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Your Weekly Horoscope By Element: June 4-10, 2012

by Elizabeth Joyce


June gets off to a rousing start with a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on June 4th. Eclipses have a bad reputation, but because this one occurs in light-hearted Sagittarius, you'll be feeling optimistic. During the six months following this eclipse, important things may happen in your life in the area where Sagittarius affects your chart. Mars is still in Virgo, attracting attention to details, duty, and the need for clear thinking. To gain the greatest benefit from this transit, you have to be as efficient as possible in matters related to Virgo. Be sure to meet all deadlines, and arrive on time for work and your appointments.

The cosmic energies will peak on June 4 when the Sagittarius Moon opposes the Gemini Sun. You'll get a big reminder that, as important as the cerebral focus of last month's Solar Eclipse was, you'd better not forget to tend to your emotional state as well! Adding fuel to the flames, Mars will directly oppose this eclipse, possibly resulting in some rather heated discussions and arguments. Fortunately, if you can channel your energies toward accomplishing important tasks, most of those argumentative energies will dissipate.

Also on the 4th, Mercury and Saturn will work together to ensure that practical matters go off without a hitch and that serious conversations produce useful results.

By June 5, your world will be boiling as Venus and Mars square off against each other, throwing relationship dynamics completely off kilter. One of you will likely end up far too assertive, while the other will try to counter that with an overly submissive attitude. Do whatever it takes to be sensitive to each other's needs, and if you succeed, you may even experience a boost in passion!

Venus is making a rare transit across the face of the Sun on the 5th. Consider how your life force and values are aligned or need realignment. On the worldly level, this can bring new ideas to manifest money or relationships. On the spiritual level, you are realigning to have spiritual purpose be a focal point in your daily life. When you are spiritually aligned with your actions in the mundane world, you receive much more help as compared to feeding the emotionally addictive desires of your personality ego.

The Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You can't get away from meeting, mixing, and connecting with others. This is something you love to do and you're good at. Things heat up even more in the relationship stakes with a Lunar Eclipse in your partnership zone this week. Emotions may be running high and there might be times when you feel like running away. Events may encourage you to think deeply about your love life and what you want out of it. Business partnerships and friendships may also need some consideration. The way you say it can make a difference. Expect a message, or even inspired thought or idea that could be enlightening as well as quite emotional. You could get into a conversation that brings up a lot intense feelings. On the other hand, you may receive information that requires action or a decision. Don't do anything on the spur of the moment if you can help it. Give yourself time to think. This Lunar Eclipse could have a powerful effect on your social life as well. Don't be surprised if feelings come spilling out into the open. Friends may come and go, and this may not necessarily be related to anything that you do or don't do. It could all be a question of timing. Later in the week Mercury moves into Cancer and highlights your lifestyle. It might be time to take a look at your routines and change any that aren't working for you.

Your Love Week—Air Signs:

The key planet, Venus, continues to be in the spotlight this week with both Mars and the Sun pushing boundaries. Socializing can get pretty weird as multiple events or people vie for your attention. Being spontaneous and keeping a level head will help you ride out any rough waves that come your way. A conflict with a lover is likely on Thursday. The Moon in Aquarius can bring your emotions to the surface on Friday. Even if you're uncomfortable revealing your feelings and displaying your needs, these awkward experiences could make you more appealing to others. You're unique and don't have to follow traditional paths to reach your relationship goals. Delighting in a little self-indulgence and some sentimentality makes you softer, sweeter and sexier this weekend. Thursday and Friday can bring super sweet times for you with the friendly Aquarius Moon. This lunar alignment is ideal for showing off your playful nature and creative talents. You're ready to take the initiative in matters of the heart or as a social director for a special event. Finding original ways to express yourself attracts positive attention now, so don't be shy and hide the dynamic parts of personality when everyone is looking your way. Conversations grow more emotionally sensitive as chatty Mercury slips into nurturing Cancer on Thursday. Describing feelings becomes a key to intimacy as the need to speak from your heart overcomes your instinct to rationalize your emotions. The Moon's entry into compassionate Pisces on Saturday brings out your sentimental side. Indulging in fantasy and romance inspires magical moments of closeness.

The Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Hold onto your hat this week as you enter the Eclipse zone. A Lunar Eclipse in the fiery sign of Sagittarius suggests that events may push you to take action sooner rather than later on certain issues. If you feel emotional, then try not to rush into making important decisions. Do what you have to do to make things OK and then wait until the dust has settled. Eclipses tend to encourage you to push through challenges to accomplish your mission and purpose. You'll be guided along the right path. Get ready for a shakeup with this Lunar Eclipse. Your social life is currently very lively, and the chances are good that you may fall in love. But you need to be extra careful about jumping into any relationship at this time. What seems great at the start may be destined to take you on a strange journey. Wait a week or so before you get too involved. Make sure you know what's true and what’s really going on. The pace of events could accelerate over the next few weeks, forcing you to make a few decisions. Maybe travel is in the cards, or a chance to study a subject you adore. Wait until things have settled down before you go ahead. You may be busy holding discussions about all manner of things. New or long-term relationships also will benefit from a heart to heart talk.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs:

The Full Moon Eclipse rattles you on Monday, inspiring personal transformation over the next few months. The independence you crave may be hard to find this week with the Moon moving into group-oriented Aquarius on Thursday morning and the restless Sun-Mars square occurring later that night. Clever conversations spark your social life on Thursday and Friday. This is a fun time to share strong ideas and opinions, as long as you can back them up with facts. You can make great progress in relationships this weekend. However, keeping an open mind is essential since you're likely to encounter someone with ideas very different than your own. Don't let petty details get in the way of the good feelings and memorable experiences you can share now. The key to happiness is not trying too hard but relaxing and learning to go with the flow. The mood grows more sentimental on Saturday with a lunar ingress into imaginative Pisces. Spending time at your place where you can share a fantasy with a caring person provides a perfect balance of pleasure and relaxation. You may end up choosing to spend time alone or with just one undemanding individual so that you can truly relax. You might seriously need a break to catch up on rest, explore spiritual interests or get the perspective that only solitude and meditation provide.

The Water Signs

Career issues could come into focus as events cause you to rethink your current path and goals. A Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius may bring news that you're getting a promotion or perhaps that a contract needs renewing or has ended. Whatever the issue, this is your chance to celebrate all that you've achieved and be willing to be open to new ideas and prospects. The cosmos have great plans for you, and this could be the first step to bigger and better things. This Lunar Eclipse could coincide with events at work that shake up your daily routine or perhaps health issues that could have a similar effect. Whatever occurs may have been going on beneath the surface for some time, but you might have missed the signals. If you feel more tired or symptoms occur, get checked out by your health professional. Also ask yourself what you really want. Are you happy? Your answer may have a bearing on what happens next. Romance resembles a roller-coaster ride this week, which may not be a bad thing unless you want to settle down. At least it won’t be dull. Also, your heightened creativity will make you irresistible, both in and out of the bedroom. True intimacy will be easier to achieve on Friday or Saturday, when expressing your feelings brings and/or deepens love. Money could be a hot topic as well when this Lunar Eclipse brings up a lot of emotion around finances. You may need to hold a discussion with your partner or bank manager about the state of your accounts. This doesn't necessarily mean they're in bad shape. They could be fine but still need some attention. Mercury's move into Cancer later in the week may encourage you to get in touch with your feelings. You might want to expand your options through study or travel.

Your Love Week—Water Signs:

If it seems like you're on the outside looking in this week. You need to share your deepest feelings with someone who will listen uncritically. . Don't let analytical people burst your bubble of dreams with their negativity and criticism. Follow your instincts now and let your inner light shine. You’ll need to focus on what you really want in a relationship to avoid being thrown off course by the expectations of others. Saying no when you need to will help you stay centered. Mercury entering Cancer on Thursday (through the 24th) encourages you to verbalize your feelings. Heeding your intuition will always guide you in love. Messenger Mercury in Cancer encourages you to turn your emotions into words. Your compassion and creativity shine through your actions, making you more attractive to others. You need the company of other romantics and dreamers so that you can happily float in the world of imagination with them. Being adaptable will help you navigate the chaotic course of love this week, when feelings can be highly unpredictable. A lighthearted attitude may be your saving grace and make you irresistible on Friday and Saturday. Also, throwing a party for friends at your abode or hosting a date with your sweetie will bring delight. The Moon's shift into the Water Sign of Pisces on Saturday also adds to this sensitive environment, making harsh words painful to hear and the company of caring people more desirable than ever. Passion will be pulsing. Remember, this lunar transit occurs in the tender and subtle sign of Pisces so you don't have to come on strong to make your feelings known. Being less direct about what you want can actually make you impossible to resist. Instead of going hard for what and who you want, a more roundabout approach will be much more effective now. Start by whispering sweet nothings and see where things go.

The Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Get ready for a shakeup on the home front combined with plenty of emotion. The Lunar Eclipse could bring a family issue out into the open. If you need to make a decision, it might be better to wait until the dust has settled and then talk things over with other family members. You may find yourself in the position of helping others who need your advice. The Lunar Eclipse is encouraging you to share your life philosophy with those who may need it. Your dreams may be particularly powerful, so keep an eye on them. They may have a special message for you. It might also be a good idea to lighten your schedule, especially if you feel more tired than usual. Career issues could also be at the crux of this. You might need to relocate in order to get a better job or promotion. You may even decide you simply want to move. Your finances seem to be very busy this week. You may have been reviewing your skills and market value, and perhaps working on a budget, too. Creating lines of communication with customers, your bank, business associates, and anyone else you're financially involved with could be important. The Lunar Eclipse suggests that changes may be on the way. Stay on the ball, but don't panic. It will all work out fine in the long term. Think carefully! A lifestyle makeover might be in order.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs:

You’ll be a magnet for all kinds of people this week, including those who are artsy, lazy, intellectual or unreliable, so be prepared to be picky. Sharing your expertise or attending a public event can bring a romantic interlude. Conversations grow more emotionally sensitive as the chatty planet Mercury slips into nurturing Cancer on Thursday. Describing feelings becomes a key to intimacy as the need to speak from your heart overcomes your instinct to rationalize your emotions. The mood-setting weekend Moon can help turn a casual chat into the first stage of a potential romance. This lunar transit occurs in delicate Pisces, making it wise to avoid pushing hard to make your points. You just might connect with an interesting individual while you're out running errands, which means that love could be found in almost any situation. Shine your light wherever you go, just in case. Relationships kick into gear on Saturday and Sunday when the emotional Pisces Moon warms up your partners. Stop working so hard and spend some time with an imaginative individual who makes your heart beat faster. What you do together is less important now than being relaxed enough to enjoy yourself. The pressure to stick to a schedule often takes the air out of the balloon of romance. Don't look at the clock this weekend and let your feelings mark the time, instead. Mixed messages may derail a friendly gathering on Sunday, so seek clarity.


Born as one of two sets of identical twins, Elizabeth Joyce has been psychic since birth. Named one of the World’s Greatest Psychics (Citadel Press, 2004), she is a spiritual healer and gives personal psychic readings worldwide. Ms. Joyce is a professional Astrologer, Spiritual Counselor, Energy Healer, Medium and Clairvoyant who interprets dreams and teaches the new energies of the Fifth Dimension. Her TV Appearances include Unsolved Mysteries, Beyond Chance, and The Psychic Detectives. Ms. Joyce’s books Psychic Attack -Are You A Victim, and Ascension—Accessing The Fifth Dimension, are available at Amazon.com. Elizabeth facilitates her own healing classes, using the Divine Seals and Spiritual Chakras from her latest book-Ascension—Accessing The Fifth Dimension WORKBOOK, released Dec. 21, 2011. In 2007 Elizabeth Joyce founded and heads the Bucks County Metaphysical Association, (thebcma.net) a non-profit organization to benefit the charities of Bucks County, PA. Besides traveling extensively, Elizabeth is building a healing center and teaching Intuitive Awareness classes and Fifth- Dimension Spiritual Intensive workshops. She is located in Doylestown (Bucks County), PA. and Mahwah (Bergen County), New Jersey. Please check her website www.new-visions.com for rates and services. For an appointment call 201-934-8986.

Elizabeth Joyce

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