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Ask the Astrology Guy

by Reverend Jeff Pica

Dearest Astrology Guy,

I have had it pretty rough for the last several years. I am happy that Uranus finally moved out of Pisces, but supposedly my geographical karma is quite bad here on the west coast (I'm currently residing in Southern California). So how can I find somewhere in the world--anywhere is better than here!--to reside, according to my chart?

I was born at 6:18 pm on February 9, 1970 in Portland, Oregon.

I just started a new business, which should allow me to work anywhere with an Internet connection.

Thank you!


Hi David,

Astrocartography focuses on various life conditions, as symbolized by the planets, that influence you according to location by casting your birth chart across a map of the world. It was first was developed by astrologer Jim Lewis.

David, on your astrocartography (AC) map, the planet Neptune crosses right through Southern California. Traditionally, Neptune locations are where ideals are pursued, spiritual progress is made, and the arts, especially photography, are favored. There is always another side to every planet, and people can also experience the other side of Neptune with self deception, illness and strain. However, Neptune in your natal chart in the fourth house is very stressed, making a square aspect to Venus and to your Ascendant/Descendant axis, which rules your body, yourself, and your relationships. With Neptune making these aspects in your natal chart, I feel there's an element or elements from your childhood, within your family, that caused you to feel as an adult that the world is a harsh place to live in. Therefore, for you, this tension, consciously or unconsciously, is felt in Southern California. For this reason, according to your AC map, you will also feel this way in the European cities of Lisbon, Oslo, and London.

In your natal chart, your North Node, a point that symbolizes what area in this lifetime to pursue that will lead to soul growth is in the seventh house of marriage. To be in a relationship in this lifetime, to share, to compromise, to love will advance your growth and counter the more selfish, "me" oriented way of life of your last incarnation, as evidenced by your South Node in the first house. Your North Node on your AC map crosses through Santa Fe, NM and Denver, Colorado.

The Sun on your AC map, where you would shine most and can find self actualization crosses through Anchorage, Alaska. Negatively, if you come across as too strong to others under the Sun's influence, you might be viewed as arrogant or self serving.

The Moon crosses over Port au Prince, Haiti, on your AC map, where you can be nurturing, and take on roles that are sensitive and caring. Negatively, you can become over sensitive and emotionally dependent.

Mercury on your AC map crosses Hawaii, where talking, writing, and all forms of communication are emphasized. On the flip side, there's the danger of being too rational and superficial.

Love and relationships are found under Venus, along with beauty and appearance. On your AC map, Venus crosses through Alaska. Superficiality and objectification are the negatives of Venus.

Mars, where you can express yourself physically and find your strength crosses Boston, MA. Coming on too strong, conflict, being rash or inflexible are the dangers of Mars.

Uranus brings excitement, rebellion, and independence and crosses over New York City on your AC map. Constant change and an inability to settle down are the dangers of Uranus.

Pluto crosses New Orleans, LA, where you can find depth, passion, and intensity. A rebirth here is possible. Negatively, you can experience excess, ruthlessness, and an infatuation with power.

Your natal Moon and Mars receive a harsh aspect from Uranus, and as already mentioned, your natal Venus receives a harsh aspect from Neptune. However, your natal Mercury, Pluto and Midheaven (cusp of career house) all blend together to form a highly beneficial aspect called a Grand Trine, where the energies of these planets all flow in harmony, so perhaps spending time between Hawaii and New Orleans is best.

I hope you can use this to express your best potentials David!


Reverend Jeff Pica has been a professional Astrologer for over 25 years. He began his study of Astrology with two years of private tutoring and then became a student of the New York Astrology Center. He gives private Astrology readings, teaches Astrology and lectures on Metaphysical topics. He’s a certified Psychic Medium and Reiki Practitioner with the American Board of Holistic Practitioners and an Ordained Spiritualist Minister, which gives extra depth to his Astrology readings. He’s also a founding member of the Spiritualist Church of NYC.

Please address questions to AstrologyGuy@aol.com with Astrology Question as the subject.

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