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Whitney's Whirl: Your Weekly Horoscope for Sept. 26 - Oct. 2, 2011

by Whitney Boyd

NEW MOON on September 27, 2011, 7:09 a.m., at 4 degrees of Libra. A New Moon is great for putting together a wish list of things that you truly desire. As this New Moon is in the sign of Libra, it rules all things ruled by Libra, such as love, art, creativity and relationships. Make out your list and include things wish are closest to your heart.

The stellium of planets, Mercury, The Sun, Venus, Saturn and Juno, all in Libra brings together a focus on relationships, and if you want to buckle down or break away. With the opposition to Uranus in Aries, it will be hard not to break away. The best way to handle this kind of energy is to just wait it out, so by mid October you won't feel like it's my way or the highway.

The North Node in Sgittarius brings in the energy to travel or perhaps to return to an educational pathway. With the Part of Fortune in Virgo lining up with the New Moon, we should find ourselves involved on a new pathway.The Sun Biquintiles (BiQuintile, as aspect that is 144 degrees that allows the two planets involved in the aspect to draw upon your inner creative work.

With the Sun Biquintile Neptune you will see how art, music and religious beliefs can be expressed openly this week. This is a week when our imaginations can run wild, but in a tremendously successful way.

Jupiter this week bringing business opportunities that interest, and suit us. We will all enjoy the professional advancements that can find us as Jupiter opens doors for us.

With Mercury Biquintile Jupiter as well others see you as a very brilliant minded individual who can easily express yourself and ideas. This works especially well for those of you who are creative in nature, song writers, even those who are performers as Mercury will enjoy the Biquintile aspect as it will help you to retain details. It will help you if you have something precise to say to someone. You will be able to pull the words together and express them eloquently.

The Sun Biquintiles Neptune which further assists those who are in the creative world to appreciate different artistic expressions. You will enjoy seeing how religious beliefs or dreams are expressed through music, art, and maybe life style as well. You will see just how rich your imagination is this week, so call upon it to create some upcoming holiday cards or any other creative work. This is a week to enjoy this energy.

Professional and business environments suit you well. You enjoy the progressive, creative, enterprising, outgoing, lively life style that participating in a progressive or professional activity brings you.

ARIES: A stellium (group) of planets in Libra is opposite Uranus in Aries making your normal down to earth attitude unsettled in dealing with others. With your ruler, Mars in Leo, Sextile this stellium, it will help to offset the Square from Pluto to the Sun. So, although there are remarkable opportunities to get it totally right this week, there is some difficulty with power struggles. A Quincunx from Jupiter to the Sun brings an adjustment between you and your significant other.

TAURUS: A stellium (group) of planets in Libra in your 5th house of love, children, gambling and fun gives you one of the best weeks to enjoy life! Harmony and peace reign; however, the square from the Sun to Pluto puts a damper on a relationship, and you will need to work on keeping that special relationship.

GEMINI: A stellium (group) of planets in Libra in your 6th house of work, service and health brings in an exceptional week where you feel as though you are appreciated at work, while your health care program is beginning to show you just how good you can feel, and just how good you can look! It's beginning to get easier, and the Square from the Sun to Pluto gives you a powerful surge of energy to keep working out; I can hear the applause for you!

CANCER: A stellium (group) of planets in your 4th house of home and family, puts focus on relationships and family members. The opposition from Uranus to the Sun says it will be difficuilt to keep relationships on a smooth track. While Libra wants balance and peace, Aries is self centered. With Mars in Leo (ego disputes) Quincunx Pluto, there will be power struggles. The New Moon on Tuesday is part of the struggle so write on your New Moon Wish

LEO: With Mars in Leo in your 1st house it will be hard to keep your ego in check, but it is essential. The Sun in Libra with a stellium of planets opposite Uranus in Aries could provoke an all out war...someone wants peace, someone is egocentric and wants their way out. Neptune in your 7th house shows that there is a fog bank in understanding your partner, so this is not the best week for love. Jupiter in Taurus in your 10th house of career, suggests you allow your talents to pave the way.

VIRGO: A stellium of planets in your 2nd house of income and values brings money your way, but it could disappear as quickly as it came with Uranus in Aries in opposition. Mars Quincunx (adjustment) Pluto throws a struggle your way in love, so don't let your ego get in the way. With Jupiter in your 9th house of legalities, there is protection and promise of financial blessings, but a little later when Jupiter goes direct.

LIBRA: With the Stellium in your 1st house all in Libra you have a lot of emotions to deal with this week. With the Sun opposite this in Aries, someone could be very testy and self centered so keep the peace, if you can. Your 11th house Mars in Leo makes a Quincunx (Adjustment) to Pluto in your 4th of home, and family, so there may be family squabbles and power struggles this week. Partners are edgy at best, and Jupiter in your 8th house could bring some financial blessings your way.

SCORPIO: Your two rulers, Mars and Pluto form a Quincunx (Adjustment) this week so expect some power plays and ego clashes. This may happen in your job environment, so try to keep the peace this week. With Jupiter in your 7th house of partners, someone may be stubborn as well as by your side.

SAGITTARIUS: Your ruler, Jupiter, helps you out in your career this week; however, there is a Quincunx (Adjustment) from your 9th house of legalities to Pluto in your 2nd house of income. Keep egos in check, and it will serve you not to clash. Love may seem crazy this week, as the Sun in Aries keeps you feeling egotistical and eager, and the stellium (group of planets) in your 11th house of hopes, income & wishes, keeps you at odds with someone. Jupiter in Taurus, picks up a gifted beat in your 6th house of work, so don't forget your creativity or MJ.

CAPRICORN: The Stellium (group) of planets fills your 10th house of career, and blesses your life with career opportunities that are more than exciting! With Uranus in Aries, opposite this stellium, you may have to leave your home and go to work someplace else where your talents are appreciated. Breaking away from the past may not be easy but it will bless you financially as well as romantically

.AQUARIUS: The stellium (group) of planets fills your 9th house of legalities and long distance travel with controversy. WIth Uranus opposite the stellium, your day to day activities may get somewhat chaotic. Mars in Leo Quincunx (adjustment) to Pluto in your 12th house, brings you a difficult struggle between you and someone you care about. Keep egos under control or you may regret it.

PISCES: The Stellium (group) of planets is in 8th house of shared values, and opposite your 2nd house of income so you may choose not to do business With Mars in Leo Quincunx (Adjustment) Pluto in your 11th house, of hopes and wishes, you will find that you have a new view of who you want for a friend or valued dream. Someone new may want to share their life with you, but with Uranus in Aries Opposite the Sun, it will be difficult to make that so.

Whitney Boyd resides in Kittery, Maine and works doing professional Astrological readings at Scallops Sea Shell Emporium in downtown Portsmouth, N.H. Whitney will also work with your angels and guides, and others who have passed over to bring you information and messages. She is also a Tarot card reader, and offers upcoming classes in Psychic Development and Learning to Read the Tarot. Call 603-205-2001 for upcoming class schedules or to book an in person reading. You can also come to Scallops at 65 Daniel Street, in Portsmouth, N.H. beside The Press Room, and across from the main Post Office building. You can call Scallops at 603-431-7658

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