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Predictions for the Chinese New Year

by Raphael Simons

The Chinese lunar new year always starts on the second new moon after the winter solstice. The new moon of January 23rd, 2012 starts the year of Water Dragon.

Chinese astrology is read from the signs of the year, month, day, and hour. The sign for the year is Water Dragon; the sign for the first month this year is Water Tiger; the sign for the first day this year is Water Sheep; and the sign for the first hour of the new year in China is Metal Monkey, in western Europe is Fire Dragon, and in the US is Water Ox.

The element count for the new year chart in the US is 7 Water, 3 Wood, 2 Fire, 4 Earth, and 1 Metal. The element count for the new year chart in western Europe is 6 Water, 4 Wood, 3 Fire, 4 Earth and 0 Metal. The element count for the new year in China is 6 Water, 3 Wood, 2 Fire, 4 Earth and 2 Metal. The charts for the entire world show a strong over-balance of the element Water, strongest in the US. Because of the over-balance of Water, the vital element for the year for the world is Wood. Cultivating the qualities of Wood is how we can best handle the energy of all that Water. The virtues of Wood are planning and deciding. The relationship of Water to Wood tells us that the best we can do this year is to produce, and to be mindful of business and creative work. This is a year to be productive. The charts all favor independent professions, technical professions, and entrepreneurial ventures. Wood element rules writers, artists, strategists, designers, people in information fields, all technical fields, computer engineering, website designing, architectural design and decor, graphics, public relations, media, travel, telecommunications, radio, television, the music and recording industries, the film and animation industries, photography, lighting, textiles, paper, lumber, furniture, the building trades, contracting, printing, sign making, translation services, sports-related industries, and internet business.

The strongest element in the charts is Water. Water points to will power. This year supports focused will power as the way to overcome fear. Go forward with the force of running water. It is a good year for making changes in business, and, for many, if you are not moving house, to rearrange your home; the year calls for refreshment and renewal.

The chart for western Europe has no Metal element. This points to challenges coming up in the second half of the year. No Metal means weak of boundaries. The EU is vulnerable. The situation there is fraught with challenges through the fall and into 2013.

The chart for China has Monkey void in the hour. That means that business in China is not as stable as China might want you to believe. It also means that China is not in as strong a position this year as they might wish to be.

The new year chart has what is called Academic Nobleman Star. It favors people who are intelligent and gentle, and supports great achievements in academic studies as well as in areas of research, and cultural and artistic activities. Academic Nobleman Star offers the people of the world the opportunity to peacefully turn adverse circumstances into favorable ones.

The over-balance of Water in the charts also points to a general tendency in the world to feel fear. The fear will be most pronounced during the first two lunations of the year, from January 23rd to March 22nd, and again through the second half of the year, but especially into the winter from November, 2012 through to February, 2013. Water is fear and trembling. There is coming turbulence in the world, notably in Europe and America. Water element also means a lot of thinking. People are working overtime in their minds more and more. A lot of nervous stress will develop. More and more people will go mad toward the end of 2012 and into 2013. It is a good time for hypnosis for stress management.

The over-balance of Water also points to cold. The next couple of months may be cold, but the period of November through to February, 2013 may become severely cold.

The Shar, or negative direction on space, in the year of Dragon is south. If you sit in your office with your back to the south, or if the head of your bed is on a south wall, you can mitigate the Shar by putting something yellow or orange behind you on the south wall for the year.

In the Chinese 9 Star solar calendar this is called the year of 6 Metal. It favors creative activity. This year, in the solar calendar, we find the Star of Destruction in the southeast. If, when standing in your front door, looking out, you face the southeast, put five pennies under the doormat, either inside or outside the front door, and arrange them in an inverted V formation, the point of the V pointing out the door to mitigate the destructive force coming in this year from the southeast. In addition, the Star of Sickness is in the north this year. If, when standing in your front door, looking out, you face north, put five pennies the same way under the doormat in an inverted V formation to keep your home protected from undue illness this year.

The signs of the year of Water Dragon bring the following general fortunes to the other signs. If you know the signs of your day of birth, you can read the fortunes for both your year and day of birth.

For Rat this will be a lively year. You are attracting others. This will work positively for you personally as well as professionally. Romance is in the offing. The year favors traveling, moving house, changing your work, and rearranging your home. Go after your financial prospects with confidence, and, even if you are in a romantic relationship, take needed time out for your plans and moves. You are in the lead, and need to act independently. You may have a lot to do with friends and family this year.

For Ox this year favors spending time alone, getting in touch with your own thoughts, managing your stress levels, and working creatively. It is best to act in the spirit of Aikido so that you yield to outside pressures as a way turning undesirable confrontations away and protecting yourself. Use money conservatively. Don't take any undue risk. Be cautions about others coming to you with demands. While you are sharp and smart, you may need to reflect on how some people can rob you, not only of money, but of your time and energy. Don't cling.

For Tiger this is a year for traveling, moving house, changing conditions at work, and rearranging your home. There is nothing you can't figure out and solve by using your quick mind. People will come to your aid when needed. The year strongly favors creative activity and entrepreneurial ventures. If your work is in the areas of service, tourism, art, music, theater, or any other talent related professions, this promisses to be a fruitful year.

For Rabbit something comes to an end this year, be it a relationship or an old condition that is no longer working. The year strongly favors sorting out your situation. Someone, or some people, will be there to help you when or if you need them. Your ability to figure things out will turn adversity to your advantage. This year favors taking better care of your health, and looking into the future. You are in a strong position, and are able to take the lead expecially where and when you act independently. You will have luck in areas of entrepreneurship and where you express your creative talents. Take advantage of whatever discord you feel this year by looking forward. This is a good year to learn something new.

For Dragon a battle fought is a battle won, but don't beat yourself up along the way. The year will be particularly dynamic and challenging for those of you born in 1976, the year of Fire Dragon. This year will get off to a good start if you initiate changes early; the early bird catches the worm. The year favors changes at work, moving house, and rearranging your home. It also favors putting money away. This really is the year for you to face odds and take the lead; others will look up to you. People will be making demands on you. At the same time, if you take the initiative, you will be more successful in love.

For Snake this year may be winding down something that has taken a long time to develop. It is a good year forexploring ways to make changes at work, move house, or rearrange your home. It is good for taking the initiative to search out different money making avenues. You will be better off if you dont fall back on the same old thing. Someone is be there for you if you need help. On the other hand, be cautious and use your sharp intelligence to protect yourself against being taken unfair advantage of, or being robbed, either of your money, time, or energy. Not everyone is to be trusted. Pay attention to your health too. The year favors using divination to look into your future. You may be developing a romantic interest.

For Horse restless as you naturally are, this year's signs don't advise taking off and making any undue changes. New people are coming your way, at least one with romantic intentions, whether you want to become involved or not. And, even if you are already in a relationship, you may find being alone the welcome change. The year strongly favors paying attention to yourself, taking care of your health and taking time out to look into what you want to created toward the future. Professionally, the year advises staying on even keel, and keeping the status quo.

For Sheep whatever you yearn for, this is not the best time for making great changes. But, as Dragon is always friendly to Sheep, this year will be ok no matter what you do or don't do. The year advises you to pay attention to what nourishes you, and to put up with with the status quo unless you are determined not to. Money will be fair if you have established a stable pattern in the past. Whatever you have been developing will continue to develop. This is not the easiest year for a relationship, but it doesn't discourage you from developing a relationship; just keep your eyes open. The year does favor developing your talents, doing creative work and being productive.

For Monkey this is a year for self-development. It strongly favors looking into yourself and your future by divination. It also favors developing your talents and working creatively. And while you may attract others, due to your natural charisma, you may feel more inclined to spend time alone with your ideas.

For Rooster this year brings romance. If you are already in a relationship, or if someone new comes along, this year will bring you a lot of pleasure. You also can make plenty of new friends and enjoy yourself with those you already have. It is a good year for social involvements and activities. A Dragon may be particularly interested in you. The year also favors learning new things, doing research, and expressing your talents. If you are an artist, this is a good year.

For Dog this is a challenging year in which you will get the upper hand in the matter especially in the second half of the year. It is a year for you to rely on yourself, to take the lead and hunt for those opportunities you want. Look in new areas. Start something new. A change of scenery will be interesting.

For Pig this year increases your energies. It is a good year for you to take initiative, and, while there are friendly people all around, to act independently. Many people will find you a source of ideas for which reason you may be of much help. Take advantage of your opportunities, especially those coming through people who are interested in what you have to say.

An internationally recognized expert in Chinese astrology and Feng Shui, Raphael Simons has been consulting, teaching, and writing on Chinese astrology and Feng Shui for twenty-four years. Raphael is the author of Feng Shui Step by Step, Feng Shui Strategies for Business Success, and The Feng Shui of Love, published by Crown and Random House, and translated into twelve languages. To find out more about Raphael's work visit www.raphaelsimons.com.

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