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Your Weekly Horoscope By Element: May 21-27, 2012

by Elizabeth Joyce


This week we are ready to jump at the possibility of change. From fast and furious to slow and steady, Venus, the planet of Love, has made a complete reversal in Gemini from May 15th through June 27th. This is an important cycle and it affects your finances, value system, and love life. Time to reevaluate your relationships. Gemini asks that you adapt to change of circumstances and open you mind to new ways of thinking. Gemini is the sign of healing, and helps you reach out to others and step up to a higher set of values.

On May 20, Gemini will take control of the cosmic reigns as the Sun changes from the earthy sign of Taurus and into the airy, flighty sign of Gemini, while the Moon, already in the sign of the twins, immediately moves in for a Solar Eclipse. That’s some pretty serious Gemini energy coming together for one day!

So how will this affect you? First, this sign is about communication -- it is ruled by Mercury, after all! Anything that has to do with how you relate to and associate with others will come to the forefront now. This includes your siblings, your neighborhood, and your oldest son. Gemini also likes to do and know as much as possible, without worrying too much about going very deep into any particular subject. That makes this an ideal time to be active and get things done, but also to think outside the box, since you'll have so many random ideas floating through your head at any given moment.

The only thing to keep in mind is that a Solar Eclipse generally has some lesson it wants you to learn, and since the focus here is on Gemini, your life lesson will have something to do with the traits mentioned above. Pay special attention to areas of your life that involve communication, learning, and trying new things.

It's time to party this weekend with the Moon entering feisty and fiery Leo on Friday night, spicing up romantic encounters with exuberance and extravagance. Emotions can feel bigger than life with higher highs and deeper disappointments. But maintaining a playful attitude keeps dramas from getting out of hand and allows love to flow without raising unreasonable expectations.

There is a Lunar Eclipse coming on June 4th, so know that the next two weeks dredges up the bottom of your subconscious for you to see what needs to be worked on as you grow along your Spiritual path. Trust the Universe and know that a deeper part of you is trying to come up to the surface, into your consciousness. Give yourself meditation time, free up some self-reflection time, to allow these energies to rise up so that you can begin to work with them.

Make amends and inner perception adjustments wherever you need to. Keep a journal. Focus on what you want to manifest and experience, Then find practical way to create it. You may begin to see results as you move through June.

The Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Jupiter continues to bring luck to you, but it won't be there for too much longer. If you want to get started on any home-based projects, get a mortgage, buy, or sell, go for it now and tap into your good fortune. Monday's conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter may be the perfect influence you need to talk to your bank manager about a loan or a line of credit. Jupiter will give you a helping hand in this area for a little while longer, so make use of it if you haven't already. After the recent Solar Eclipse in Gemini, you may be reeling from some of the changes. They might encourage you to follow your passion and so put you on the path to success. Mercury moves into Gemini on Thursday, so you Air Signs will be truly in your element. It's time to get up to speed, especially if delays and challenges have held you back lately. You're now back on track and ready to talk your way to success. Jupiter continues to bring luck to you, but it won't be there for too much longer. If you want to get started on any home-based projects, get a mortgage, buy, or sell, go for it now and tap into your good fortune. The focus then shifts and encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and explore new horizons. Travel may be in the cards, as is the possibility of romance. You may want to get out more with the purpose of enjoying life. Get involved with activities are creative and that bring joy to your heart. Let your inner child out to play!

Your Love Week—Air Signs: The talkative planet Mercury flies into Gemini on Thursday to kick up your verbal skills another notch. Being chatty is a gift now, especially with the theatrical Leo Moon dancing into life on Friday night. You're bound to be entertaining as long as you don't take yourself too seriously. Friends can be your key to romantic success. The Moon shifting into courageous Leo puts you in the middle of the social pack. Reconnecting with a buddy from the past is possible with the romantic planet Venus in reverse motion. You might even be able to relight the spark in a relationship that's gone cold or distant. If you want to rediscover the magic of love, take a risk and let your love light shine. This is a perfect planetary setting for teasing, flirting and showing off your sense of humor. The light way is the right way to love.

The Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Monday brings opportunities on the work front, which may mean good news on some level. There is quite a buzz building up in your social life. There may be a few changes to contend with after the recent Solar Eclipse. You might join a new group or find a friend you really get along with. You get more chances to improve your financial situation, so make the most of a special aspect between Mercury and Jupiter on Monday. Meanwhile, the recent Solar Eclipse may have interesting news for you. If you haven't heard it yet, you may get the message once Mercury moves into Gemini on Thursday. Don't rush to resolve issues that may have arisen recently - all will soon become clear. Wednesday and Friday are great for brainstorming, but not so hot for business deals. Later in the week the focus shifts to relationships, especially when Mercury joins Venus and the Sun in Gemini. There is warmth and good feeling, which can help soothe away troubles and bring peace as long as you don't say the wrong thing. However, even if you do, these aspects help you discuss core issues and come out on top. There's plenty of opportunity for flirting and romance, too. Expect an exciting weekend with the brassy Leo Moon on Friday night. You could attract someone who comes on strong, maybe even too strong for your normal taste. But adding more passion to your personal interactions is an essential step to getting the most pleasure possible with your current squeeze or with a new companion. Give your brain a rest and let your fearless heart lead the way. The weekend may bring news that encourages you to think of taking a vacation or perhaps visiting someone in another country. You still have plenty of opportunities to make progress in your career. It's full steam ahead, Fire Signs. Things are looking up. Inspiration flows on Sunday.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs:

It's fun time for you Fire Signs. Demonstrating your feelings more openly may scare off timid people, but it's better to find out sooner than later if they can't match your level of passion. Attention comes your way more easily now but if, for some odd reason, you're feeling ignored, step it up and make the first move to get yourself noticed. Your itch for travel and natural attraction to foreign cultures grows even stronger this weekend. The Moon's move into Leo has you thinking of Faraway Places on Friday night while stirring up your restless spirit. Connecting with someone from a different background or through cultural and educational events is very possible now. Demonstrating your eagerness to learn rather than acting like you already know all the answers makes you a more delightful companion. The Moon enters Leo, kicking your emotions into a higher gear and garnering you plenty of attention. Just make sure that you spread the love around rather than just demanding to have things your way. Sure, your pride can be easily wounded with this lunar placement, but it's no time to hide your heart. This is your chance to shine by being warm and generous with both your words and your actions. Enjoy the Holiday weekend!

The Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The Sun has recently moved into Gemini, and Mercury moves in later in the week. You're more connected to your inner world and so may feel more vulnerable than usual, Water Signs. Don't overcrowd your schedule, but make time to reflect on the past year and what you could have done better, and think about what you'd like to achieve in the future. You may have taken great strides recently by focusing on your career seriously and making a point of promoting yourself. This has boosted your confidence and may have brought extra business your way, as well as connected you to new friends and interests. There's a shift to home and family matters, with plenty of opportunities to entertain, bring family members together, or use your home as a meeting place for activities that interest you. You may be thinking of starting a home-based business, too.

This is your chance to get in touch with your passion. Keep networking, as Jupiter brings lucky opportunities. Be careful on Wednesday and Friday, when there are aspects to Neptune, meaning you may not see a clear picture. Don't spend money on impulse because you may well lose out. Romance is highlighted, too, and adds extra spice to your current relationship. This is a good time for counseling or therapy, if you need it. The focus shifts to financial issues on the weekend, particularly loans, taxes, mortgages, and your partner's finances. You may want to re-organize your debts or any other aspect of your finances that would benefit.

Your Love Week—Water Signs:

Putting more time and attention into your appearance might seem superficial, but the extra effort is likely to boost your confidence. Being your most sociable self can be very helpful to your personal life this week. Assisting others is a great way to help yourself. The lively Leo Moon on Friday night, puts more punch in your personal life because of all the little things you do for others. The Moon’s shift puts you in a leadership role. Use your creative abilities to show others how to have a good time and they're likely to follow. There's no need to expose your doubts openly now when it's your quiet confidence that makes you so intriguing to others. Demonstrating your willingness to support people with a joyous smile on your face could touch an admirer's heart. Your best self shines when you are compassionate and kind in all of your interactions. The flamboyant Leo Moon lights up your resources, inspiring you to spend money on clothes, which are bolder and brighter than your usual style. Taking a subtle or cautious approach now could leave you languishing in the background. Expressing yourself more creatively places you in the spotlight, where others can't help but notice your sparkle. Red or orange are great summer colors, Water Signs!

The Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Your brightest and most practical ideas seem to take shape on Monday. Share them, do research, or talk to key people for best results. An idea may spur you to action, and could be very productive, too. If you've been updating your skill set, you now get a chance to put it all into action in the workplace. The focus shifts to your career goals, so whether you're looking for a job or want a promotion or better deal all round, you'll be eager to research your options and impress the right people. You know how to steer interviews or conversations around to your way of thinking. It all adds up to greater confidence and more success. Expect a gradual shift of focus to finances and financial issues mid-week. You'll be inspired to look for bargains and be a lot savvier about the way you do business. The focus gradually shifts to work, lifestyle, and health issues, especially once curious Mercury moves into Gemini on Thursday. You may be eager to revise your habits and see which work for you and which don't. This is a good time to study anything you need to know about health, work-related issues, and how to function efficiently in life. Be careful on Friday, as you could make a mistake by acting without thinking. The weekend is fun, but you may be inclined to make a few impulse buys. You still have opportunities for romance, creative projects, and relaxed fun. Enjoy the weekend!

Your Love Week—Earth Signs:

Friday's lunar shift into Leo may keep you out of the spotlight this weekend. But you'll probably be more comfortable in a quiet, out of the way place with one discreet individual rather than lost in the midst of a crowd. If your morale is low, seek out an enthusiastic individual who can give it a boost. You don't have to figure out everything on your own when there is someone who will happily support you and your goals. Taking chances is a surer route to romance than playing it safe. When the Moon enters passionate Leo on Friday night, turn up the heat in your personal life with your current partner. If you are single and searching for love, this is a perfect time to connect with an outgoing individual. Do your best to avoid calculating your moves now since acting spontaneously from your heart makes you nearly irresistible. You may find more fun at home than anywhere else this weekend. The dramatic Leo Moon makes your home the place to play. Entertaining with an open heart and a generous spirit can restore romance within your current partnership or make you more captivating to someone new. Stop keeping score or referring to the past if you want to create a more enjoyable future.

Born as one of two sets of identical twins, Elizabeth Joyce has been psychic since birth. Named one of the World’s Greatest Psychics (Citadel Press, 2004), she is a spiritual healer and gives personal psychic readings worldwide. Ms. Joyce is a professional Astrologer, Spiritual Counselor, Energy Healer, Medium and Clairvoyant who interprets dreams and teaches the new energies of the Fifth Dimension. Her TV Appearances include Unsolved Mysteries, Beyond Chance, and The Psychic Detectives. Ms. Joyce’s books Psychic Attack -Are You A Victim, and Ascension—Accessing The Fifth Dimension, are available at Amazon.com. Elizabeth facilitates her own healing classes, using the Divine Seals and Spiritual Chakras from her latest book-Ascension—Accessing The Fifth Dimension WORKBOOK, released Dec. 21, 2011. In 2007 Elizabeth Joyce founded and heads the Bucks County Metaphysical Association, (thebcma.net) a non-profit organization to benefit the charities of Bucks County, PA. Besides traveling extensively, Elizabeth is building a healing center and teaching Intuitive Awareness classes and Fifth- Dimension Spiritual Intensive workshops. She is located in Doylestown (Bucks County), PA. and Mahwah (Bergen County), New Jersey. Please check her website www.new-visions.com for rates and services. For an appointment call 201-934-8986.

Elizabeth Joyce

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