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Your Soul & Emotions Know Your Worth

by Cassendre Xavier

Why is it that when someone insults you, you feel bad? Have you ever thought about that?

When we’re in the depths of self-loathing, or even if it’s only for a quick second, we temporarily believe we are really bad. We don’t look good enough, we’re not smart enough, we haven’t accomplished enough, etc.

But if all that were actually true, wouldn’t we feel good when insulted? Wouldn’t it be inherent and natural to accept and feel good about hearing that we’re dumb, or stupid, or clumsy, or that we don’t measure up in some way to what our partner, friend, parent, or boss says we should?

If you were really a bad person, if you were anything less than a splendid spiritual being having a humyn experience - then you wouldn’t feel so bad when someone said something bad about you. You would agree and not dispute it.

But that’s not what happens, is it?

When we hear, read, or feel criticism from anyone, including ourselves, it hurts. It hurts a lot. And the reason for that is because it doesn’t match the truth of who we are: beings of light and love here only to expand and grow, to love and be loved.

It hurts when we’re criticized, or when we criticize ourselves, because our spirits, our true selves, know the real deal. We are light and love, and whenever we are not expressing that, it’s time to check in and return to that truth.

Remember this the next time you experience a challenge in loving yourself. Remember the proof in how badly you feel when criticized, and how good you feel when someone says, “Hey, gorgeous, what’s shaking?” or “How are you doing today” or “I care about you.” Remember how good you feel when instead of saying “I love you”, a friend or sweetie acts it out in a gesture of true friendship, generosity, care and affection.

How good you feel when someone treats you well, or something good happens to you is your soul communicating that all is well. You are experiencing what life can be like on a regular basis. You are feeling valued, worthy, and loved.

Feel good about yourself today knowing that your emotions are doing such a wonderful job of taking care of and showing you how precious you are.

You are as good, really and truly, as you feel when good things happen to you. And this is why you feel so bad when the opposite happens. You are wonderful and that’s the only truth!

Cassendre Xavier (aka Amethyste Rah) is a multi-media artist and creator of the Affirmations for Survivors guided meditations series featuring Music of Light by Thaddeus. She is a widely published multi-genre writer and the author of the print and e-book Expanding Your Capacity for Joy: a Raw Vegan Comfort Book, Sourcebook & Journal. A folk-rock singer-songwriter described as “a cross between Tracy Chapman, Sade & Enya” (Steven M. Wilson, Borders Music Expert), Ms. Xavier recently released her 7th musical CD/MP3 download Capable of Love to critical acclaim. She maintains a vibrant YouTube channel of her original, cover, parody, live and recorded songs, as well as her stark, thought-provoking poetry and enlightening, comforting guided meditations. In 2003, she founded Philadelphia’s annual Black Women’s Arts Festival, which she currently serves as executive director, and in 2005 she received a Leeway Foundation Transformation Award for her “work in art and change”. Visit Cassendre at http://cassEndrExavier.com.

© 2010 by Cassendre Xavier. All rights reserved.

Source: http://cassendrexavier.blogspot.com/2010/04/your-soul-your-emotions-know-your-worth.html or http://tinyurl.com/37gs6kg

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