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Healing Through the Power of the Holy Spirit

by Gordon Waite, a.k.a. Gordon the Healer

Contact Healing

Contact healing, or the laying on of hands healing, is a process whereby the healer’s hands are placed on the affected part of the patients’ body. A human being or an animal can be communicated with through the touch of a human hand. Everyone has an invisible aura, or electro magnetic field surrounding them, which plays an important role in the healing process. Gifted healers and mediums can see these auras without necessarily understanding their function. It is a healer’s privilege to have this gift and be able to use it to bring about improvements in the physical condition of people and animals.

Some people believe that healing “should” be practiced through the established church or religious organization, this is not true. Healing is a divine power given by God to an individual, who through his knowledge can use it to alleviate the suffering of others. The healer is really the physical instrument being used to transmit spiritual energy, resulting in the patient’s recovery. Usually the patient will feel better during the experience, when energy is flowing through the healer’s hands. Occasionally healing causes a cold sensation; normally it is a warm or hot sensation. The degree of heat is commensurate with the severity of the illness. It is because this divine healing occurs through the power of the universe; it is probably the most powerful form of healing known to man.

Various types of illness cause different reactions. For instance, patients with broken bones do not usually feel any pain during healing, although they may feel a tickling sensation as the healing energy from the healer’s hands flows through the affected bones. Some say they can feel the bone readjust to a perfect position, even when the bone is encased in plaster during healing.

Cancer patients often break into heavy perspiration during their treatment. This is the body’s mechanism for releasing heat and toxins. As the patient responds to healing, the heat flow and toxins diminishes, as does the pain, while the cancer starts to disappear.

Patients with heart trouble can and often will perspire heavily during healing. I have received many positive testimonials bearing witness to excellent results. After the final session, the clients are asked to visit their doctor to request dietary guidance and exercise to maintain their already improved health. I ask them to abstain from alcohol and smoking as well.

There have been a great deal of success in treating patients with migraine headaches, a very painful and debilitating condition, which may persist for days. Everyone treated for this condition has quickly improved to the point where their migraine has disappeared, sometimes after only one treatment. Many migraine sufferers feel cold, as opposed to the feelings of heat experienced by other patients with other types of diseases. As the healing continues, the head and body cool down. During the laying on of hands it is good to visualize the person whole and well and any symptoms lessening in severity.

On a flight to Malta I once offered help to a woman passenger sitting in front of me who was suffering from a severe migraine. Within fifteen minutes her headache vanished. During healing one can be thinking of conversing on any subject, because I believe healing takes place on a higher level on consciousness. When I met the woman on the return trip to London, she told me she had completely recovered from the migraine. I told her I expected her to continue like that.

Depending on the condition, rates of progress may vary and this may be the case with patients suffering arthritis, which develops, insidiously and may be in the body for years before it is detected. Healing offers relief and often a cure, though many sessions may be required before noticeable improvement occurs. When transformation happens, the swelling will have reduced and often the reshaping of bones can be perceived.

I have been successful in alleviating eczema and asthma. Both conditions respond very well to laying on of hands healing, with varying time periods for healing.

By visiting me twice a week for one month clients can be assured of real progress in restoring health. During my first ten years as a healer I have helped thousands of people. It can honestly be said that my commitment to practice healing is total.

If a patient requests that I travel to see him, at home or in hospital, I do this willingly. Unfortunately I am often summoned when all other forms of traditional and alternative/complementary treatment have been exhausted. I must stress that while I do not refuse to see a patient in a state of extreme decline, far more benefit would be derived from making an early appointment.

By readying my book, yet to be published, people will, I expect, become aware of the many possibilities available to man through divine energy healing. If a car battery is low, it responds quickly to a jump start from a stronger battery. Our bodies work in a similar way.

Sessions are often half hour durations they can be longer if required. My super-conscious mind advises me on how much time is required to give the best help.

On a healing tour in India, thousands of sick people were treated though treatment was limited to a few seconds per person. Nevertheless large numbers of sick people received healing benefits. It must again emphasize that I was just the instrument in transmitting the flow of healing energy. The actual healing miracle comes from the power and spirit of God.

It is continuously shown to me that the true mechanism of healing is through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Absent healing

As I was unsure of getting positive results with absent healing. I was delighted when patients began to confirm the improvement in their health, through their letters. To achieve success through absent healing, the names and addresses of the sick persons are required, and knowledge of the nature of their illness and ideally a recent small photograph. This procedure applies of animals as well as people. Progress towards recovery may vary in the length of time. With absent healing the power of the Holy Spirit becomes applicable and preeminent with this for m of healing.

During absent healing, Spirit or God’s invisible energy is transmitted through the gift of the healer, who is a conduit of God’s goodness. Healing energy flows from the healer via the air waves to the sick person and has proved to be a powerful, effective way of aiding his recovery.

When first attempting absent healing I was inspired by Harry Edwards’ book “Spirit Healing”. Shortly afterwards, letters began to arrive from Britain and various other parts of the world. Absent healing was to become an integral part of my work.

When I receive a request for assistance I note the persons name and address on a 3”X5” index card including a description of their illness. If one of these people telephones me, I go straight to the card and add any new details available. Holding the patient’s card, I concentrate on these details and see the individual well and whole, free from illness. Time span on the individual varies with each card. I usually do my absent healing between 9:00PM and midnight. During this period I can treat a larger number of people.

Most letters come from relatives or friends of the patient, who is often totally unaware that they are being healed! The correspondence keeps me informed of the patient’s progress. I do not directly contact anyone receiving absent healing when it has been requested by another concerned person, in order not to undermined confidentiality or distress the receiver of healing. Many eventually find out and are thankful that something has been done for them.

Alternative medicine and therapy are usually sought as a last resort, after conventional medicine has failed to provide sufficient help. Best results are obtained from a combination of conventional allopathic medicine and laying on of hands healing. A patient who receives healing via the telephone often says he feels the pain diminishing as we talk. In one case, a man’s broken leg began to heal during our conversation.

After a telephone message, I ask for a follow-up letter to ensure that I have correct information and the request is genuine.

Sometimes my attempts at absent healing have been less successful, particularly within cases of smoking, alcohol and drug abuse. Addictions create negative thoughts which contribute to provoking physical disease. The continual practices of smoking, drinking and drug-taking are habitual behaviors, not diseases. Laying on of hands healing achieves better results with these practices, this I have found over the years.

People suffering from cerebral vascular accidents or strokes, also respond more readily to contact healing.

One of my patients, a nine year old boy called Phillip, suffering from leukemia, had been given three months to live by his doctor. After corresponding with Phillip’s mother once a week, good progress was reported to me. As a result of his therapy, he suffered from dizziness and listlessness which improved gradually after my treatment. The oncologist reported the return to normal of his white blood count, his temperature and blood pressure. He said her son had had a spontaneous remission. Although I did not meet Phillip, his mother came from the North of England to my home in the Forest of Dean to thank me for her son’s complete recovery.

Despite the difficulties in communicating with the Communist World in the 1980’s, a lady from Prague, Czechoslovakia wrote to me for help, having heard of me from her daughter in London. The lady suffered from heart and respiratory problems. During my six months of correspondence with her, she reported noticeable improvement in both conditions.

My cousin’s daughter, Suzanne, became seriously ill with a viral condition resulting in a severe rash all over her body, resistant to all antibiotics. It was doubtful that she would survive. I told my cousin that I would attempt to help. After three days of absent healing, Suzanne began to improve, and after ten days the doctors said she had made a remarkable spontaneous recovery.

Another patient from Coventry, telephoned me in 1982, worried about her husband who had been admitted to the intensive care unit, suffering from a history of heart murmurs. After a follow up letter, I began absent healing. His wife reported significant progress within a week. After two more weeks in the hospital, out of intensive care, he was allowed home. He was kept on my absent healing file for six months he was finally able to return to work for the Jaguar car company. I improved and extended the quality of life of another patient, experiencing early dementia, whose daughters were please with her mothers progress, until her eventual, peaceful death. I have witnessed patients like her become more relaxed, requiring less pain relief medication and have received letters from family members thanking me for helping their loved ones through absent healing.

During the first ten years of my healing experience I have had thousands of requests for help. Some were on behalf of pets. One case was that of an Alsatian dog, suffering from arthritis in the front leg and shoulder. After about three months the dog seemed rejuvenated and began running again. The Vet had been pessimistic, the owner had the faith and courage to telephone and write to me, resulting in better health for his dog.

I would recommend anyone who cannot attend in person for contact healing to write to a reputable healer for absent healing. The boundaries and possibilities for this type of treatment are limitless.

Gordon Waite, Gordon the Healer, is a personal healing consultant specializing in the laying on of hands and absentee (remote) healing since 1976. His healing practice has taken him all over Amercia and to many other countries including England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Holland, France, Portugal, India, New Zealand and Canada More information about Gordon can be found at www.gordonthehealer.com.

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