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The Human Aura, Part 2

by Eve Wilson

In my practice as an aura reader and healer, I find a wide range of energies and structures in a person’s aura which affect the way they feel and experience their life.  I am currently teaching the aura reading and healing unit in my Healer & Ascension Certification Course and love to see the amazement on my students faces when they first identify a block in someone’s aura, something that they have never before noticed, and their joy to be able to do what is needed to heal the issue.  Even more exciting is to see the changes in the person they are working on and realize how much better they feel when we are through!

As mentioned in Part I of this series, the energy present in the aura creates the physical body and with it our experiences.  This being the case, when we want to change our experience, the quickest and most effective approach is to identify and heal what has caused the problems in the aura or energy field surrounding the body.  At their root problems may be spiritual, emotional, mental or hereditary and they may manifest as illness of body, as states of consciousness, or affect our relationships and finances.  

When observing someone’s aura, an aura reader can use all their senses and an infinite level of intuitive knowing; it isn’t just a visual experience.  This is important, because while many people can see color or light in a person’s aura, that isn’t a definitive clue to what is really going on.  A sensitive healer can access everything that ever has happened to a person in this lifetime, in all earlier lifetimes and even much that will come in the future.  All of this is accessed through their aura.  It is a complex subject and one that can’t be fully explained in this article; however, I can give you some particular types of things that are commonly found when reading someone’s aura and how a skilled healer might work with them.

Emotional energies in the aura show up in a number of ways.  There are the passing feelings of a person, generated by them, or received from others which appear like clouds moving across the sky.  These are unstructured; vary in color and each carries an energy or mood.  Emotions may also be structured and contractual; having a definite, though amorphous shape, and creating particular patterns of emotional reaction to life.  These are called astral entities, and they keep a person stuck in old reactions and experiences.  They may be personal, hereditary or come through many lifetimes as a part of a person’s soul group.  A healer can work with the person’s Higher Self to rewrite the contracts, so they carry a positive message that helps the person grow more whole and enlightened in their responses to life.

Mental structures in the aura are called thought forms.  These show up as hard and with distinct geometrical shapes.  They are usually contractual, often coming through many lifetimes via a person’s soul group or hereditary lines.  Thought forms define how we respond to life; holding definite attitudes, beliefs and biases, they keep us stuck in ways that are not in keeping with our Higher Self or even personal preferences.  A healer can work with a person’s Higher Self to rewrite the contracts, allowing them to grow beyond their old limitations.  The re-contracted thought forms will release entirely when a person is ready to be free of them.

Inner children can be found in the aura.  These are fragments of a person’s soul that have become damaged and broken off from their wholeness.  They carry memories of the difficult circumstances which led the soul to fracture.   While usually buried within our unconscious self, they are brought to the fore during circumstances that remind us of those damaging experiences.  When this happens we find ourselves reacting to life in a childish manner, which may not be in keeping with our more mature self.  With skill as a healer, inner children can be empowered, healed and reintegrated into the wholeness of a person’s soul, helping us reclaim our power, joy and freedom; or when needed, they can be returned to our Higher Self to be healed in spirit.  Either way, a person receives tremendous relief from past pain, fear and insecurity through this process.

These are just a few of the many types of things that can be found in a person’s aura.

Eve Wilson is a naturally gifted intuitive healer, able to read the aura and the soul’s contracts through all lifetimes. Her work heals the root cause of disease for humans and animals.  Director of The Legally Accredited Healer Development Program and an active planetary and personal ascension worker, her classes and healings reach people around the world via Skype or phone.  Watch for Riding the Wave of Change – Hope Healing and Spiritual Growth for Our World coming soon on Balboa Press!  Visit her website for The Weekly Word for Healing and Ascension, classes and healings www.spiritualhealers.com , evew@spiritualhealers.com .

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