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At The Crossroads

by Diana Harris

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of Wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of Belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of Hope...” Charles Dickens

We are living those times now. Our world seems to be, at times, turning upside down. We are living in a society that assigns value to material things and external shows of powers – yet seems to neglect the needs of the heart and the wisdom of the soul. This has been a slow and degenerating ailment. We have been programmed to value ourselves based upon our accumulation of things. To exacerbate the issue, we define ourselves by the feedback from our external environment which speaks to us predominantly in the voice of judgment and lack. These dependencies cause an internal disconnect between our hearts and minds.

Because we have disconnected from our true selves – it is easy to believe that we are separate from others, nature, and the world. It is as if we have forgotten that all of life is interconnected. Humanity has grown increasingly fearful because we are no longer at home within ourselves. It stands to reason that we would, also, not be at home in the world that we live in. Over the centuries – these feelings have created a self-fulfilling prophecy for man. The reality that humanity built is that our world is an unsafe place for us. Through the eyes of fear, everything and everyone (other cultures, creeds, customs, socio-political systems, different species, nature etc…) became suspect. This is when the inner struggle became the external fight for control and supremacy over people, resources, and nature. Around the globe – this scenario of fear continues to be perpetuated. We have fed our fears much and our Hearts not enough. The Heart cannot be nourished with things or with false power – it requires Love. We are now at a crossroads.

Each of us has been given a tremendous opportunity and responsibility. We (humanity) carry the aspirations and hopes of our forebears within our cells. Their dreams were of a better world for us because their souls knew that it was possible in this timeframe. What have we done and what will we do with our time here on Earth? What will be our contribution to the ongoing story of Humanity? How will we be remembered? What mark on Mother Earth will we leave? These are but some of the questions that Heaven will ask us when we return Home. I believe that if we, as individuals, stopped to ask ourselves these questions regularly - we would likely choose to live and respond to life much differently. The questions and our responses to them represent the greater Truth of how well we are fulfilling/living our individual and collective soul purpose. If we allowed ourselves the process of checking in with our Souls - the patterns and thoughts that don't support our evolution would begin to break up in the light of day.

Life is a process of Becoming. Those words hold great hope for us individually and collectively, if we allow ourselves to take in their meaning. These recent months have further exposed what is broken in our values, politics, policies, ethics, and treatment of fellow human beings. Individually, we may have sometimes felt disconnected or split off from ourselves and our environments. This time is called the intersection between present, past, and future.

What does this mean and what can we do? We are still finishing up lessons and saying goodbye to some "ghosts in the closet". We have an opportunity to give up the habits, thoughts, and deeds that undermine us and hold us back. Be willing to venture into your painful places. Forgive self and others. Accept the gift and the learning from each experience. Let the rest go.

Situations or events in our lives may arise now that ask us whether we understand our Purpose. Do we know why we make the choices we make? How do we operate in or move through the world? We are asked to expand our focus beyond our own "self-interest". Our personal actions do matter, more than ever, and have a ripple effect on the whole. Now is a good time to re-examine how we harmonize our needs and our Purpose so that we may collaborate with others on common goals. The current energies support this process of personal inquiry and encourages us to play a bit, as well. This combination of self- inquiry and play rekindles our inner fire enabling us to step into the next phase more grounded and authentic.

As we embark upon our personal journeys - we are asked to open our Hearts so that a Greater Truth may enter. Hold faith in our ability to re-create our lives and create happiness even in the midst of challenge. When our Hearts are open - we know who we are. We are in touch with ourselves and with the world. We know that each of us are here to make a difference in our own unique way. And, when we join our Hearts together - we generate a Love that is 10 times the sum of its parts.

Lastly, to counteract the current fear and anger energy that is impacting the collective, it is important that each of us take time each day to reconnect to the Heart of Life. This individual act of “Compassion for Self” will provide us the clarity required to better navigate through the challenges of this time. As we individually begin to treat ourselves with compassion by allowing time for “reconnection” – we feel empowered to interact with the world more compassionately. The circuits between the heart and mind will begin to heal and regenerate. Information will flow more easily. In time, the voice of fear will subside as we learn to allow the voice of Truth to speak. Our vision will clear. We will see that we are connected to the whole. Getting in touch with ourselves enables us to understand the world around us. As we allow ourselves to trust and reconnect to Truth, we become better equipped to shape-shift a new, more equitable, and compassionate World.

God created the Earth round to remind us that all of Life is Connected! ~ Diana


Diana Harris is a nationally recognized intuitive counselor/psychic medium, healer, and teacher. She has a deep connection to Mother Earth and incorporates her wisdom into her practice. Diana has a passion for the written word. Her short stories were most recently featured in the book, Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional Love, Feb 2011. She is currently working on two book projects. Visit her website and blog at: http://www.sacredspiraldance.com

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