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Sexual Healing with the Angels

by Cassendre Xavier

Why is it that there are so many angel healers, angel channelers, angel communicators, angel books, angel authors, angel guided meditation recording artists, angel visual artists, and none of them dealing with sexual issues?

I have been reading about the angels and studying many works by many angel specialists. I have been working, connecting, and healing with the angels for many years. Yet, whenever I look into the index of a book about angels, there is nothing on “Sexuality” at all.

As I wrote in my Wisdom Magazine article “How to Tell if You Are Ready to Write Self-Help” one of the ways to tell if you’re meant to lead in a certain area of your life is if there is no one out there providing what you need. As many authors have said, including Nobel Prize-winning novelist Toni Morrison, if the book you need isn’t there, you must write it.

Well, I realized that my path as a lightworker and healing artist has led me to write about angels and sexual healing.

The angels are a proven spiritual tool for all people, and you can apply them to sexual healing. Whether you are religious, spiritual, New Age, pagan, agnostic, or even atheist, the angels work for everyone who asks. You can learn how, since the angels can help in every area of your life from relationships, to finances, to health and fulfilling your life purpose.

Angels can also help with recovering from sexual abuse, healing internalized homophobia, stopping self-sabotage, improving your body image, and attracting and selecting a sexually healthy and compatible lover.

Here are some basic steps to healing sexuality-related issues in your life, with the loving healing and guidance from the angels:

1) Don’t wait to “get right with God”. The angels are the arms, hands, and thoughts of a God which never judges nor condemns you. If you received negative messages about your sexuality and religion, the angels want you to know they never sent those! The angels know and see you only as the divine and wholly lovable being God created to be, exactly as you are. Relax, and let the angels help heal your heart and your sex life!

2) Allow the healing to be simple. While you may be inspired to try Tantra or take a class on relationships, or start therapy or counseling, the angels never make any healing or progress a lot of difficult work. Instead, you’ll give given small steps to take along the way, which will build up to great results, if you follow the angels’ Divine guidance. Also, sometimes you will simply be relieved of a condition simply by asking and believing. Never underestimate the power of God’s angels!

3) Don’t wait until you’re an “angel expert”. You do not need to know the names of every single archangel known to every humyn culture that ever lived. You do not need to know what colors their halos or auras are, nor their specialties, nor anything else that requires more work than your natural interest or schedule allows. All people, without exception, have a connection to, and can communicate with, angels. And in fact, we each have at least two very powerful guardian angels, and many more angels and ancestor/spirit guides with us. Just the fact that you’re breathing, just being alive qualifies you to connect and heal with your angels. All you need to do to begin the dialogue is say or even just think the word, “Angels”. The rest is just as easy (except for the occasional act of courage that may be required of you for a specific task)!

4) Don’t be shy. The angels don’t know shame or guilt and they certainly don’t see you with any of those things. The angels only know love, joy, and they love to work for God, and assist all of us who ask. Many of us have asked the angels for big things, like attracting love and right partnership, or improving our health and joyful livelihood, and we’ve asked them for small favors, like finding objects. We are used to praying to God for these things, too. But we haven’t been taught how to incorporate God and the angels into our sexual life. Thanks to Tantra, we know we can incorporate spirituality into our sex lives. And now, thanks to the increasing awareness of angel communication and connecting with the angels as a spiritual practice, we can now look to this non-denominational God-source to also heal and improve our sexual lives as well. It will take some courage to get specific with yourself, and learn to talk to God about, and ask the angels for exactly what you want when it comes to sex and your expression of it. But remember, God created sex, and the angels were created by God to serve and assist us in all things, including sex. Wholesome, hot, spiritually-enriched, Divine, partner-connected sex can be yours – just be willing to ask for more. You are a beloved child of God, and you deserve it!

5) Don’t delay. The angels want us to remember to ask for what we want in the present. They want us to remember that our power is in the now. So, even if you don’t know how you’ll become the sexually empowered or sexually healthier person you’d like to be, don’t wait to ask the angels to show you how. Even as you read this, you can think, “Angels, please help me,” and they’ve already begun. Remember, you already know everything you need to know to work with the angels and become all you’ve ever wanted to be, in every area of your life (in and out of the boudoir!).

Cassendre Xavier describes herself as a multi-media healing artist, and has been working with, and writing about sexual healing and the angels for many years. She is an ordained interfaith minister and spiritual counselor, a Reiki practitioner, crystal healer, and the creator of the Affirmations for Survivors guided meditation series. The founder of Sisters Healing Together: a Peer Support Group for Women Survivors of Incest/Sexual Abuse with a Special Focus on Compulsive Overeating, Cassendre is the writer/director/producer of the 5-person play “Sex for Survivors”, which ran for 3 days at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2003. Cassendre’s forthcoming chapbook “Sexual Healing with the Angels” is also the name of a workshop, which she will present during the Sisterspace Weekend, Friday September 5 thru Sunday September 7, 2014. (At Sisterspace, Cassendre will also present her workshop “Soulmate Attraction for the Rest of Us” based on her Wisdom Magazine article series of the same title. Cassendre is a recipient of a Leeway Transformation Award for her work in art and social change. For more information, please visit www.cassEndrExavier.com.

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