do have significant meaning. In the procession of our healing, perhaps we unconsciously make it possible for other people to heal as well. Perhaps as the EPR Paradox suggests, the energetic idea of our healing transmits information about itself anywhere at any time.

The infinite structure of our energetic universe may be propelled by healing, Perhaps healing is the “God Particle”, the one big idea which gives particles the ability to form mass. Perhaps all possibilities of energy do exist. Ultimately, it is we who define the possibilities.

Copyright 2009

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