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Marconic Reconnection: Coming Home

Marconic Reconnection September 21 & 22 in Arlington, MA

by Alison David Bird

Marconics harnesses a new wave of Higher Dimensional Light Frequencies currently sweeping our planet, creating an evolution in energy healing.

Originator, British Journalist & Spiritual Teacher, Alison David Bird, claims these new frequencies emanate in waves of what scientists refer to as ‘cosmic radiation’ from planets and star systems, newly accessible since the Earth passed through Zero point on the Galactic plane at the end of last year, and carry with them what the Pleiadians call, ‘The Ascension Frequential’ of 144,000.

Says Alison, "In a new system of protocols for Spiritual and Planetary Ascension - passed down to us through Pleiadian channelings - for activating the Fifth dimensional, holographic body, we form the vanguard and are privileged to witness this exciting journey into a new paradigm of healing, as a team."

At a recent Marconics ‘No-Touch’ Practitioner Training Event, demon-strations of the holographic body were undeniable, as trainees beamed this intense full spectrum energy up from underneath and through a wooden barrier created by the massage table to the recipient, who twitched and jerked with visible physical registers, including eyes fluttering in REM.

Alison said: "It would normally take 45 minutes in sleep to achieve REM, but recipients were registering it only seconds after the practitioner entered her field."

According to Alison, "At the Seminar, each recipient of the Marconic Recon-nection and Chakra ‘Un-cappings’ reported being aware of the presence of beautiful, loving beings around the table. Seasoned healers said they had not felt anything like this powerful energy before, and by the end of training could discern with their fingertips the grid of Axiatonal Lines of Light Frequencies as they criss-cross the Fifth Dimensional body and arch up into the unified field."

When asked to comment on why Marconic Reconnection seemed able in some cases to re-start menstrual cycles, even as much as two-and-a-half years after menopause, Doctor Oceana Rames, ND, said it indicated that the Pineal Gland was being activated, adding that a blocked or calcified Pineal is the cause of many types of cancer.

After receiving her own Marconic Reconnection at this event, one woman described her experience by saying, "I was enveloped; it felt as though I was being welcomed back by a loving family I had been separated from for many years; there was excitement at meeting again, great joy and celebration. I felt like I had come home".

Alison says, "Marconic Reconnection allows the integration of the higher galactic chakras and the merging of the soul with the Higher Self. We have all experienced that feeling of peace and joy that is inevitable when you are released from the density of the lower frequencies of chaos and fear and begin to commune once again with the Light from whence you came."

For more info or to register for the "Spiritual Alchemy & Marconic Reconnection Training Event"
in Arlington, Boston, Sept. 21 & 22 call 508-560-5709 or see our website: www.MarconicReconnection.com  

Visit us at Booth 213 at the Natural Living Expo
at the Royal Plaza Trade Center, Marlborough, MA, on November 16-17.

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