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Get Unstuck By Finding Your Purpose

by Morgan McKean...The Empowermentor

It's easy to get caught up in the daily humdrum of life. We all have those days where the clients are ticked off, our significant other wants more "quality time" and we have no personal time for us and the things we're passionate about. Without the right mental and emotional tools, those few days can rapidly spiral into weeks, months and years, and before we know it we're stuck in mental and emotional chaos, with no idea of what direction to go in.

Lack of direction, self-awareness and unfulfilled passion can lead us into a state of mental confusion and emotional stress. Coming to know who you are and increasing your self-awareness is not only vital to your emotional and mental states of being, but your physical and spiritual ones as well. When you stray from your life's mission or purpose, you begin to feel out of sync and life looses inspiration and meaning. Without a purpose, we tend to lack passion and we start to feel like mechanical androids, clocking in and out of the different functions we need to perform in order to survive.

If you are currently teetering on the edge of or feel like you're already living as an android, changes are you're probably not living at your full potential or feeling very connected in your relationships. In order to break through the chaos of this limiting thought pattern and achieve success, you must identify and declare your purpose. When you define who you are and what you came her to do, it will resonate within you deeply and give you a strong feeling of satisfaction in living it.

Think of any successful person you know, how do they live their lives? Do you think they are working to just make a living or that the contribution they make to the world fills them with a personal satisfaction? For instance, do you think that someone like Oprah is sitting around thinking about when she can stop doing her talk show in order to pursue something she really loves or that Kobe Bryant is waiting for the day he can hang up his sneakers and leave basketball behind him to pursue another career? Of course not. Each of these people, along with many others with great success stories like theirs, came to be because they defined their purpose and in so doing, have awakened the type of passion that leads to a fulfilling life.

You may be thinking, well that's all well and good, but it's easy to pursue your passion when you're as wealthy as Oprah or Kobe. So then let's imagine for a moment what you would do if you had all the money in the world you could ever spend. Would the money make you feel happy or fulfilled? Perhaps. Where and how would you spend it? Once you bought the dream homes, cars, and designer clothes, vacationed in the premiere locations of the world and maybe gave some to your favorite charity, what would you do? You probably quit your job, so how would you spend your time? Chances are doing something that you loved, that made you feel passionate and purposeful.

Here is a secret, when you do something you enjoy, something that stirs passion and provides meaning, the opportunities for money, success and emotional connection to loved ones are attracted to your effortlessly. It doesn't happen overnight, but it does happen if you commit yourself to the process. Remember, Oprah didn't start out as "Oprah - Queen of all Media" she started on her path of purpose by working at a local radio station delivering the weather report. She pursued her passion and took every opportunity presented to her in order to continue pursuing her passion, right up the ladder of success and contribution, to a level that I'm sure even astounds her.

So what is purpose and how can defining it get you unstuck?

Purpose is a knowing of who you are and what you want to do, then doing it because it is an extension of who you were meant to be. Larry King, Angelina Jolie, J.K. Rowling or any other successful person you know is deliberately being who they are because they have identified the life they were meant to live. They couldn't imagine being or contributing anything else to the world than that which they already do. But, purpose is not only found in the lives of celebrities, athletes and in the mind of geniuses, everyone has a special and distinctive purpose, including you. Your unique interests, character, personality, talent and abilities can only be manifest in the value known as you.

So how can you begin to define your purpose?

I have compiled a list of questions from some of the leading experts in the field of mental programming and a few I threw in myself to help you define your purpose. Go through each one methodically, give it some time and effort, the answers that make you emotional or shiver will usually lead you in the right direction...

1. What is my purpose? / Why am I here?

2. Who do I want to show up as for people in my life?

3. What are my unique talents?

4. Am I currently surviving or am I thriving?

5. Five years from now how do I want to be perceived by others?

6. In that time, how much income will I be making?

7. Who do I need to be or who would I be now if I had all of the above answered and accomplished?

8. How can I be held accountable to making it happen?

After you have narrowed it down to an idea or concept, come up with a mission or purpose statement. It doesn't matter the length, it can be something as simple as -- To empower others to live life full out and educate them to their true greatness. By defining your life's mission, you can create a plan for how to accomplish it. Then use your vision for this purpose as an armor against any fear, challenges or limited thinking that would otherwise deter you from accomplishing your mission.

Once you have the necessary tools, the rest is up to you. You can either commit yourself to a limited vision you have of what you think is possible or you can define your purpose and actually experience the type of success that only passion and purpose can ignite.

  • Morgan McKean is one of today‚Äôs hottest up and coming Empowerment Coaches and Speakers, Columnist and Radio Talk Show Host. Her unique combination of a formal education, professional experience and street sense creates one qualified triumph after another. You can visit her website at www.morganmckean.com or to listen to her weekly Podcast visit http://empowermentor.podbean.com.

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