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Our Spiritual Connection to Ancient Egypt Today

by Jane Doherty

When you first embark on a spiritual path, you often believe pursuing higher consciousness is a novel concept. Experiencing your first mystical experience can surprise or sometimes even frighten you. Yet, higher consciousness and mystical experiences are rooted in the philosophy of ancient cultures.

Why did the people of ancient times pursue higher consciousness and mystical experiences more readily than modern day man? People in ancient cultures were prepared for these experiences through means other than science. Their myths and legends prepared them for a spiritual path as part of their everyday lives.

Ancient myths and legends gave the people the wisdom and skills needed to understand their environment. These same legends prepared them to live in harmony with it. Science, today, does not give that same type of wisdom and skills to modern man. This is why we look to the ancient Egyptian culture for insights we may have missed.

Clues in their writings, art, symbols, beliefs, structures, and temples indicate just how important spirituality was to them. The ancient Egyptian culture centered their entire life on a philosophy of higher consciousness. Yet, modern society doesn’t.

The ancient Egyptian culture holds the secrets to life including our true essence. They practiced a sacred science based on unknown spiritual principles. This is evident in the design and construction of their pyramids that still can’t be duplicated today, despite humanity’s advanced science and technological capabilities.

Although we are different than our predecessors, we are still alike in many ways. People in ancient cultures and in modern times share the desire to belong to something greater than themselves. All have sought ways to transcend the problems of civilization. Just like ancient cultures people today want to understand their divine origins.

History indicates interest in higher consciousness has had periods of decline and revival between widely separated periods of time. Today, interest in higher consciousness is in a period of revival. What is the reason for this current period of interest? The answer points to reincarnation and finding the Hall of Records.

American mystic, Edgar Cayce has been a significant influence on this revival in our current era. He possessed the ability to answer questions and make predictions while in a hypnotic trance. Several readings were on Egypt, Atlantis and his own past life connection to Egypt. He believed our problems and challenges were issues carried over into this life from a previous life. He also believed that our current period of time reflected portions of our lives in Atlantis.

His most prominent prediction reveals information about the existence of a Hall of Records in Egypt. Cayce predicted at the right time the Hall of Records would be found in another pyramid underground not yet discovered near the Sphinx. It would contain proof of the existence of an advanced, high-tech civilization and our true identity.

Belief in reincarnation during this current period of time has become more familiar and a more accepted belief. According to the theory of reincarnation, the souls that dwell in us today have been here before. What our souls have experienced in past incarnations remain within us and surface again in subsequent incarnations, including the lessons we learned or didn’t learn. Those experiences reappear as powers, leadership qualities, temperament, capacities, lessons, dispositions and in relationships.

Could our souls today have been the same souls who looked up at the enormous pyramids and Sphinx in ancient Egypt? Could visiting Egypt trigger off past life memories and reconnect us to lost parts of ourselves buried from long ago? The answer has to be yes. According to Cayce’s readings, survivors of Atlantis fled to Egypt and started the ancient culture. Therefore, walking the path of the ancients in Egypt could reveal who you were, what your role is now, give you understanding of your life, or insights on how to change your current life.

There are many reports of people having spontaneous past life memories when they visit places where they have lived in other lives. The first clue to a past life memory is often a sudden strange feeling of having been there before. It is a vague, but haunting feeling. A person could get images of people, scenes of that life and strong feelings of knowing what happened. Dreams can be triggered that can reveal more information.

There are several benefits for people who recall the memories of past lives. A person could quickly release issues or what otherwise holds a person back from reaching his or her full potential, heal a traumatic past life experience, discover the reason for a fear, rewrite past life contracts, negate karmic situations, activate creativity, discover the purpose of your life.

There are several spiritual threads between the ancient Egyptian culture and us today.

· The ancient Egyptians believed man contained within himself the seed of the divine. Spiritual seekers today embrace the Metaphysical thought, "the spark of the divine is within you."

· The lovable goddess Isis was with the Horus child in ancient Egypt just like the Madonna is with the Jesus child depicted in images today.

· Osiris was believed to be resurrected from the dead and the event celebrated at the time of the Spring Equinox. Jesus was believed to be resurrected from the dead and Christians celebrate it in the Spring.

· In the beginning New Age followers kept their beliefs secret just like the initiates who attended the Mystery schools in ancient Egypt. Could the pioneers of the new age movement have been the priests in ancient Egypt? Could the followers of these modern day spiritual teachers have been ancient initiates?

· Ancient Egyptians used divination to get answers and believed in direct communication with the gods. Pendulum dowsing and other methods are used for divining today and mediums communicate with the spirit world.

· A form of Reiki was used in Egypt and can be seen depicted in hieroglyphic paintings in ancient temples. The ancients had knowledge of spiritual healing similar to how healing practitioners use Reiki today.

· Astrological signs are depicted on the ceiling of the Dendra temple which indicates the ancients’ knowledge of the cosmos.

· Crystals, stones, aromatherapy and awareness of chakras were ancient Egyptian practices. There are some scholars who suggest the Nile Temples represent the chakras.

What do these spiritual connections mean? Many souls incarnated now have experienced the destruction of Atlantis and the rise of ancient Egypt. Most of our karma comes from our lives in Atlantis. Could we be here to release our karma by following the ancient spiritual path of the Egyptians?

At the end of each age humanity has the opportunity to tip the fulcrum in one direction or another. If enough souls are reawakened to higher consciousness, then the "Light" can again reclaim dominion on the earth. The Sacred knowledge will return and the reincarnated souls of ancient Egypt will recreate the divinity at the chosen time during the new epoch that began after the winter solstice of 2012.

To me that chosen time is near. Psychic impressions and dreams about the Sphinx seems to be guiding me to lead a spiritual tour to Egypt in September 2013. Can you imagine what it would feel like to stand near the Sphinx and experience true ancient knowledge?

Dreams About My Connection

To Egypt

A dream in the late 1980’s, not too long after I had acquired a small crystal skull artifact, put me inside the Sphinx. During the dream, a voice directed me to a symbol inside the Sphinx. This symbol was supposedly a key to unlock hidden information.

In 1991 an unusual spiritual messenger contacted me under strange circumstances. For five years she guided and prepared me until she determined I understood and accepted what a higher power wanted me to do. This direction would come at some time in the future when the correct conditions had been met. She told me one of the things I would have to do is go to Egypt and look for a symbol inside the Sphinx. However, I could only do that when I was directed it was the right time. Again, information about a symbol inside the Sphinx had been given to me.

In 1999 I had the opportunity to look inside a very large crystal skull and was asked for my opinion of an image inside the crystal. I discovered it was the exact same symbol I had seen in my dream 10 or more years ago.

In 2010 I met an Egyptologist while speaking at a crystal skull event which brought to mind the dreams, visions and words of the messenger. I knew the time for what she had told me was nearing.

In late 2011 I had another dream of the Sphinx and Egypt. This time I was leading a group of people in Egypt. Two months later, a tour organizer contacted me to lead a spiritual tour group to Egypt in September 2013. These are the signs the messenger told me about that would indicate it was time to go to Egypt.

What can happen? Past life memories could direct me and I will know exactly what to do walking that ancient spiritual path. No doubt that certain people will be guided to be with me in Egypt- the same incarnated souls who walked the path with me in a past life.

We will walk in the footsteps of the ancients at the various temples, reunite with parts of ourselves, heal, expand consciousness, and absorb the power and strength of the gods and goddesses for spiritual attainment. Deep inner knowledge can awaken us or we can transcend our consciousness, as we vibrate to the sounds and frequencies of the ancient stones - in this once-in-a-lifetime journey across time, space, emotion and inner-being.

Once inside the Sphinx I will look for the symbol and carry out the instructions first told to me twenty-five years ago. Then we will summon the spirits of the gods and goddesses in the Great pyramid for a direct experience and message. When done, we will leave Egypt forever changed and with a secret or two about life as we follow in the footsteps of the ancient’s path to spiritual knowledge and on a quest to uncover the secrets of Atlantis. The Egypt Tour will take place on 15-28 September 2013. For tour info: www.timeof anewera.com. (More information on the trip follows the author’s bio.)

Jane Doherty is the leading authority on psychic experiences, named
"One of the Top Twenty Psychics" by Dr. Hans Holzer, is an author of
"Awakening the Mystic Gift", starred in the international TV show, "Dead
Tenants", and featured on Coast to Coast Radio, numerous radio, TV shows
and magazines.


with Jane Doherty, Celebrity Psychic Medium

(15-28 September 2012):

The main focus of the tour is for you to experience ancient Egypt - the root of civilization and keeper of secrets - not just as a tourist - but at a deep inner level of awareness for healing and life-changing moments. You will discover how the temples correspond to the energy centers of the body - the chakras - and have the opportunity to heal as you visit the ancient temple sites along the Nile. We will align our energies with the ancient gods and goddesses and ask for the following spiritual gifts in guided meditations at the various temple sites.

Being at the Sphinx and the Great pyramid during this time will help us transcend to another frequency level of our consciousness. It will be one new experience after another in this not to-be-missed spiritual journey beyond the walls and veils of the ancient buildings. You will be in awe of ancient Egypt - not just for its history and beauty- but because we will go beyond physical Egypt and explore it from a different perspective - much like the ancient seekers. We will bring our own passions, and experience ancient Egypt on a deep level of inner awareness - and leave endowed with higher consciousness, our thoughts, dreams and aspirations revitalized, increased intuitive skills - and a new era of personal reality .

Many people are afraid of travelling to Egypt after the revolution. We would like to make you sure that everything is safe for tourists. Guests from all over the world are visiting this place all the time. So, don’t worry please, but join us in ancient Egypt - the birth place of higher consciousness. - Jane Doherty

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