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PA/NJ: Holistic Educational Programs


Ministry School

Circle of Miracles is a Nondenominational/Interfaith Church and Ministry School. The exciting curriculum is designed to enhance the deepening of your unique spiritual journey. Classes meet ten weekends over 12 months. You are ordained as a Nondenominational Interfaith Minister upon completion, entitling you to perform Marriages, Birth/Adult Namings, conduct Funerals, Spiritual Guidance Counseling, and hold your own Nondenominational Interfaith services.

Begins: Ongoing Length of Program: 13 months Pre-requisites: High School or GED Application Required? yes Upon Completion: Interfaith Minister Contact: Rev. Hannelore Goodwin and Rev. Glenda Smith, Circle of Miracles Mailing: 10 Beulah Road, New Britain, PA 18901 Phone: 215-598-8002 Email: info@circleofmiracles.org Website: www.circleofmiracles.org


Aura Reading & Healing

Discover your natural abilities in this six month “Intuitive Adventure” for beginners. Learn to read people! Empower and help them in the process. Read auras, view past lives and do energy healings in a safe space. Heal yourself and grow in the process! Led by a graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute with 20 years experience. It’s fun, powerfully life-changing - and easier than you’d think! Start with a beginning Self-Healing Meditation Class (Next class starts July 12th). Other 4-week classes include: Owning Your Space, Creating and Communicating, Female Energy, Male Energy, Chakras, Money and Abundance, Your Body, Past, Present and Future.

Begins: Ongoing Length of Program: Six months Pre-requisites: Beginning 4-week class Tuition: $250 per month Upon Completion: Framed certificate Contact: Brad Hess at Intuitive Energy: A School for Creative Healing, 18 E. 2nd Street, 2nd floor, PO Box 1917, Media, PA 19063 Phone: 610-848-8334 Email: IntuitiveEnergy@verizon.ne t Website: www.IntuitiveEnergy.com

Flower Essence Therapy: Level One Course

Become familiar with all 38 Bach Flower Essences and learn how and when to use the essences in everyday life. This course is a pre-requisite for BIEP Level 2 and Practitioner Training (CE credits NCBTMB Cat. A available if needed).

Begins: September 24, 2011 Length of Program: 2 days Application Deadline: September 12, 2011 Tuition: $325 Upon Completion: Level One Certification Contact: Dr. Lauren Nappen, Bach Flower International Education Program, 3346 Durham Road, Mechanicsville, PA Phone: 215-794-0606 Email: drlauren@ahhhjustingtolife.com Website: www.ahhhjustingtolife.Com


The Path to Heal utilizes muscle testing to uncover wounds and obstacles (health conditions and negative circumstances) that manifest to protect the client from reexperiencing emotions surrounding the wounds. Once the wounds are identified and then healed through insight, crystals and tuning forks, the obstacles quickly dissipate and physical and emotional healing results. The Path to Heal is taught over six non-consecutive weekend sessions.

Begins: Call for next start date Length of Program: 6 weekend classes Tuition: $300-$400 per weekend class, financial aid can be discussed Upon Completion: Certified Practitioner Contact: Becky Cohen at The Path to Heal, West Chester, PA 19382 Phone: 610-357-0377 Email: becky@thepathtoheal.com Website: www.thepathtoheal.com


Top Hypnotherapy School in the country. Certified by 5 National & International Boards. Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Certification Course classes taught in scheduled weekends and include both lectures and experiential hands-on experience. Also course in Parts Therapy. Approved and certified by State of New Jersey Department of Education. Campuses in Edison and Moorestown, NJ. See our website for course schedule and additional information.

Begins: Ongoing Length of Program: 4 weekends for certification Pre-requisite: High School Diploma Upon Completion: Certified Hypnotherapist/Counselor Contact: Dr. Jaime Feldman, The Institute of Hypnotherapy, 190 Lincoln Hwy, Edison, NJ 08837 Mailing: 10 Darby Court, Manalapan, NJ 07726 Phone: 732-446-5992 Website: www.HypnotherapyInstitute.com

Kun-Hat-Raj Yoga

Authentic, rooted in the Vedas, Hatha Yoga Perdepika, Kundalini YogSadhana as taught by Yogi Bhajan and Yoga of Christ. Very unique, one-of-a-kind Teacher’s Training program. A life-changing, dynamic course, whether taken as a teacher or just for yourself, spread over three weeks in a cozy, beautiful place in the Catskills. For more information, discounts or last minute changes, please go to our website.

Begins: July 12, 2011 Length of Program: 21 days Tuition: $2500 plus room & board, financial aid available Upon Completion: Certification to teach yoga Contact: Marilyn Valant at Sat Nam Yoga Spa, 333 Mt. Cliff Road, Hurleyville, NY 12747 Phone: 845-866-3063 Website: www.satnamyogaspa.com

Reconnective Healing: Level I/II Seminar

Find out what’s baffling the medical community. Discover why hospitals and universities around the world are investing time and money in an attempt to explain these healings... and how you too can master this extraordinary work!

Begins: Ongoing programs. Next program is July 9 & 10 Pre-requisites: None Tuition: $549 Upon Completion: Reconnective Healing Practitioner Contact: Dr. Eric Pearl, The Reconnection Phone: 323-960

-0012 Email: info@TheReconnection.com Website: www.TheReconnection.com


Would you like to learn how to use Reiki to heal yourself and others? Lorna provides Reiki I and II classes at your location for groups of 3 or more. Reiki I is a one day workshop for a $125 investment. Reiki II is a two-day workshop for a $250 investment. Call today to schedule a class for your group! Lifelong mentoring is provided. Lorna is located in East Norriton, PA.

Begins: Ongoing Upon Completion: Reiki Practitioner Contact: Lorna Cassano, RMT, Inner Balance Reiki, LLC Mailing: 3000 North Wales Rd., East Norriton, PA 19403 Phone: 484-919-1678 Email: lcassano@comcast.net Website: www.innerbalancereikillc.com

Therapeutic Music

Class Modules (80 hours total): Patient Assessment for Live Therapeutic Music, Injury Prevention for CMPs, Music as a Language, Paradigms of Healing, Music, Sound and Healing, Etiquette and Internship, Profession of Music Practitioner, Alterations in Health, Care of the Dying, Clinical Practicum. Also: Required reading, internship, mentorship, exam, final recording. Accredited by National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians www.therapeutic musician.com. Classes at 12 sites nationally.

Begins: Ongoing Length of Program: approximately 2 years for most students Application: Required Pre-requisites: intermediate-level musicianship Tuition: $2100 + $175 application fee. Limited financial aid available. Tuition-education for Life-experience Upon Completion: Certified Music Practitioner® Contact: Melinda Gardiner, RN, CMP, at Music for Healing and Transition Program, Inc (MHTP), PO Box 127, Hillsdale, NY 12529 Phone: 518-325-5546 Email: mhtp@mhtp.org Website: www.mhtp.org


ThetaHealing is an amazing tool for instantaneous healing/manifestation and profound, lasting shifts in the perception and experience of life. Connect with Creator (theta brainwave state), identify “roots” of issues quickly, discover information the conscious mind blocks and witness miraculous changes! ThetaHealing occurs at cellular/DNA levels - Core/Genetic/History/Soul beliefs are changed and missing emotional states accessed. Connect with ancestors, angels, guides, soulmates effortlessly... anyone can do it! ThetaHealing is Life-Changing... are you ready?! Classes include: BasicDNA, Advanced, Manifestation & Abundance, Rainbow Children (July 14-17). Classes are conducted on a regular basis. Call regarding hosting a class and discounts. Individual sessions via phone/skype/in-person. Additional classes & services. Go to www.healingfromwithin. org for more details.

Begins: Ongoing Length of Program: Depends upon specific Certification Course Application: Required Pre-requisites: Depends upon course Tuition: Course specific Upon Completion: Certification Contact: Janet Hensenne-Rosiak, Healing From Within, 9 Killington Court, Erial, NJ 08081 Phone: 856-435-2713 Email: dragonfly.girl@comcast.net Website: www.healingfromwithin.org

Usui Reki & Karuna Reiki

Usui Reiki is for Phyical, Mental and Emotional Wellness. Myra Reichel teaches all levels of Usui Reiki with Original Usui Teachings including Mantras and Meditations, Reiki I Shoden to Usui Reiki Shinpiden Master-Teacher. Also all levels of Karuna Reiki for Cellular, Abuse History, and Karma Clearing I, II, and Master-Teacher. Reiki Master-Teacher students audit and teach classes at the RHC. See our website for details.

Begins: Ongoing Length of Program: Varies based on desire Tuition: Pricing varies, Reiki I is $300 Financial Aid: For unemployed and disabled Upon Completion: Each level earns a Certificate Pre-requisites: Each level requires the level below it Contact: Myra Reichel, Reiki Healing Center Mailing: 20 South Olive St., Suite 305, Media, PA 19063 Phone: 610-348-5698 Email: reikireichel@earthlink.net Website: www.reikihealingcenter.org

Yoga Teacher Training 200 & 500 Hour Programs

Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies, the area leader in Yoga Teacher Training, is affiliated with Lourdes Health Systems. LIWS is a registered Yoga Alliance School offering 200/500 Hour curriculum including Yoga Techniques & Teaching Methodology, Introduction to Ayurveda, and Yoga Anatomy & Physiolgy. Contact: Frank Pileggi, PhD, RHP, Director, Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies Mailing: 900 Haddon Ave., Suite 114, Collingswood, NJ Phone: 856-869-3134 Email: austina@ lourdesnet.org Website: www.lourdes institute.org


Angel Communication & Healing

Learn how to communicate with the Angels! Receive Divine Guidance for yourself and others in all areas of life. It’s easy. Open/deepen your connection. Learn healing techniques working with the Angels and Archangels... bring their joyful, loving energies into your life now... they’re waiting for you! Classes and workshops are ongoing and by request; 1:1 sessions/readings via phone/skype/in-person. Meditation CDs available.

Begins: Ongoing Length of Program: Varies according to class Tuition: Varies according to class Upon Completion: Certificates for some courses Contact: Janet Hensenne-Rosiak, Healing From Within, 9 Killington Court, Erial, NJ 08081 Phone: 856-435-2713 Email: dragonfly.girl@comcast.net Website: www.healingfromwithin.org


4-week Intensive Course where you will learn 30 Life Changing Principles and will lose 20 to 30 pounds of toxic Water and Fat. Package includes: 4 Lectures, Unlimited Yoga and Meditation and QiGong classes for 30 days, 1 Intro to Pilates, 100 FIR Sauna minutes (10 treatments), 2 ION foot spa treatments and 1 Personal Nutritional Consultation with Morgana.

Begins: July 27, 2011 Length of Program: 30 days Tuition: $599 (a $950 value!) Pre-requisite: Desire to Detox your mind, body and life Contact: Crystal at SanKtuary, 1117 S. Broad St., Lansdale, PA 19446 Phone: 215-393-9642 Email: sanktuary@sanktuaryspa.com Website: www.sanktuaryspa.com

Empowerment, Enlightenment, Healing, Life Coach

Training Programs: Chant-Om, Wow Energy Empowerment and Healing Core Empowerment, and Healing Beyonder Techniques, Success Training, Power Beyond Training, Living an Empowered and Joyful Life Core Empowerment Training, Fountan of Youth Training, Finding Your Path Training, PowerBeyond Levels 1-12, Beyonder Levels 1-12, 12 Levels of En Sof Advanced Teacher 1-12 Finding Your True Path, White Buffalo Self Mastery, Joyful Life Training, Quant-Om Life Coaching, Genius Training, Spiritual Business Success, True Indigo Training, Core Empowerment True Path, Kabbalah Art and Creation Therapy.

Begins: Ongoing programs Length of Program: depends on program Tuition: depends on program Upon Completion: Certificate available for most programs Contact: Todd Stockwell at Quant-Om Center of Light Phone: 734-740-9110 Email: admin@beyond1111.com Website: www.beyond1111.com , www.genesispowersystems.com

Healing Food, Weight, and Body Image Issues

Learn the missing link to finding balance and freedom as it pertains to food, weight and body image. This 6-week, interactive, online, empowering program of self-discovery and true transformation bridges the gap between mind/body nutritional science and soul. The way out is by going within. Info and sign up: www. alekasky.com 845-870-7455

Begins: Ongoing Length of Program: 6 weeks Tuition: $200 Email: alekasky@gmail.Com

Medical Intuition

As your “Intuition Physician”, my passion is reconnecting you to Well Being. I offer online Health eCourses in Holistic Healing, Female Health, Detox, Organic Skin Care, Parenting, and Creativity. I am also available online for private Medical Intuition Counseling and look forward to connecting with you. A classically trained MD, I understand the medical aspects of disease and combine that with open-hearted intuitive information to create a healing plan just for you.

Begins: Ongoing Length of Program: programs range from 1 week to 4 weeks in length Tuition: prices range from $20 to $75 Contact: Laura Koniver, MD Email: heartsong@primary-plus.com Website: www.HeartsongFineArt.com

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