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Self(s) Healing Experience: Past the 'Predictable Miracle' of Addictions Vanishing

For almost 3 decades, people have traveled from around the world to be in the presence of Rhonda Lenair, luminary, prophet, renowned medical intuitive, and known as the ‘healer of addictions’ by tens of thousands of people that effortlessly and painlessly outgrew their addictive cravings, desires and the need to self-destruct and self-sabotage. This ‘predictable miracle’ of addictions vanishing has motivated people to experience what only can be described as miraculous.

Yet, resolving addictions and many other problems in seemingly an instant is not the objective of what SHE offers - but is a byproduct that consistently occurs. Many people ask if outgrowing an addiction is only a byproduct, then just what is the purpose, promise, and the objective of the experience?

The promise of what SHE offers is instant enlightenment from an infinite ‘intelligence’ that presides within all that is finite that SHE unmutes. This ‘intelligence knows all that is, was, will be occurring, and just how to solve, resolve, lessen and/or prevent imbalances. Through Rhonda’s human voice … you will hear, pure truth that repairs, and/or sets you free, from what was, is, or will be, on and through multitudinous layers and levels of consciousness And/or you will comprehend, what, why, and how to transcend, from the seeds of where problems come from, why and what they become You will instantaneously meet one Self(s) intelligence all life IS, imparted in parts in all life that lives.

The objective of what SHE offers is for you to be centered in and attain the sanctity of inner peace.

SHE is offered in-person, which is legendary for the ‘predictable miracle’ and SHE is also offered via phone. During any experience, this is just some of the information you can be primed to receive when you meet your Self(s):

· What is transpiring that you are ‘ripe’ to profit by – no more, no less (i.e. physically, psychologically, etc.)

· You become one Self(s) specialist and expert in any area that is Self(s) detected, (i.e. cardiology, ophthalmology, psychiatry, dentistry, etc.)

· Genetic and other predispositions

· Information standardly seen through x-rays, scanners

· Lab data and other testing (i.e. blood, urine, saliva, etc.)

· What to avoid or incorporate in all areas

· Deficiencies, toxicities, allergens and sensitivities

· Compatible and incompatible foods and substances

· Poemantras** and/or metaphors that tell you how and why you are not well and/or how to be well

· What is, was and is likely to occur, why it is continuing or probable to occur, and what to do

· Weak and strong areas systemically

· Unresolved conflicts and/or time warps you’re stuck in, why, and what to do

· Unresolved lessons - past life references

· Your life purpose and/or direction

· Undisclosed abilities and talents

SHE is non physical and boundary-free but relates back to all that is physically bound that comes through you and back to you from Rhonda’s human voice - that can change your life forever!

Please take advantage of our limited time gift offer and see just how much occurs in 10 minutes via phone for only $99. Call Barry at 1.888.412.8392 to schedule. And please accept this free download ‘Past-the-Predictable Miracle’ to learn more: http://lenair.com/past-the-predictable-miracle . Offer expires December 31, 2013. Cannot be combined with other offers. Visit www.lenair.com/welcome  to learn more about the Self(s) Healing Experience.

*Self(s): one infinite, eternal macrocosm of intelligence and light energy that is constantly subdividing into finite microcosms of condensed physical matter that represent and become one physical unit from one non-physical whole infrastructure of interconnected communicatory intelligence.

**Poemantras: learn about here: http://www.lenair.com/self-education/self-education-poemantra

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