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Birth of the Avatar Race

by Alison David Bird, CHt

An aspect of our Soul Self exists in every Dimension up to the Godhead, where the Oversoul resides. When we incarnate on Earth, we leave a percentage of our energy in the Spirit World to guide and assist us from there. During the Shift, humans will Re-calibrate.

No longer needing to experience duality, separation or cause and effect, the Higher Self residing in the eighth chakra, will merge with the incarnate Spirit in the body in a full integration of male and female energies.

But for some advanced souls who have been clearing karma and shedding density, their higher vibration will allow for something even more wondrous; the Integration of the Avatar; A merge with ‘loftier’ aspects of the Higher Self from Higher Dimensions.

The delivery of such deity into an incarnate being is hailed by Spirit as "The Birth of the Avatar". This extraordinary phenomenon was recently demonstrated to students during a ‘Marconic ‘No-Touch’ Healing Seminar, in Provincetown.

The Galactic Federation of Light handed ‘Marconics Energy’ and ‘Marconic Recalibration’ down to us at the end of 2012, as a Multidimensional healing system designed to assist Ascension.

At each Marconic’s Event, the Galactic and Angelic Guides reveal a little more about the process, as each new wave of energy carrying frequencies that will trigger events and circumstances on the planet surface, hit the Earth from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, bringing greater potentials.

While Marconics custodian Alison David Bird demonstrated the new "Crowning" handhold in a training session, on a student called Diane, the class watched in amazement as an unprecedented event unfolded.

Alison said: " The energy intensified. A feeling of bliss became one of ecstasy, the vibration so high I struggled to breathe. I began to cough and splutter then tears began to pour from my eyes, but I was told by Guides to maintain the hold. Witnesses said that that Diane, and I mirrored each other; our breathing rising and falling, our bodies shifting and contorting as things became even more intense.

"Then a magnificent energy passed right through me and into her!

"After several minutes, when it was done we spontaneously grabbed each other kissing in celebration, we could not believe what had just happened.

"I heard the words: ‘Birth of the Avatar’, and that’s exactly how it felt, like we had just given birth. We were elated.

"Everyone in the room felt the energy and was moved to tears. One woman stepped toward the student and simply said: ‘Can I get a hug from God’.

"It was totally unexpected and revealed in the moment to be witnessed by all who were present.

"Later, while channeling Grace Elohim (my own higher Aspect of Self) to the class, it was explained that this would be the basis for the next level of teachings - preparing a third tier of Marconic Practitioners."

At Dowsers Convention, four more were "birthed" during a workshop of 25.

Visit www.MarconicRecalibration.com  for video interview with Diane.

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