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Whitney's Whirl - Your Weekly Horoscope For November 21-27, 2011

by Whitney McClough

This week we have a partial New Moon Solar Eclipse at 2 37 degrees of Sagittarius at 1:10 a.m. It will be well worth the money invested in an Eclipse report to see if and where this energy might hit your natal birth chart, and your life. An Eclipse Report is only $25.00, well worth the price to know the effects of these events. Be aware, and ready to face whatever comes your way.

A Solar Eclipse in the early degrees of Sagittarius, falls over Washington, DC. The ruler of the eclipse is Jupiter as it is the ruler of Sagittarius, but Mercury is the chart ruler as the ascendant is Mercury ruled Virgo. Mercury also rules the Midheaven and US natal Mars and Uranus. So, we will all feel a strong need to understand, communicate and perhaps travel as well. There is a trine to Uranus and a Quincunx aspect to Jupiter, in a square aspect with Mars.

With the energy of this Eclipse, we can easily open our minds to new ideas. It brings vision, inspiration, and more understanding in our lives. So, open your Mind! This Solar Eclipse which we are feeling right now and coming to a peak on November 25 2011 brings vision, inspiration, and deeper understanding into your life and on the planet everywhere.

Something or someone can alter your perspective this winter, so no matter what the outer circumstances are, you are breaking the confines of your old negative feelings of apathy, boredom, or hopelessness. Your mind is opening up to ideas and possibilities never before realized. The liberation from mediocrity is beginning.

Uranus, the planet that releases magnetic vibrations, is in a powerful aspect (trine) to this Solar Eclipse this November. We are actually feeling it already, and have been for awhile. A great idea would be to put on some inspirational music or an inGo put on your most inspiring DVD. Then use your mind, and Mercury to write things down. Write down whatever comes in. Ask your guardian angel some questions, and sit in peaceful meditation for awhile, and then write down your answers. It's a great way to get answers at any time, not just now.

Some of the best ideas might be to write down or create your vision board. What do you desire to materialize? Whatever it is, create it on your vision board, a new project, a new creative side to yourself? Do you need or desire new friends or someone to share your life and love with? A great idea would be to simply ask what you are on this planet for, and what you need to know. Be sure to ask someone upstairs to answer you. Call on Archangel Michael if you need help.

Write down your ideas and what you want to change or develop. Write down the changed outcome in detail with your favorite music playing. This will surely help to create the vision of your future

Believe that your wishes are being heard and responded to, because they are. This is incredibly important work under this Eclipse, and brings in major, and fortunate events. As long as you are programming your future, and using powerful affermations such as I now have the money I desire to purchase the new car that I need and desire, you set the energy loose to make it happen. You can add as many items to your vision board as you desire, but think them through carefully and completely. And, then sit in quiet contemplation, and see them happening. We are dealing with very powerful energy now so create with wisdom.

ARIES: The New Moon Solar Eclipse falls in your 9th house of higher education, travel, future planning and legal activities. With the Trine from the Eclipse to Uranus in Aries in your 1st house, you have the power to take this energy and turn it into a blessing from which you can greatly promote yourself.

TAURUS: The New Moon Solar Eclipse falls in your 8th house of shared finances. The energy of the trine from the Eclipse to Uranus in Aries gives you a new idea that will set your afire with new plans and activities. Your ruler, Venus, Sextiles Neptune, bringing the best side of creativity.

GEMINI: The New Moon Solar Eclipse falls in your7th house of partners, be it business or marital, and makes a Sextile to Uranus in Aries in your 11th house of social events. Be sure to go out and mingle as this will bring someone new and charming into your life. You might just keep this person around.

CANCER: The New Moon Solar Eclipse falls in your 6th house of health, and service. The Sextile to Uranus in Aries will harness a new power packed exercise program, and help you shed pounds and build muscle. A new career is sure to blast you with surprising ideas, and better income.

LEO: The New Moon Solar Eclipse falls in your 5th house of love, art, and play. This dynamic energy of the Sextle from this point to Uranus in Aries is sure to explode with a new dynamic creative force that supports new income and your talents.

VIRGO: The New Moon Solar Eclipse falls in your 4th house of home and family while the Sextile from this point to Uranus in Aries in your 8th house suggests that a mortgage or short sale is going to help you find your dream house.

LIBRA: The New Moon Solar Eclipse point falls in your 3rd house of on line classes, and daily activities while offering a great opportunity to educate yourself, and perhaps study law. Take advantage of this as you will have support from someone who cares or you will meet someone to love.

SCORPIO: The New Moon Solar Eclipse point falls in your 2nd house of income, finances and things you treasure. Take advantage of this power packed opportunity to increase your income and blaze a new path into your future by being adventuresome and entrepreneurial. This will change your life in a marvelous way.

SAGITTARIUS: The New Moon Solar Eclipse point falls in your 1st house of self expression, and with the trine to Uranus in Aries in your 5th house of creativity, you will find that your creativity simply pours out of you, and keeps coming too. With Mercury and Venus conjunct in Sagittarius as well, writing, singing and talking to those on the other side is very prominent now.

CAPRICORN: The New Moon Solar Eclipse point falls in your 12th house of behind the scenes activities , and with the trine to Uranus in Aries in your 4th house, you will find that your home may become the haven you need to create a new start. The Quincunx from the eclipse point in Sagittarius to Jupiter in your 5th house of creativity

AQUARIUS: The New Moon Solar Eclipse point falls in your 11th house of income, social events, dreams and wishes. The trine to Uranus in Aries in your 3rd house creates a plethora of creative ideas, classes, and a new daily agenda to keep you moving forward. Jupiter in your 4th house brings a home base from which to launch classes, and anything that showcases your talents.

PISCES: The New Moon Solar Eclipse point falls in your 10th house of career. The trine to Uranus in Aries points to a new and vibrant side of yourself being projected, and accepted by your life audience. There are financial blessings in this so push the creative side of yourself, and enjoy the rewards.

Whitney McClough lives in Kittery, Maine and works at Scallops Shell Emporium in down town Portsmouth, New Hampshire at 65 Daniel Street, across from the main post office building. You can call Whitney directly at 603-205-2001, or at Scallops at 603-431-7658. Whitney is a professional Astrologer, having written the Whirl for many years along with offering psychic readings. Whitney also works as a medium, and works on finding missing children.

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