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Transitioning Through Turbulent Times

by Phyllis Light

You may have noticed, during this past year and a half, that life on the planet has felt more turbulent and tumultuous. Those of us who work to stay in touch with our feelings certainly have experienced this. Many of you have probably noticed a greater upheaval in the circumstances of your lives. You may have had your "security blankets" yanked away from you, through loss of a job, relationship partner, or other loved one from whom you had derived a certain sense of identity.

It is as if we are being forced to know ourselves in a whole new way. It is as if we can no longer move forward being who we once were. The universe is asking, no, requiring that we change.

If you allow yourself to flow with the changes life is bringing, you will make it through this process more easily. If you try to hold on tightly to the past and to your former sense of self, your ride will be much bumpier and unsettling. We have all "received the call." It is time to rise to a Higher and more loving version of who we have been in the past.

If you refuse to surrender to these new changes—a common occurrence, since change can often seem scary or threatening—then you may experience certain unpleasant manifestations. For example, you may be attracting more accidents. It’s as if you need to get "smacked by a cosmic 2 by 4" in order to wake up and notice what’s going on inside of you and start dealing with it more effectively.

You may just feel emotionally out of control and find yourself "blowing up" easily and blaming those around you for your unhappy state. Another manifestation of this intense energy is that you might simply want to leave. That is, you may not want to be in your body and continue to feel what is taking place within you. This "desire to leave" can occur in a number of ways.

You may find yourself sleeping more, in order to avoid being here. You could attract a "near-death" or even a death experience. You may just find yourself wanting to get lost by parking yourself in front of your TV, and not wanting to do anything else. All are ways to avoid being here and feeling what is going on within you. Bottom-line, your thoughts create your reality. If you want to leave badly enough, you will eventually make that happen.

Many of you may be feeling overly tired, often to the point of exhaustion. So many changes are taking place within you, that you can’t handle it and resist the flow of energy within you. This often creates the sense of being overwhelmed, accompanied by extreme fatigue or exhaustion.

What Is Taking Place on Planet Earth That’s Causing All of This?

There is actually a "Cosmic Plan" afoot that is causing all the turmoil; so, it is actually a good thing. An energy descended upon us in May, 2012, that began to speed up the spin of the emotional body around the planet, in order to help people move faster through their old, emotional baggage. In other words, "The Powers That Be" determined that it was time for humankind to move forward as a race, and that we all needed this intense "emotional purging."

Consequently, this period of time: May 2012 through December 2015 has been and will continue to be extremely important for all of us on our spiritual and evolutionary path. We’re all being affected in the same way. It’s just that we’re reac-ting to the changes differently, since we all have different programming and uni-que ways of reacting to life’s circumstances.

Finding Peace in the Tumult

This is the challenge indeed. "Busying yourself more so you don’t feel it" probably isn’t the best approach. You want to be more in tune with what’s happening inside you, not less.

Take more time to lay down quietly. Feel the energy moving within you. Feel what’s taking place within your body. Bring awareness to what you are experiencing. The more you can be with the process, the less resistance you’ll have, and the more peace you’ll feel.

Remember, all that is taking place within you and your life is ultimately for your Highest Good. Your choice is whether to flow with the new energies upon you and make the appropriate changes in your outer world, or resist them, and create more chaos and turmoil for yourself and others. The former choice requires "working on yourself," whereas the latter is the "easier, unconscious" choice that will only make the journey rougher.

This is a great time to "tell the truth" to yourself and to others, and start doing things that support you in feeling good and whole. Say "yes" to whatever creates love and joy for you. Say "no" to behaviors and people that bring negativity and stress.

You are changing on the inside—whether you like it or not—so be "in tune" at this time, and start making changes in your life that you’ve been wanting to make for a long time. The energy is available to start doing this now.

These are truly remarkable times and you could well rejoice. Energy is getting liberated in you now that has blocked you for a long time. You are being given a chance to re-create your life in a Higher and better way.

Trust that whatever you’re going through will resolve itself according to your Highest Spiritual Good, and that this transformation is a positive one. Be grateful for the changes that are taking place, as this will bring greater peace. No matter how rough it gets, know that there is a "Higher Plan" for humanity that is manifesting at this time, and because of this, it is all truly good.

Phyllis Light, Ph.D. is an author, expert in "Telepathic Healing" and creator of the Rejuvenizer technology. She helps free people throughout the world—from their old subconscious programming and from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields—while helping them become more conscious and spiritually aware. She can be reached at: 512-301-2999 or www.lighthealing.com.

Light Healing

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