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Manifesting with the Law of Attraction: 5 Power Moves

by Cassendre Xavier

I was standing at the kitchen sink washing the dishes, which I really enjoy. I thought about my move coming up at the end of this week, and how happy I was to have found a couch to stay on until I got my own place.

I recalled that inthe previous two weeks I’d thought a lot about joyfully doing dishes, keeping house, and bringing something good to whomever owned the couch or home I’d be temporarily staying with. I suddenly realized I’d quickly manifested my new temporary digs by putting out into the universe my desire to bring a pleasant situation to someone. And that reminded me of another time I did something similar.

I was working years ago as a server in a mom and pop southern style diner. For various reasons it was a mostly unpleasant experience for me, and every day when my shift was off I practically ran out of there with great relief. In the dark and early mornings when going to work I’d be very depressed and dreading walking into what would be the beginning of another long and unpleasant day of hard work with low tips.

One morning I decided to stop dreading and make better use of my experience. I thought, “The only way to fix this is to remove the focus from myself.” I created a prayer, intention, and affirmation which put the focus on the source of most of my pain: my customers, who were largely neutral, if only causing my troubles by being very poor tippers. Because my hourly pay outside of tips was only about $2.50 I had been stressed out about the tips. But I decided not to focus on lack, and instead on the abundance and blessing of the fact that I’d quickly gotten that job and was happy to have a job. I forgot about everything that had originally stressed me out, and focused only on the moment. I knew I had everything I needed at the moment, and that I would always be provided for. 

I remembered how helpful it is to bless everything and everyone in our lives, no matter what. This is the universal healing and transforming blanket of love.

One morning on the way to work, I prayed, “Let me be a blessing to everyone…[at the job].” I set that intention and immediately saw in my mind’s eye my smiling managers and myself leaving the job smiling and my pockets full of single and five dollar bills.

From the moment I arrived to work that day and, throughout the day as I repeated that prayer and intention, my time there was transformed. I immediately went from focusing on my unhappiness at work and coming home with nearly empty apron pockets, to having a heart full of joy and fortitude at work and coming home happy, because my work was rewarded with apron pockets full of cash.

So this is what I was thinking about this morning as I washed the dishes, thinking about having washed dishes joyfully at my friends house last week, where I was invited to return next week and stay as I wished or needed to.

I thought about the power and rewards of sending out the intention of being a blessing, and then a few other thoughts occurred to me on how to maximize one’s attractiveness to one’s desires.


Here are 5 ways to immediately and powerfully raise your vibration, match, and magnetize yourself to what you want:


1)      Offer yourself as a blessing to the ideal scenario you seek. In your work on mastering the law of attraction, you have learned how to image your ideal scenario. You have practiced creative visualization, and you have learned how to add emotion to your imaginings. You have an ideal scenario you are wishing, hoping, and setting an intention for, and you have learned to release the outcome and end your spells with “and may it be for the good of all”. Add to that scenario your being a blessing to it. Set the intention and ask the universe to make you a blessing to everyone and everything in the scene that you seek. A simple prayer can be, “Let me be a blessing.” And every time you step into your next place, you will begin to be so, and reap the rewards from your work, vision, and intention. This is one of the quickest ways to experience the immediate answer to a prayer.

2)      Begin at the end. One of the fastest ways to bring to you what you want is to imagine it having already happened. When I was preparing to move, the most stressful part of my move was the packing, so I didn’t dwell on that, but instead kept focusing on my move being complete. The end image helped fuel all the steps in between, including the thoughts I’d need to make the difficult parts, like packing, happen much more smoothly. Once I was talking to a woman who had had a traumatic experience in her college years that kept her from playing a musical instrument. I knew she wanted to play again, but when I asked her when she thought she’d start, she’d say she didn’t think she would. I said, “Imagine you’re on your death bed, at a very old age and surrounded by your loved ones. Did you return to your music?” She said yes. I told her she didn’t have to worry about how or when it would happen – that she knew she someday would return. She was very moved and felt that exercise was helpful. In a few minutes she’d gone from wanting to but not thinking she’d ever play music again to knowing for sure that she would, when she was ready and it felt right to do so. No to yes in a few minutes. Picture the end of your dream and it will come to you faster, too.

3)     Keep feeling good, or at least better. There is nothing more important than feeling good, or at least better. You are attracting from your feelings. I’ve noticed that sometimes I attract good things when I am feeling better, even if I haven’t taken any outward visible action. Although action is very important, we can bring things to us without taking any physical action outside of feeling good or at least better. This is why our feeling good, or at least better, is more important than taking action. It is the most important aspect of mastering the law of attraction.

4)       Share the joys and lessons. Talk to your friends, family, colleagues, and others about manifesting with the law of attraction (or however you choose to word using our thoughts and feelings to get us what we want). Tell and seek success stories. Watch them on YouTube, listen to podcasts, read books and online articles, teach classes and workshops, write books and blogs. The more we talk about these positive things and learn from one another skills for manifesting our desires, the more successful we are in our own efforts.

5)      Enjoy and repeat! Make it fun. Relax as you fine tune your vibration and learn to manifest your desires using the law of ttraction. Releasing all worries and focusing on the good feelings will bring more good feelings. Repeat steps 1-4, and have a great time.

Multi-media healing artist Cassendre Xavier (aka Amethyste Rah, aka Amrita Waterfalls) is the creator of many literary, musical, and community arts events and workshops including the Affirmations for Survivors guided meditation audio (featuring musicof light by Thaddeus) and book series, and This is What a Millionaire Looks Like: Inspiring Essays. Cassendre is an ordained Interfaith minister, has been writing for Wisdom Magazine’s online edition since 2009, and is a recipient of a $15,000 Leeway Transformation Award for her work in art and social change. For more information, please visit http://cassEndrExavier.com.

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