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Matrix Energetics: Limitless Possibilities

by Melissa Joy Jonsson

At first I considered it an accident that I encountered Matrix Energetics. Now I know that there are no accidents and that finding it was really part of my divine plan. My background was in the pharmaceutical industry, first in developing and marketing drugs. I then moved over to medical research, which I thought would be more ethical. What I discovered was that providing drugs to treat diseases was not at all in harmony with my life path.

For seven years I suffered from a debilitating illness that led me on a quest for anyone and anything that could help me. Thus began my journey of exploring alternative health and mind/body medicine. Along the way, a holistic chiropractor told me about Dr. Richard Bartlett, a crazy doctor doing some amazing energy work called Matrix Energetics.

I went to see him at a seminar and, although I didn’t understand what I was seeing, I was very intrigued. All the while, there was a quiet voice inside of me that knew this was something I had been waiting for my entire life. I began to hope that I would be called on stage and perhaps finally be healed, but each time I started to raise my hand to volunteer to interact with Dr. Bartlett, that same voice inside of me said, "Don’t raise your hand. There’s nothing to heal. There’s nothing to fight. Just step into a state of acceptance and grace and see what might show up for you."

Over the course of that seminar weekend, I began to consider the possibility that at some level of my unconscious mind, I had actually created the experience of a debilitating illness so that I could step into a greater awareness of my own integrity. As I contemplated this new and very different way of experiencing my illness, the symptoms of the disease disappeared—and they only returned whenever I wasn’t standing in my own integrity and my own authentic power. The seminar experience was truly life transforming for me.

I think that most of our patterns, conditions and diseases are actually states of confusion. We have forgotten who we are and in the forgetting we feel confused. We think we are physical but that is an illusion. Rather, we are multidimensional beings of consciousness having an experience of itself in the physical realm.

Matrix Energetics is a powerful vehicle for transformation that allows any individual interacting with it to get in touch with their authentic self, step out of that state of confusion, and shift those patterns.

My own experience with Matrix Energetics enabled me to move out of this confusion state and into a state of clarity. Fascinated, I began studying with Dr. Bartlett that same year and with continued practice, my seemingly incurable disease went away. In 2008 I joined Richard on stage as his co-teacher and I now teach with him at every seminar, both nationally and internationally.

What is Matrix Energetics?

We hesitate to define Matrix Energetics because the moment we define it and label it, we limit it. Matrix Energetics has proven to be an amazingly powerful consciousness technology for thousands of people. It is not a technique because there is no one exact way to do it. There is no, "Step A, then Step B, then Step C, resulting exactly in D."

We call it a "consciousness technology" because it interfaces uniquely with each individual and with the patterns of light and information making up each individual. It shows up differently for everyone.

We call it a vehicle for transformation, because it is not something that we, ourselves are doing. We step into the morphic field of Matrix Energetics together and we allow for the information to interact differently with us as individuals.

Attending a Matrix Energetics Seminar

There is a very deliberate process that takes place during the seminar weekend. Since our presentation is tailored uniquely to those that attend, we never know precisely how that process will unfold. We do know that it always shows up in such a way that we accomplish everything at each seminar.

A focus of every seminar is learning how to access the powerful field of the heart where manifestation begins. We will teach you how to do a technique we call the "Two Point." This is a measuring tool that supercharges our ability to notice where we can plug into the grid of the "All That Is." To this we add Time Travel, which can enable us to travel backward and forward in time through the field of the heart and through consciousness. Next we will teach you how to access Parallel Universes (or Selves – there really is no difference) to find other aspects of yourself that you have not moved into alignment with and pull them into your reality now.

Building upon Parallel Universes, we move on to Archetypes, which my mind likes to refer to as "hemispheric synchronization," or where we can connect the right brain and the left brain. Archetypes, being symbolic in nature, are the language of the right brain and they make a multitude of solutions available to us in an incredibly fun way.

In addition, we will teach you the 21 Universal Healing Frequencies that are thought to govern healing in the human species. All you really need to know to work with the 21 Frequencies is how to count to 21. They are self-intelligent and they do all of the work! We then add to the fun by teaching modules and templates to access specific fields of information.

While we do have a specific curriculum that we present to you throughout the weekend, it may not flow in that particular order. It will go in precisely the order that is perfect for you as seminar participants.

Melissa Joy Jonsson (San Diego) is the Co-Teacher and Executive Director of Matrix Energetics, a consciousness technology founded by Dr. Richard Bartlett.

For an upcoming seminar near you, visit http://www.matrixenergetics.com.

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