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SHE is Primed to Save This World At Large

The Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE) and Rhonda Lenair, its founder, have been saving individual’s lives one at a time through a miraculous and sacred encounter and a ‘predictable miracle’ SHE is legendary for producing, whereby their out-of-control problems and burdens disappear. Over 30,000 have traveled worldwide to receive this ‘predictable miracle’. The phenomenon occurs almost immediately without withdrawals, pain, hypnosis, therapy, or meetings. And the irony is that what occurs is not the objective of the experience but merely a byproduct of what SHE offers.

SHE was not the name of this experience in the early 1980’s when Rhonda Lenair began offering her services solely to health care providers at a Veteran’s hospital north of Boston. Word of mouth quickly spread through the facility that their co-workers’ addictive behaviors and stress-related disorders were disappearing by visiting Rhonda. And she became known as the ‘healer of addictions’. Word continued to spread and in 1994, the late King Hussein of Jordan commissioned Rhonda to assist the Royal family of Jordan.

Over the years, what Rhonda offered then slowly and steadily evolved. Addictions became but a small part of what SHE (the Self(s) Healing Experience and Rhonda) have become today.

Rhonda Lenair is known today as a prophet, luminary, renowned healer, medical intuitive compared to the ‘Sleeping Prophet’, Edgar Cayce, and for the ‘predictable miracle’ she is legendary for producing in-person. And for those that are unable to travel, SHE is offered via phone, which is also a miraculous encounter.

People from all walks of life still travel worldwide to her Healing Centers because no one else in this world offers this experience.

Like Kevin - one of the tens of thousands of lives SHE saved 7 years ago. Kevin arrived purple-faced and shaking, barely able to sign his name. Yet after only one hour, he emerged from his private session calm, blissful and without any withdrawal symptoms from drenching himself with 30 beers a day… Kevin remains sober to this day.

Granted, saving singular lives has a positive effect on our roads, homes, and our communities but it is not enough to save this world at large.

In 1999, Rhonda and her husband, Barry Chalfin Lenair, founded the Lenair Healing Foundation, a 501(c)(3) that has a global mission that is primed to and will save this world at large, called ‘One Self(s) Cause for One Self(s) Peace’. Through a Group Self(s) Healing Experience, SHE offers now and donates to other nonprofits that are committed to saving earth’s plights and her inhabitants.

One Self(s) Cause for One Self(s) Peace (OSCOSP)

As SHE offers and helps the individual at the speed of lightning that results in their addictions disappearing, LHF is now donating what SHE offers through a Group SHE to nonprofits to use to profit from fiscally and gain new supporters. During the experience hundreds and then thousands of causes meet at the same day and time via phone where all become one Self(s)* cause. The affect becomes contagious as more nonprofits accept this gift for their individual causes, and one Self(s) cause that affects our universe.

Last April at the time of the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami, this extraordinary, powerful birth of OSCOSP came through Rhonda. At a time of great destruction on our planet came forth its conception and was received by Rhonda.

Its immediate goal is for any physical barriers that divide and separate life through one’s mind or collective minded dogma,

opinion, geography, religion, philosophy, etc. to be superseded by life’s sameness that is, all life is one Self(s) that lives.

All life through the experience will be equalized by what connects and centers all as one, in one, and within one sanctity of inner peace that lies within all physical life. Thus, what SHE does for one and produces in an accelerated way is magnified per the Group SHE offering to all singular causes that become one Self(s) cause in unison and unity and that together as ‘One Self(s) Cause for One Self(s) Peace’ saves the world.

If you have a nonprofit, support one or would like to support one, I encourage you to visit www.lenair.com to learn more, or call or email Barry Lenair (1.888.412.8392 or barry@lenair.com ) to schedule an appointment or profit through this initiative. www.lenair.com

*Self(s): where all life meets the same.

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