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You Can Talk To God, Because God's Large Like That

by Cassendre Xavier

Spiritually, you don't need anything you haven't done or been doing.

If you haven’t wanted or been drawn to anything long enough to try and make a practice of it, it's not for you. This rings true especially when one considers the totally useless guilt, or "TUG" factor of regret. If regret is also TUG and you don't beat yourself up with it, then there's no use in thinking you've missed anything spiritually. You were and are probably getting your spiritual needs and communication with Source elsewhere, such as through your art, relationship(s), being kind to others, and/or just getting by or through or dealing with this life, which is an intense experience. Just living is spiritual practice itself. You don't have to worry about "consciousness" and "enlightenment". You do enough when you open your eyes in the morning and face another day on this plane of existence. If you never open a religious book, you've already studied and practiced. This IS spiritual "school"!

And you are all ways connected to Source. You don't ever need to "do" anything to be connected to Source anymore than you "need" to become someone who needs air to survive. Source is, and you are, and they cannot not co-exist. Notice I said "they", not "both", because you are the same universe that Source is. This is not a case of one plus one equals two, although it can be said that you and Source are one. Don't try to figure those mathematics out, because you'd hurt yourself and we're not hurting ourselves anymore, remember? :-)

I've been talking to God lately. God has been used by mix-intentioned humyns in ways that have deeply hurt me. So have Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible been used in similar and deeply hurtful ways.

But I decided years ago I was going to use EVERYTHING. Everything that draws my eye as a potential tool in my spiritual arsenal or cubbyhole of toys, dolls and teddy bears. Why ought others have all the fun? Now, I'm not interested in joining the Christian Lesbian Church, but I'm down with the morning and evening talk to God and the angels.

I hadn't talked to God much in many years, and even now I'm scared as I do it. But then I tell myself as I'm praying, or having a conversation, look, I'm releasing all fear in my life. No fear is acceptable. None. That means this fear of God business has got to go as well. And doesn't it make sense that I lose the fear of the highest form and source of love and power?

I know from my lifelong studies that all of who I am is okay. I know now I have nothing to fear, no judgment, on any plane nor in any form, humyn or Divine, which also, being one, have elements of one another. I no longer fear death, for I no longer believe in hell, but that when we die, no matter who we are and no matter what we have done, we are enveloped in a space of unimagined blissful belonging and comfort. We return to our origins of love. That is home, truly, and that is who and what God is, as well as an old white guy and the Goddess, and Jesus and Ganesh and Oshun and all the other others because We Are All One.

You can talk to God and ask God and the angels to help remove your fears of God and restore your faith. You can talk to God and Jesus as friends you're hanging out with. You can watch the game with God and God's buddies.

You can also empower and uplift yourself by starting and ending your day with a conversation with God. You can include gratitude. Admit you don't know what you're doing. The next time you do it, it'll be easier. You'll get better because you will have been given strength and insights into how to more comfortably and easily talk to God.

Don't let fear keep you from "biblical stuff". If you're curious or in need of guidance and comfort, go for it. Find translations and designed versions of the Bible you like, and only enjoy and reflect on what resonates with you, feels good, and is coming from a place of love. Ignore anything that does otherwise.

And, remember, the angels are there to do God's work in a non-denomenational way. One of their greatest skills is removing fears and barriers to God. Their greatest joy is to help us so ask them to be with you as you take on and enjoy your journey as a spiritually eclectic, empowered, and free humyn, being!

A lifelong student of spirituality, Cassendre Xavier (aka Amethyste Rah, aka Amrita Waterfalls) has been ministering through the creative had healing arts, spirituality, and sexuality since 1991, received a $15,000 Leeway Transformation for her "work in art and social change" in December 2005, and was ordained as an interfaith minister of the Universal Life Church of Modesto, California on September 19, 2010. Cassendre has new music downloads and ebooks coming out soon, which you can learn more about at her official website http://cassEndrExavier.com.

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Business Opportunity
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