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Astrological Forecast for February 2010

by Lou Valentino

The first half of February continues a humanitarian effort to help others as a number of planets continue their transit in Aquarius. Then the second half of the month belongs to Pisces.

Mercury the planet of communication starts to move through the sign of Aquarius on February 10th giving those born under the sign of Aquarius extra mental clarity. New and creative inventions could arise in the minds of inventors and manifest around the middle of March 2010.

Venus the planet of personal beauty and romance moves into the sign of Pisces. Venus in Pisces is romantic and creative. Models, actresses, photographers, musicians or any creative project finds fulfillment with anyone born under the sign of Pisces who is involved in the creative process.

Also, Jupiter is traveling through Pisces and adds extra luck to those who have a Pisces Sun, Moon or rising sign. The chances of romance are high also if you have Pisces active in your chart. If you’re single you could have a date on Valentine’s Day or if you already have someone in your life you could have a wonderful special night out where the fish can swim in open waters.

The new Moon is in the sign of Aquarius at 25 degrees around 9:51PM. This new Moon has an Aquarius signature in it because five out of the 10 planets are in Aquarius including Chiron which helps to heal the fabric of humanity that is wounded.

Because there is a Grand trine (finger of God) at this full Moon, opportunities to heal (Chiron) the wounds of a large international problem (Jupiter in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn) will come to fruition. However, it will not come without anger (Mars in Leo retrograde) from political leaders and its people. This to me would be Haiti leaders being helped by the international communities and people in America and around the world disappointed in some of the efforts that could have helped sooner than later.

Neptune conjuncts both the Sun and Moon on this new Moon signature adding a spiritual warm to the often emotionally detached Aquarian personality. Those born under the sign of Aquarius could be starting a new spiritual journey of sorts. They may find themselves starting to do yoga or meditation or some other practice of spirituality they may have not considered before.

UFO sightings could happen during this new Moon cycle which runs from February 13 till February 28th. As Pluto continues a square with Saturn earthquake activity could continue in the areas surrounding the Pacific Ocean and elsewhere in the world.

The Sun moves into the sign of Pisces on February 18th at 1:36PM EST. Now we have Venus, Jupiter and the Sun moving through the sign of Pisces. Those born under the sign of Pisces are expanding (Jupiter) their horizons as luck is on their side. Pisces can do well with sales so if your chart has a Pisces influence and you are involved with sales the second half of this month is very good for increasing your financial luck.

The affirmation for the first half of this month: UNITY AND COOPERATION AMONG HUMANITY IS HAPPENING NOW.

The full Moon in Virgo at 9 degrees is on February 28th at 11:38AM EST. We have Uranus, Venus, Jupiter and the Sun in Pisces opposing this full Moon. This could be the time that the healthcare plan finds a compromise in order to be passed by the federal government.

Virgo is the sign that rules health and Pisces is the sign that is compassionate. Those born under these two signs are trying to find a balance between the details of everyday life and the spiritual higher realms of existence that require a strong intuition. Merging these two aspects of life helps to know when to be compassionate (Pisces) and how to be responsible with that compassionate energy (Virgo). Medical breakthroughs can happen from the 28th of February to the middle of March.

Relationships and how they work will receive lots of attention as Mars in Leo sextiles Saturn in Libra. Mars also trines Venus in Pisces. All of this points to a reorganization of how relationships work. Libra rules marriage and with Saturn moving through the sign of Libra separations and divorces is plentiful over the next two and a half years. Authors of relationship books should see a boost in sales during this time.

The affirmation for the second half of February is: A CAN FIND THE BALACNE BETWEEN SPIRITUALITY AND EARTHLY MATTERS.

Next month I will talk about Mercury in Pisces, Venus in Aries, new Moon in Pisces, Mercury in Aries, Mars turns direct, Sun in Aries, full Moon in Libra and Venus in Taurus. Until then may unity in humanity manifest and may you find a perfect balance between your earthly life and your spiritual well being. Namaste.

Lou Valentino has been giving professional astrological readings for over 20 years. To schedule an appointment call 860-664-9247. Go to www.yogavisionaries.com for more info.

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