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Real Spirituality for Effective Living

by Eve Wilson

Spirituality isn’t just a hobby; it is who you are – an eternal Spirit Being living in a temporary body.  To become more satisfied and effective on every level, integrate your true spiritual potential into your life!

Eve Wilson – Bridge to Wholeness - has been teaching people to do exactly that for 30 years.  Her classes take you to the real experience with skill and grace, in harmony with your higher self.  She teaches you to access Inner Wisdom, strength and the authority of your own truth in partnership with The Essence of Truth of God – not someone’s religious ideas, but the Oneness that encompasses all life, of which you are a unique facet. 
Her classes range from the equivalent of a PHD in spiritual healing with a legal certification throughout the USA, to spiritual growth and ascension support, to practical tools for effective spiritual living which empower all aspects of life.  All classes provide individualized instruction and comprehensive support.  Below are just a few of her offerings:

The Healer & Ascension Certifi-cation Course – Legal Healer Practi-tioner Certification throughout the USA.  Eve Wilson teaches deep healing at the root cause for present and past life, soul groups, soul contracts, heredity, body, emotion, mind and spirit; Spiritual Growth and Ascension – raising our vibrations to integrate our higher spiritual selves as well as bring profound and lasting healing and positive change to people and life on Earth.  Includes The Healing Qabalah and Archangels, Divine Beings, Ascended Master Healer/Teachers, Spiritual Surgeons, Power Animals, Rewriting Contracts, healing adults, children, animals and Much More!  This class is for both those who want a career as well as those who see spiritual growth as a way of life that brings them their deepest fulfillment.  Not just a training program, more like a PHD in spiritual healing and development.  Eve will work with you to determine if this course is right for you through her careful screening process.  Enrolling now!

Monthly Ascension Support – Smoothing Your Journey of Spiritual Growth into Wholeness - Amazing meditations, powerful and gentle healing, smooth releasing of old blocks, issues and disease and integration of your true spiritual self into everyday life.  This series makes your life easier and empowers your ascension to a higher vibration while also being satisfying and fun.  People see phenomenal positive change.  Six classes meeting every 4th Thursday 7:30 – 9:30 PM starting April 9.

Living an Intuitive Spiritual Life – Effective Skills for Living – You are an Eternal Spiritual Being living in a human existence.  Here are practical tools for developing and integrating your spiritual gifts for a more joyful and satisfying life!  Healing, telepathy, relationships, finances, spiritual growth, working with spouses, children, pets, work and professional circumstances and more!  6 Tuesdays begin April 14, 7 – 9:30 PM.

Eve’s classes are attended from around the world live by phone or Skype as well as in person in Ann Arbor Michigan.  Find out more about Eve Wilson Bridge to Wholeness at www. spiritualhealers.com  or www. facebook. com/EveWilson.BridgeToWholeness or call Eve at 734-780-7635.  Also visit the Weekly Word for Healing & Ascension Blog www.spiritualhealers.com/blog .

Our world is changing; it is ascending into increased unity with our true and eternal spiritual roots.  As this occurs life as we have known it is tending to break down, causing a sense of struggle and futility.  Focus on your true spiritual self and integrate that into your life to be a part of what is positive about this transition.  Rather than fighting with what is dull and depressing, come into the light and beauty of your own spiritual truth and carry that with hope and love to all aspects of your life.  Eve Wilson can help you do that if it is what you desire!

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