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Transforming Core Wounds into Creative Gems

by Jacyntha Kamor Taylor

Inside your body reside precious creative jewels, miracles of transformation, of creation. These jewels are your seven centers of colorful spinning energy called chakras.

To some of us, we hear the word chakra and it just sounds like an esoteric word that might or might not have something to do with us. But actually, we live in and from our chakras every breathing moment. Our experience of these moving vortexes of energy in the core of our being is intimately familiar. It is how we feel, perceive, and respond to life. Like our body, our chakras are highly intricate and complex, and yet they are simply us! Each chakra has its own way of functioning, much like a physical organ. In fact, you could say they are our spiritual energy organs that affect and govern our bodies, emotions, thoughts, and experiences of our world, the world, the universe, and beyond.

Deep within each chakra is a Divine State, but very often covering that Divine State can be very deep and painful emotional Core Wounds. These Core Wounds get formed and set into our chakras from mild to severe traumatic life events as we are passing through various childhood developmental stages. These deep wounds will then shape how we see and respond to life.

The seven Chakra Core Wounds are as follows:

The Rejection Wound in the Root Chakra

The Abandonment Wound in the Sacral Chakra

The Humiliation Wound in the Solar Plexus Chakra

The Betrayal Wound in the Heart Chakra

The Injustice Wound in the Throat Chakra

The Ignorance or Confusion Wound in the Third Eye Chakra

The Doubt and Disconnection Wound in the Crown Chakra

Core Wounds run the deepest of all life’s wounds and suffering. Even after we have been on a healing and personal growth path, they can linger on or resurface at critical times of change. When faced and healed, we will come to realize that it is these wounds that also motivated us to evolve the most as human beings. And so, denying and repressing these wounds will only keep us away from our spiritual and creative gifts. Accepting and healing them produces miracles.

These Core Wounds run so deep because they come from previous lifetimes. Even though it felt like people and events in this life caused our wounds, they actually only catalyzed, awakened, and triggered them to open up and get played out through this life. So, even though certain individuals acted in ways that impacted us fundamentally, we do not need to continue blaming them when we realize that these Core Wounds were already present when our soul came into our body. Of course each individual needs to take responsibility for their effect on others, but our deepest release begins when we understand that we chose to come into our family system to re-experience, learn from, and heal this particular suffering in this lifetime. These are the essential lessons for our soul’s evolution of consciousness. When we fully commit to the journey of healing Core Wounds in our chakras, we can rediscover the treasures of our original joy and the creative genius of our Divine Nature.

Our original Divine Nature also got covered over as we did our best to cope with pain and to guard ourselves from more suffering. We have all understandably constructed personality defenses which then create the labyrinth of our life’s challenges and obstacles until we learn to release them. While the labyrinth might be difficult, it is not necessarily all bad. When we learn to approach ourselves with more compassion, humor, and creativity, even our wounds and reactions can become part of our great life adventure, our story, and our way to learn, grow, and evolve.

When we begin to heal our Core Wounds we discover that each chakra has an inherent Divine State which is a natural antidote for each wound. When we begin to live more in our chakras’ Divine States, we begin to glow in the natural confidence of our unique essence.

The Seven Divine States are as follows:

Trust and Abundance in the Root Chakra

Sacred Pleasure and Autonomy in the Sacral Chakra

Self-Love and Peaceful Radiance in the Solar Plexus Chakra

Forgiveness and Loving Equanimity in the Heart Chakra

Truth and Dignity in the Throat Chakra

Vision and Wisdom Consciousness in the Third Eye Chakra

Faith and Divine Connection in the Crown Chakra

When you embark on a genuine healing, spiritual evolution, and creative manifestation path, you will discover a profound and comprehensive way to heal the most stubborn and overwhelming issues of low self-esteem, self-doubt, addictions, self-sabotage, poverty, sexual problems, dysfunctional relationship patterns, spiritual skepticism, and more. When held, heard, and healed, these nagging issues become the prima materia, the substance through which you can grow in wisdom and express your unique creative genius. When enough acceptance, healing, and transformation have occurred, constructed personality defenses become malleable and transparent enough to allow the Divine States to shine through your unique soul identity. Living from your essence, you are then free to discover and express your greatest gifts.

Your Core Wounds can become powerful and brilliant creative gems to be shared with the world. I invite you on a rich path of self-discovery in and through the beautiful, unique life story of your chakras! ©

Jacyntha Kamor Taylor is an international energy healer, teacher, spirituality and creativity coach devoted to supporting and empowering her clients to become crystal clear channels for their unique, spiritual and creative genius. Through her channeled Core Wound healing process, clients discover how to achieve their dreams and live in optimal health, deep fulfillment and true joy. Visit www.jacynthakamortaylor.com and sign up for free articles, healing practices, and a free 60-minute session.

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