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Ask the Astrology Guy

by Reverend Jeff Pica

Dear Astrology Guy,

I have been going through a rough phase for the last 4 yrs and am in quite a bit of financial debt. I would be grateful if you could spare some time to have a look at my horoscope and offer your valuable guidance and advice.

A brief summary of my concern - I was working for various companies since 1996 - 2008, but since Dec 2008, I have had lots of problems in my career. After my father's demise in Jan 2009, in Nov 2009 I joined my friends in their IT (Education) business on a commission pay basis involved in their products's business development. However, it was not very successful. Since 2012, I opened/registered a Proprietorship firm and am involved in Trading of Agriculture commodities, like spices, fruits, tea, etc. However, I have not had much success in that also till now. Although, there were quite a number of opportunities to supply my products in huge quantities, none ultimately fructified. Therefore, I want to take this opportunity to ask 2 important questions pertaining to my life -

1) When & Will I be successful in my business?

2) When will I get married? I ask this question because lot of astrologers in the past mentioned that my success is closely related with my marriage. I am 41 yrs old now and never married.

Thank you so very much.

With warm regards,

Anindya Prateep Dasgupta

Kolkata, India

DoB: 30 Oct, 1972

Time: 20 hrs (8:00 PM)

Place: Dibrugarh (Assam), India

Hi Anindya,

Thanks for writing in.

I can see the rough phase you're in with transiting Saturn affecting your progressed Venus and natal Moon. Here, Saturn will show you how to live with less in order for you to understand your true needs and wants. It's a reevaluation time in regard to your emotions, money, and love relationships. What do you really need? What do you want from love? What isn't working? Now is the time to find out. The past will come up now and must be dealt with.

Relief comes late Summer and Fall 2014 when transiting Jupiter enters your progressed Second House and squares your progressed Venus. Money comes in now. Your career is under favorable aspects as well, with transiting Saturn in favor with your Midheaven and transiting Jupiter aspecting your progressed Midheaven. Your career will have stability and new opportunities at this time.

I don't see any marriage aspects for you this year, however, you have natal Jupiter next to your Descendant, which favors good luck and opportunities from partnerships, business and romantic, in this lifetime for you.

I hope this has helped.

Astrology Guy

Reverend Jeff Pica has been a professional Astrologer for over 25 years. He began his study of Astrology with two years of private tutoring and then became a student of the New York Astrology Center. He gives private Astrology readings, teaches Astrology and lectures on Metaphysical topics. He’s a certified Psychic Medium and Reiki Practitioner with the American Board of Holistic Practitioners and an Ordained Spiritualist Minister, which gives extra depth to his Astrology readings. He’s also a founding member of the Spiritualist Church of NYC.

Please address questions to JeffPicaAstrology@gmail.com with Astrology Question as the subject.

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