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Marconic Recalibration: In Oceans Deep...

by Alison David Bird

Do you feel it now? 

The swell of the tide beneath your boat, wave after unrelenting wave of energies crashing ashore, immersing the planet in a sea of higher frequencies, as astral alignments create portals through which we can now throw life preservers down to you? 

Reach up! Grab them, and leverage yourselves.

You will soon be resting on the shores of a new country waiting to welcome you and ready to show you the new way. 

Some won’t rest there long, as they will be ushered to destinations in oceans deep, as their vibration and their contracts allow. 

Others are finding themselves in the midst of great sways of emotion and unsettling feelings of insecurity. Some feel as though they are being tested, again! 

Maybe you have been in denial about what needs to change in your life. You want change; you just don’t want to have to change to achieve it. 

Now timelines are collapsing like escape routes shutting down and blocking your way, ‘This one is closed, try that one. Nope, that one is gone,’ and so on.  You see how we guide you to your path? The path YOU chose, yet find excuse after excuse not to have to follow.

More and more of you are awakening daily, and as if emerging from a long, medically induced coma the light is bright in your eyes, but you can see through the veil that the illusion is crumbling. 

New concepts will stagger you while others will seem ‘Oh, so familiar’, as you have been well prepared for what is to come by many channels within your pop cultures.

Lightworkers in the arts and entertainment industry have been spreading information as if it were a virus. 

In many cases even they didn’t know the gravity of the message they carried, and through karmic patterning and their own creative desire, they were pulsed to present scenarios to the world that seemed so unlikely and yet were the templates for your future experience.

But there are others who are succumbing to a darker light, a false light that seemed to offer safe harbor and the compromise of an easier sail. You thought it was a short cut and you plotted the course and now you are so far out to sea! You had better learn how to read the stars to navigate your way home. 

As surely as in the old tales of the fisherman lured by the Siren’s song, if you allow yourselves to be led ashore by a false light, you will be dashed on the rocks.  

To you we say, alter the cut of your jib!

Surrender the battle you are waging with yourselves. It is all done. Forgive those that hurt you, love them and sail on. Release attachments to the material world, let go of the past and prepare, ‘ to go where no man has gone before.’

For more information visit www.MarconicRecalibration.com

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