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An Interview with Dr. Brad Case

Author of "Thugs, Drugs and the War on Bugs"

by Mary Arsenault

According to the World Health Organization, the United States is the sickest industrialized nation on earth. Although we spend more per capita on health care than any other country, out of 37 industrialized countries, the United States ranks a dismal 37th. Current estimates place the very practice of Western Medicine as one of the top three causes of death in this country.

Dr. Brad Case believes that the reason is because health care in this country is really sick care, with the use of toxic drugs and barbaric surgeries frequently resulting in the need for more of the same. According to Dr. Case, our present system is run by a “cartel” comprised mainly of Big Pharma, the American Medical Association, the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, the National Cancer Institute, and the American Cancer Society, as well as medical schools, hospitals, universities, research facilities, insurance companies, etc., which rarely validates natural therapies, leaving Americans to believe that there is no other rational choice. Aside from medical emergency situations, which Dr. Case agrees is best handled by Western medicine, he states that the best way to acquire and maintain vibrant health is through the natural health modalities.

In his book, Thugs, Drugs and the War on Bugs, first in a planned series of books on “Why We’re Sick”, Dr. Case reveals the truth behind the continuous barrage of medical misinformation we are subjected to through the media. With over 500 references cited in his book, he presents an interesting case against the effectiveness of vaccines, and also explains how AIDS is more likely caused by lifestyle than HIV via the theory of Pleomorphism, which challenges the idea of specific germs being responsible for disease. The book concludes with Dr. Case’s trademarked “20 Steps to Perfect Health.”

Self-published in an effort to maintain the integrity of his message, Dr. Case’s book is available through his website at www.healthisnatural.com. Engaging and enraging, Thugs, Drugs and the War on Bugs will definitely make you think twice before popping your next pill.

Wisdom: When did you first realize that there was something wrong with the system of health care in this country and what inspired you to write this book?

Brad: I was still in chiropractic college when I came to the conclusion that over-the-counter and prescription drugs were toxic to the body and should only be used short term or as a last resort, such as when they’re needed to save your life. I also learned at that time that the AMA was hellbent on destroying chiropractic and other natural healthcare professions, but I didn’t realize the depth of it all until I had been in practice for a few years. Patients would come to me and tell me horror stories of their MDs pushing unnecessary, addictive drugs at them, mis-diagnosing them, and even prescribing very toxic chemotherapy drugs for such benign things as tight muscles. Then, I started going to seminars and reading about the hidden truths and politics of healthcare and was exposed to the conspiracy on a much deeper level. I became so angry that I couldn’t help ranting about this stuff to my patients during their treatments. It didn’t take long before I realized I needed a more organized way of delivering the message, so I started writing the script for a seminar. When that “script” got to around 100 pages, I realized that I no longer had a script, but a manuscript. So I began re-writing it. I changed the language, made it more organized, and divided it into chapters. But eventually, I realized that I had way more material than would fit into one book, so I divided the information into a series of books entitled “Why We’re Sick.” Realizing that I would be severely attacked for my anti-medical establishment stance, I decided I needed to reference everything I was saying, so that it couldn’t be discounted as just the mad ravings of another quack. The book contains over 500 credible references, many of which are from Western medicine’s own journals. Others are Big Pharma internal memos and other secret documents acquired through the Freedom of Information Act.

Wisdom: Since it’s no secret that Western medicine is one of the top three causes of death in the United States, you would think people would be up in arms calling for radical change; however, the biggest healthcare issue in our country today is over health insurance, and not the system itself. Any thoughts on why this is the case?

Brad: I think that most people assume we have the best healthcare on the planet because we’re constantly being told things to make us believe that. America is so great; we’re the richest country on earth, bla, bla, bla. I find that most people are very surprised to learn that Western medicine kills so many people. In fact, I think many of them don’t believe it even when they see the numbers and the journal references I provide in the book. I think a lot of people are like, “That can’t be possible. We have the best healthcare on earth,” and their brains don’t even allow the conflicting information in. And of course, the average person doesn’t sit around thinking about what’s wrong with our healthcare system. If anything, they focus on plugging up the holes, and in this case, they just want to know that they’re “covered” if and when they get sick. The real solution, of course, should be health ASSURANCE, i.e. prevention and being proactive. I discuss this throughout Thugs... and give a checklist of the 20 major things people need to do to preserve or re-acquire good health. The average person doesn’t think about his/her health until they get sick, which is also how health insurance works. It doesn’t kick in until you’re sick…and have covered your deductible. They say that health insurance is as much about health as life insurance is about life. I’d say that’s pretty accurate.

Wisdom: What is the biggest mis-conception in healthcare today?

Brad: Well, there are many, which is the main thrust of this series, but I guess I’d have to say it’s the “Better living through chemistry” myth. For every problem you have or might have, we have a drug, i.e., chemical that will fix it, or at least make you feel better. The problem is, those chemicals lead to more problems, which lead to more chemicals and on and on. And we see where this all leads: terminal illness, nursing homes, Alzheimer’s, and premature death…after they’ve gotten all your money, that is. But we all think that we’re going to somehow magically escape all of that, with no planning or effort on our part. Or perhaps we just don’t know what to do or that there’s anything that we CAN do about that course. Well, I’m here to tell you that there IS something that can be done and that the solution isn’t another drug or surgery or likely anything that your insurance will cover. The solution is to eat good organic nutritious food, avoid chemicals and processed foods, avoid the doctor and all of his drugs, exercise, take the right supplements (whole food concentrates), detoxify, get some sunshine, breathe fresh air, drink lots of clean water, etc.

Wisdom: In your book you talk about a new germ theory – Pleomorphism. Please explain what this is.

Brad: The germ theory that we grew up with basically says that diseases are caused by germs and that each germ only causes one disease. Strep bacteria cause strep throats, etc. It also implies that the human body is meant to be sterile, (even though we now know that we need 3-4 pounds of bacteria in our colons to be healthy and that the bacteria in our bodies should actually outnumber our cells by a factor of about 2:1). The problem is, there are holes in this theory, like the one I just mentioned, but also: How can two people be exposed to the same “disease-causing germs” and one will get sick and the other won’t? How is it that I can be around sick people all day long and never get sick? If germs cause illness and I’m around germs, why don’t I get sick? This is a wide, gaping hole in the germ theory. The reason is fairly complex and part of it has to do with the immune system and what we call the “terrain,” but pleomorphism basically states that germs change their size, shape, what they eat, how they act, etc., according to their environment. This can be observed under dark field microscopy, so this is an observed fact; not a theory. The reason this is not widely known is because most microbiologists work with regular light microscopes, so they have to kill and stain the germs in order to study them. You can’t learn much about a living organism by studying a dead one. Dark field microscopy allows one to see living germs. So scientists have discovered this entirely new realm, but it hasn’t yet been accepted by the old guard. Accepting this would require a massive change in how we view health and disease, and much of the paradigm of Western medicine, vaccines, antibiotics, antiviral medications, etc., which is predicated on the old germ theory, would be seen as outdated. This is why we’re still dealing with the old germ theory. So, pleomorphism says that if you put germs in a healthy body, they will either do nothing, they will be destroyed by the immune system, or they will do beneficial things. Put these same germs in a sick body and they go to where the diseased tissue is and start the life recycling process, i.e. they start turning that body back into fertilizer. But pleomorphism doesn’t stop there. If we take this one step further, we see that germs don’t actually cause disease, at least not in most instances. In most cases, the germs we associate with disease are actually created from these little things called prions. So when your body is sick (malnourished, toxic, stressed, radiated, etc.) these prions, which are absolutely necessary for our survival, turn into viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. in order to help handle the situation. Germs aren’t evil; they’re opportunistic. They’re just doing their best and surviving on what you give them to eat. Give them diseased and dying tissue and they will take it, even if it means the eventual death of their host. But keep your body strong and healthy and they will do their part to keep that process going. It is a symbiotic relationship. To try to kill all the germs is to literally kill ourselves in the process. We must understand this. We cannot live without germs. Louis Pasteur, infamous germaphobe that he was, stated on his deathbed something that completely discounted his life’s work. He said, “The germ is nothing, the terrain is everything.” That pretty much says it all.

Wisdom: In your book you claim that both Polio and AIDS are caused by toxins, not viruses. What evidence do you have to substantiate these claims?

Brad: Well, we’re talking about a large chunk of the book here, probably 80 pages or so, but I’ll try to summarize. Surprising as it may seem, neither of these diseases has ever been proven to be caused by a virus. Polio, destroys the motor neurons of the spinal cord causing paralysis. Doctors and scientists searched the nervous tissue of polio victims for decades and to this day they’ve never found a single virus there. The viruses they blame polio on (there are actually three) are found normally in the intestines of healthy humans. They are considered normal human enteroviruses. It’s never been explained or even theorized how an intestinal virus can damage the distant motor neurons of the spinal cord without actually going there. So the official story doesn’t add up. However, another story does. It seems that polio is actually caused by heavy metals. The U.S. epidemic we had in the first half of the last century was caused by the heavy metal-containing pesticides farmers had begun spraying on their crops around that time; namely lead arsenate and DDT. These pesticides kill bugs by attacking the motor neurons and thus paralyzing their nervous systems so that the bugs eventually suffocate. This is exactly how polio patients die. In this epidemic, polio was much more common in children; it didn’t spread, even when there was no effort to quarantine the patient; it usually happened right after spraying or harvest time; and there are many cases on record of polio being cured through heavy metal detoxification methods. It also occurred in farmyard animals who were exposed to these crops or the pesticides being sprayed on them. Human viruses don’t normally affect other animals or vice versa. AIDS: It’s been shown in many lab tests (including one reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association) that HIV doesn’t kill T-cells, at least not enough to sicken or kill a person. Luc Montagnier, the French researcher who recently received the Nobel Prize for discovering HIV has also said, many times, that HIV could not possibly cause AIDS. Kerry Mullis, Ph.D., who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for inventing the PCR test (the test they use to measure viral loads) also says that in all his years of researching this issue, he’s never found a single reference to show that HIV causes AIDS, and he also doesn’t believe that it does or even that it could. Robert Gallo, the man who made the original claim that HIV causes AIDS was found to be completely fraudulent on several accounts (including this one) and was known throughout the scientific community to be a very poor scientist. He was actually kicked out of the National Cancer Institute for making this false claim, which he literally had no evidence for, and also for trying to take credit for discovering HIV, when it was obviously Luc Montagnier who discovered it. But once the announcement was made on U.S. television that he had supposedly discovered the virus that caused AIDS, there was no turning back. From then on, all AIDS research money has gone into finding ways of stopping HIV and his admittedly fraudulent research has never been replicated. Furthermore, the “HIV test” doesn’t even test for HIV. It tests for antibodies to HIV, which normally indicate that the body has found a way of neutralizing a virus. To create this antibody test, they grow HIV inside T-cells, once again proving that HIV doesn’t kill these immune cells. And false positives with all the different HIV tests are very common. So what does cause AIDS? It seems that AIDS is caused by lifestyle choices; primarily the long term use of party drugs (poppers, cocaine, heroin) and/or the commercial grade clotting factor (called Factor VIII) which hemophiliacs use to keep from bleeding to death. There’s much more to this story, but these are the most salient points.

Wisdom: You’ve given many accounts in your book of how various vaccines, that we believe are necessary, simply do not work. You also believe that certain vaccines cause autism, despite all of the reports to the contrary. What evidence do you have for maintaining this claim?

Brad: Vaccines are loaded with all kinds of toxins, including neurotoxic heavy metals. These metals, mercury and aluminum, have a strong affinity for the brain and destroy nervous tissue. In fact, they tend to accumulate in the very areas of the brain that are affected in autism. It’s been shown repeatedly that children with autism have more mercury in their brains than other children and that detoxing them of this metal improves or cures them of the disorder. It’s also been shown that autistic children tend to have a genetic inability to naturally detoxify these metals. Graphs show that as the CDC recommended more and more mercury-containing vaccines, we’ve seen an exponential rise in autism. The timing of these coinciding events is perfect. The fact that mercury is a neurotoxin is a well-established fact, and Thimerosal, the mercury-containing preservative used in vaccines, is almost 50 percent mercury by weight. Children receiving the full recommended schedule of shots received many times the EPA’s or FDA’s maximum safe level of these toxic metals in their still developing, immature systems. And especially when they’re not being detoxed from the body, they accumulate. Amazingly, nobody ever bothered to test whether or not this was safe. The amount of evidence in this case is literally astounding and I am 100 percent convinced that mercury (from all sources, including vaccines, the mother’s dental amalgams, RhoGam shots, and large fish) is a huge part of autism, though other factors such as aluminum, formaldehyde, squalene, ethylene glycol, and the live, genetically manipulated viruses, such as those found in the MMR shot, also contribute. The evidence that vaccines help prevent disease is also very shaky. In almost all cases where vaccines are given credit for helping, the diseases were all but gone before the vaccine was even introduced. For example, with polio, when the U.S. stopped using lead arsenate and DDT, polio went into a rapid and steady decline to where it was almost non-existent in a very short time. This happened before the shot was introduced. However, the timing of this coincided closely enough with the introduction of the shot that the vaccine makers could claim the victory for themselves. But the reality was actually the opposite. Newspapers and graphs from the time show that the more we vaccinated against polio and smallpox, the worse the problems got, and only when people finally started avoiding these shots, did the diseases actually go back into their natural decline. On a related note, when the U.S. stopped using DDT, we started shipping these pesticides to less developed countries. These countries, with all the overpopulation, poor sanitation, lack of clean water, and other conditions usually associated with infectious diseases, were completely devoid of polio until then, but now they’re seeing epidemics of polio. Luckily for them, Bill Gates, through his “philanthropic foundation” is now trying desperately to vaccinate every living person in these developing countries.

Wisdom: Since drug companies cannot be sued for producing a “bad” vaccine, what would be their motivation for covering up any connections between Thimerosal and autism, if this is the case?

Brad: Well, if people finally knew that vaccines cause autism, like we now know that smoking causes cancer and emphysema, especially if we knew that THEY knew and have know for a long time and did nothing about it, then there would be such an uprising that they wouldn’t just get sued, they’d probably get the guillotine. Their immunity would only stand for so long once the public knew the truth.

Wisdom: Please explain why you don’t like the term “Alternative Medicine” and what designator would you prefer be used for holistic modalities?

Brad: Chiropractic, in the form of spinal manipulation, has been around since at least 17,500 BC. We have cave paintings in France to prove that. Acupuncture is at least 5,000 years old, and likely much older. Herbs were the first medicines and are still the best medicines if one takes safety into account. Western medicine, on the other hand, i.e. the use of man-made chemicals or mild poisons to treat illness, has only been around since the Renaissance, when they emerged as the snake oil salesmen, and gradually evolved into the practice of “Medicine” that we have today. Calling these traditional, natural therapies “alternative” implies that the snake oil salesmen of today, i.e., Western medicine, is real healthcare and that everything else is…well, fake medicine or “folk medicine” and somehow substandard; that we’re less scientific, kookie, and that what we do is mere “quackery.” I prefer to call what we do “Natural Healthcare” because it’s a more descriptive term and it doesn’t compare us (unfavorably) to what I would consider a far inferior system. In fact, I wouldn’t even consider what MDs do “healthcare” because nothing they do actually promotes health. What they do, for the most part, is mask symptoms and manage disease, so their system really should be called “sick care.”

Wisdom: Allopathic doctors in this country, by nature of their training, are generally considered to be among the “best and brightest”, yet they continue to purvey services through our broken system of health care, as if ignorant of the facts. Why do you think this is so?

Brad: They have spent a considerable amount of time, money, and effort in becoming doctors and they have been trained to think that they are the best and brightest, which automatically places everyone else beneath them in their minds. Most of them have no idea of the sort of education chiropractors and naturopaths go through on their way to becoming doctors, and that we are at least their equals as far as training goes. They are then brainwashed further by weekly visits from drug company reps. They’re also bound to certain practices by the “standards of care” for their specialty. GPs push antibiotics; pediatricians push vaccines; cardiologists push statin drugs and beta blockers; psychiatrists push antidepressants, etc. To not do these things actually puts them at risk. It puts them out there on a limb leaving them exposed to potential law suits and malpractice claims, loss of license, etc., and leaves no one to stand behind them supporting their decision to buck the system. The strange thing is, they claim to be practicing “scientific medicine,” but most of what they do is either contradictory to what the current science says (for example, prescribing antibiotics for colds, which are viral infections), or it’s supported by very weak (in some cases fraudulent) science. What Western medical doctors should understand is that we natural healthcare practitioners are not trying to compete with them or put them out of business. We are their way out of this trap. We are not subjected to the same standards of care that they are and we are highly trained in what we do. All they need to do when confronted with something that their drugs cannot fix is say, “There’s really nothing that I can do for you. Perhaps you should seek out some natural alternative,” and leave it at that. They don’t even have to know anything about natural healthcare; just that it exists, is safe, and when done properly, can restore the body to its natural state of health. I am always happy to receive a referral from a friendly, open-minded M.D.

Wisdom: If we’re going to fix the healthcare crisis in this country, what issues do you think must be handled first?

Brad: First, people must be educated so they understand that the system isn’t set up for health. It’s actually set up in a way that (either by design or by accident) makes you sicker and more dependent on the system over the course of your life. Then, people need to become active politically. We need to push for campaign finance reform so we can clean up the corruption in Washington. As long as the Big Pharma and Big Ag lobbyists can continue to bribe our leaders to do their bidding, we don’t stand a chance of creating laws that will protect us from these greedy corporations. Until this happens, every one of us has to take full responsibility for our own health. We simply cannot trust what the government tells us or even what our doctors say. Also, television brainwashes people to believe that drugs will improve their lives when the reverse is actually true, so we must end the constant barrage of drug ads on TV. That means direct-to-consumer advertising, which is only allowed in one other country on earth, must end. These are a few of the more important things that need to be taken care of, but it starts with education, which is why I wrote this book. Someone once told me, “If people knew what you know, they would do what you do.” I have vibrant health because I work at it every day. I want everyone else to have that opportunity as well, so I’m desperately trying to let everyone know what I know. This is my mission in life.

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