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Raising Our Collective Consciousness

by Madis Senner

From the New Age world to more traditional religions we are taught about spirituality, how to become a better person, how to get in touch with our higher self. But what about our collective consciousness, what Jung called archetypes that influence our very being and character? Can we help ourselves and the world at large by learning how to work with our collective self?


Renowned psychoanalyst Carl Jung understood how our collective thoughts influence our thinking, behavior and personality. He felt that humankind’s thoughts dating from the earliest of times creates a collective unconscious mind that shapes who we are:

“Man inherits these images from his ancestral past, a past that includes all of his human ancestors as well as his prehuman or animal ancestors. These racial images are not inherited in the sense that a person consciously remembers or has images that his ancestors had. Rather, they are predispositions or potentialities for experiencing and responding to the world in the same ways that his ancestors did [they are, that is, archaic deep structures.]

He used the term “archetypes” to describe how our collective psyche could create certain dispositions, or themes in our life. The collective unconscious forms the substratum common to all humanity, the foundation upon which we build our experiences, patterns of behavior and psychological characteristics upon. It is our base.

The ability of the unconscious mind is profound. The title of the Washington Post’s science writer reporter Shankar Vedantam recent book says it all: The Hidden Brain: How Our Unconscious Minds Elect Presidents, Control Markets, Wage Wars, and Save Our Lives. He consistently demonstrates through out the books covers how the unconscious mind often overrules our conscious mind in the most critical of times.

Our collective mind, RULES!

Heaven on Earth Meditation

So how do we begin to work to raise our collective consciousness? We can begin putting forth love, kindness, compassion, particularly in the groups that we belong to, organizations, our clique of friends, etc… We can try to make a difference. I imagine most of us are already doing this. What else?

I believe that one thing that we can do to influence our collective self is to create positive loving alternatives that work with our group thoughts. A collective thought form can have a powerful influence upon our collective psyche because it draws upon the intentions of many individuals creating a synergy far beyond its individual members.

To create a collective thought form, archetype, we need to be of one mind, or purpose; the proximity of our locations, whether we know each other or not, our personality differences, or our ages do matter as long as we are of one mind. It is that one mind, that one thought or specific purpose that serves as that triggering mechanism to unite us.

That one thought, or purpose, needs to be of the highest order, because it will look to influence us and our collective unconscious. Our unconscious mind is already filled with the thoughts of groups and individuals whose purposes were for violence, war, control, political advantage, exclusion of others, and advancement of one race or religion over others, to win a game, etc….

What gives power to our thoughts are emotion and the state of consciousness from which we create them. Great emotion, as seen with a traumatic or life changing event is powerful and gives added strength to our thoughts at the time. What can give even more power to a thought is launching it from a higher state of consciousness. Thoughts created deep in a meditative trance are powerful and can dwarf those done by a multitude of people at the level of waking consciousness. A group of people deep in trance can have a profound affect.

To this end I have come up with a meditation of Heaven on Earth, whose dream is for world peace and the unity of all God’s kingdoms and peoples. This meditation was given to me in the fall of 2009 at a very sacred place and a very special place within it. Since then I have been meditating on it daily and have led dozens of groups and hundreds of people in the meditation that have included places such as Bridges Wellness Center, Gifts of Gaia and Inspiration Point in the Buffalo area. I have been adding to the collective thought form and tweaking it to enhance people’s experiences during the meditation.

In many ways the Heaven on Earth meditation is dusting off an old archetype, a universal vision of a world of peace where the lion lies down with the lamb. Not only does the meditation reinvigorate this ancient archetype but it draws upon other archetypes and the collective consciousness of the greatest teachers that the world has ever seen and fuses them together. I ask for your help in giving strength to this collective thought form by meditating on its vision of a loving and compassionate world. You can participate by downloading the meditation online at: http://www.jubileeinitiative.org/sacredmeditation.mp3

You don’t have to have meditation experience to participate. Both experienced meditators and neophytes have been very pleased with their experiences during the meditation. Each time that someone does this meditation they give power to a vision of Heaven on Earth by nurturing it with their thoughts.

We Are One

We are told that we are one. That all is Brahman. All of the teachers sent to us over the last millennia Sikhism, B’hai, Theosophy have preached a coming together and unity—yet so much over spiritual perspective and development is based upon building the self.

When you embrace working for the greater good, our collective consciousness, not only will you making a better world but your soul will begin to soar. I remember a story from my second grade of a boy that went to ask his grandfather for help because he was a weakling. Instead of lifting weights the grandfather had his grandson help him around the house with chores and building. The boy felt that he was being hoodwinked to do his grandfather’s work. Then one day the grandfather took him aside and but him in front of a mirror and asked him to flex his biceps. Low and behold all that sawing had made the boy’s biceps bulge.

Remember the law of attraction, what you put out will come back to you. When you set out to heal the world and help others the world and strangers will come back to help you in ways that you could never imagined.

We are all in this together. Let’s work to raise our collective consciousness so that all of our souls may blossom.

The Heaven on Earth meditation can be accessed at http://www.jubileeinitiative.org/sacredmeditation.mp3 . It is part of two efforts to educate people about transforming the world for the better: www.motherearthprayers.org and www.makingheavenonearth.org

Collective Unconscious (Consciousness), Collective Thought Forms, False Gods,
Corporations—Part 1

Madis Senner is author of The Way Home—Making Heaven on Earth (o-books) that details our dynamic relationship with Mother Earth and how our collective thoughts have created a hell of our making. He prescribes a solution to break free by working with Mother Earth and collective thought forms

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