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Addictions Vanish In Her Presence

SHE is Legendary for Manifesting Miracles

by Robert Barry

Rhonda Lenair, prophet, luminary and renowned medical intuitive is revered and loved by the tens of thousands of people whose addictive behaviors, obsessive thoughts, stress, anxiety and other resistant conflicts have disappeared in her presence, thus she has become known and sought as one of the greatest living healers of our time.

She is legendary for producing a ‘predictable miracle’ for thousands of her clients through the Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE) since 1987, whereby their addictions effortlessly disappeared free of pain, withdrawals, treatments or any therapies. Like so many, this happened for Norm M. of Massachusetts. He states, "SHE is a true miracle that freed me from horrific alcoholism 13 years and 7 months ago. I am now free to travel around the world and live the life of my dreams."

People have traveled from almost every continent to seek her unique abilities and have sent for her help from far away lands, one amongst being the late King Hussein of Jordan.

Ironically, the phenomenon that manifests in her presence that’s referred to as a ‘predictable miracle’ whereby people’s struggles, urges, and negative issues vanish, is a mere byproduct of the Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE) she offers and not the objective. The objective is to attain the sanctity of inner peace and the promise is to be instantly enlightened with your highest power. Many people seek what SHE offers to overcome their addictions, obsessions and compulsions, but soon come to realize it is a small fraction of what they actually receive as they are centered within what’s whole within and holy past definition.

" … By hearing pure truth, one is purified within pure truth that frees

knowledge they hear and pre-destined to be …"

Scores of testimonials from indebted clients who depict their miraculous healing stories fill books in the healing centers’ waiting rooms and website pages ... and the subsequent miracles that unfold and manifest long after the experience has ended. Losing one’s addiction in almost an instant is life changing, but the way that SHE truly metamorphoses one’s life, leaves one in awe of their Self(s) – the nonphysical representation of all life physical.

When clients frequently liken what SHE offers to the representation of Buddha, Christ and Yogananda, she states, "I am not the prophet or godly presence you meet but only reflect what’s divine within your Self(s) image and voiced reflection." And as the great healers before her, her own evolution emerges. Her profound capacity to be love and reflect non-judgmental, opinion-free truth, frees the inner chains and internal prison’s people struggle with.

The late Tree Borden, a psycho-therapist from the Boston area, sent 75% of her clients to Rhonda not just to overcome their addictive ills but to attain inner peace; she understood the power of this sacred work. She said of Rhonda, "Rhonda Lenair is more than a pioneer in the field of energy healing and addictions; she is a conduit to purity of the ethereal world, a place where only clarity and goodness exist. Rhonda has worked with my clients on addiction and trauma issues, eradicating them and leaving an open space for love of themselves. I have seen those who have struggled for years with alcohol and food issues leave them behind." Tree added, "Rhonda Lenair is a prophet who is a healer. She is the highest part of our selves."

The Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE) is available in-person and via phone. The magnitude of what miraculously occurs is individually pre-destined by the life and/or lives that are before her and she becomes one with.

Hyla Cass, M.D. psychiatrist, best-selling author and expert in Integrative Medicine said, " ... Rhonda’s hands-on healing work is remarkable in its ability to eliminate alcoholism. Rhonda is a ‘doctor of energy medicine’, encompassing all areas/branches of medicine. Energetically able to detect problems on all levels, she acts as the human equivalent of an MRI, CAT scan or diagnostic lab. Moreover, she becomes the client’s voice, beyond the usual constrictions of time and space. She knows deeply and expresses accurately what has happened, is happening, and what is pending within a person systemically and beyond physical boundaries."

People transcend the pain and prisons within what existed and are set free. What is obstructed and resides within the confines of many problems and traumas becomes unobstructed through this divine and sacred encounter.

When in Rhonda’s presence you feel the love that emanates from her as you receive your Self(s).

For further information about the sacred work of Rhonda Lenair, visit www.lenair.com and www.lenair.com/sanctuary. For your no obligation information packet, call toll-free, 1.888.412.8392. And visit our News & Events page to learn about our upcoming December 18th Telexperience.

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