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by Idelle Brand, DDS

Have you ever noticed how wonderful you feel after spending a little time laying on the grass or swimming at the beach? Although most of us believe that there is an emotional reason for this, there is really so much more going on. There is an actual physical, energetic and electrical process occurring to your body creating this emotional response.

Earthing is a relatively new concept in the field of natural health. It is different than grounding since you actually need to connect to the physical Earth for it to occur. Although many of us have been doing it as a natural course in feeling well, the science of how it works has finally become clear.

Here’s the simple science of it. The surface of the Earth has an excess of free electrons (good), but you, on the other hand, have an excess of free radicals (bad). What happens when the free radicals meet the free electrons? They are attracted to each other and the free radicals are neutralized. This makes Earth the most potent antioxidant in the world. And it’s FREE!!!!

Sure, you could buy a bottle of antioxidant vitamins at the health food store, but it isn’t necessary. Mother Earth is waiting for you to connect and for you to receive nurturing health at your convenience. The phrase "hug a tree" takes on an entirely different meaning when we understand why this actually makes us feel better. Earthing (touching trees, grass, sand, or lakes, and oceans) will restore the body’s natural electrical state and calm the nervous system. It will also reduce inflammation and improve circulation. No pill in the world can do all that.

There is another important aspect of Earthing that you should be aware of.

Earth has a background base frequency or Schumann Resonance that has almost doubled within the last few decades. It used to be at 7.9 cycles per second (hertz) and was thought to be an unchangeable constant. The global military communication system was developed based on this frequency. This Schumann Resonance refers to how quickly the Earth is vibrating; it almost can be considered as the Earth’s natural pulse or heartbeat. It can vary in different geographical regions and this may explain why we feel better in certain vacation spots versus other geographical locations.

Recent reports set the present Schumann frequency at over 15 hertz, almost double; and it is still climbing. Science does not have a clear answer as to why this is happening, and it is believed that the escalating Schumann Resonance may be a factor in the many recent intense Earth shifts. The rate of earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, floods, and extreme weather is definitely on the rise and may be a consequence to the Earth’s rising vibration.

So how does this affect our health?

If a planet’s frequency is rising, then the frequency of the inhabitants of that planet must also rise. We cannot live at ease or healthily on a planet that we do not resonate with.

Residing in boxes (houses, apartment buildings), driving in boxes (cars, buses) and working in boxes (office buildings) have literally kept us disconnected from Earth. Even when we do go out in nature, most of the time we are wearing rubber soled shoes that further insulate us from Earth.

I think this simple line of reasoning illustrates how important it is to connect to the Earth as much as possible. If not, you will find yourself physically, mentally and emotionally ailing. You cannot be healthy living on a planet whose frequency is different than yours. Many of us are still at the old frequency of 7.9 hertz.

There are several things that happen when you Earth yourself:

1. You have a reduction of pain.

2. You have a reduction of anxiety.

3. You will achieve emotional and physical detoxification.

4. You will have a reduction of cortisol levels and you will resynchronize its secretion to be in alignment with the natural 24-hour circadian rhythm profile. This will create less stress and better sleep for deeper healing.

5. You will have increased fluidity of red blood cells allowing more oxygen transport to all parts of the body.

6. You will feel healthier.

Earthing can be as simple as wiggling your toes on the grass (skin to skin) or hugging a tree. Just go to your neighborhood park and connect. And breathe. Mother Earth is very nurturing. Connect with her daily for at least 20 minutes or more. Your whole life will shift for the better.

Dr. Idelle Brand is the director of The Brand Wellness Center, an integrative dental practice in midtown Manhattan. She is an author, health educator and lecturer on Enlightened Dentistry™, a new paradigm of holistic dental care that encompasses healing of the body, mind and spirit. She can be contacted at 212 947-0073 or through her website www.TheBrandWellnessCenter.com  

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