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Ask the Astrology Guy

by Reverend Jeff Pica

Dear Astrology Guy,

I am still single in life and not able to find a suitable partner for myself. I urgently need a life partner. Please let me know what could be the reason. My birth details are:

DOB: 17th June, 1980
Time: 21:45 (9:45 PM)
Place: New Delhi


Hi Ramesh,
Let's take a look at your Natal Astrology chart, and start with your Jupiter/Moon combination in Leo in the Seventh House of Marriage. This pairing tells me you are someone with very big emotions, a feeling or even an over-feeling person, who loves to travel as you expand your mind and heart with knowledge, maybe including some metaphysical pursuits. You have a lot to give to others, especially a partner. I can see you have an emotional need for a relationship, in fact, learning who you are and relating to others will bring tremendous soul growth for you in this lifetime. This will help round out rather selfish pursuits stemming from your most immediate past life.
The union of Jupiter, the Moon, and the Seventh House reveals a concern with justice for all. A physical manifestation of this combination could be providing pro-bono work for a legal charity firm.
You have a Sun/Venus combination in Gemini in the Fifth House, which denotes an individual who values art, beauty, standards, harmony and peace. In the sign of Gemini can make you flirty, social, and craving knowledge of all kinds. Generally, this combination in the creative Fifth House could reveal someone who seeks the spotlight; this is a position of the Artist, for acting and performing.
A combination of the Sun and Venus, the planet of love, in the Fifth House of romance is another indication of a desire to be in relationship, valuing the importance of giving and sharing with another. Venus, also the ruler of money in the Fifth House of risks and taking chances, could make you an expert at financial information, analysis and risk speculation.
Your Sun/Venus combination makes a harsh opposition aspect with Neptune in the Eleventh House. You seek spiritual connections with others, especially with or through friends and groups of people. You can be a hospital or institutional worker. The Sun in aspect to Neptune shows you may be overly concerned with past actions, perhaps with guilt or regret. You can be confused or confusing. Venus in aspect to Neptune can make you highly creative, especially using film, either with photography or in movies. The Sun and Venus in aspect to Neptune shows putting much effort into perfection, the right job, the ideal relationship, even with fantasy, which can often lead to eventual disillusionment. 
You have a Mars/Saturn combination in Virgo in the Eighth House, making you exacting, specific, precise, hard working, helpful, wanting to be of use and then recognized for your abilities. You are authoritative, ambitious, and serious, preferring not to deal with trivialities. You can be materialistic. You have an innate ability to hold authority of other's resources, as in an estate lawyer or overseer, and also with insurance. Your more reserved Mars in Virgo can be at odds with the frivolous tendencies of your Venus in Gemini, producing inner turmoil. Further, Mars in the Eighth House can be highly sexual although in union with Saturn can often make one uncomfortable with physical intimacies and often reserved. 
The Sun/Venus combination on one end of the opposition aspect and Neptune, on the other end of the opposition aspect, are both at odds with your Mars/Saturn combination, creating a stress producing large T formation aspect across your chart, called a T-square. The Sun/Venus/Neptune configuration can make you disillusioned or naive with romance in general or with a specific relationship you may be in, and then the influence of Mars/Saturn can make you quickly retreat with the anxieties and fears that come up for you regarding personal relating. Mars in aspect to Neptune can show your actions may not always be with the best intentions for yourself, or others. Sun in harsh aspect to Saturn may bring insecurities, self-doubts, a poor self image and image of your masculinity.
As you can see, this T-square is a particularly life-long troublesome and challenging one. What it forces you to do is to look at every relationship opportunity clearly, without any preconceived notions or expectations or fantasies, and to further push forward against any relationship fears or insecurities that may arise.  
For most of 2015, transiting Saturn squared your Ascendant/Descendant axis, creating obstacles to forming and keeping new relationships, while challenging any current relationship if you were in one. Under Saturn's effect, old outdated notions and attitudes towards "relating" should be recognized and let go of, making room for a clearer picture of who you are and what you want in relationships, what you're willing to give and what you cannot live without. This transit ended in October 2015, so the Fall into Winter 2015 hopefully brought an easing up on Saturn's difficult effects.
Your progressed Saturn will be transiting your progressed Seventh House of Marriage and your progressed Venus will be close to the position where your natal Saturn was at the time of your birth for many years, which will help you to be determined to face all aspects of human relationship, especially love relationships, with great concentration and with a strong sense of duty and reliability. As I said earlier, understanding yourself in regard to love relationships is a path your chart reveals that will lead you to tremendous soul growth and progression in this lifetime. 

You can slowly develop a new level of confidence based on the realization of what your real capabilities are, with time, work, and experience. The fact is that the very configuration with Saturn that denoted a lack of confidence in one's youth is the same configuration that can indicate a particularly solid and unshakable confidence in later years. 
Transiting Jupiter will square both your natal and progressed Venus from the Fall of 2015 all the way though to mid-Summer 2016, bringing in many opportunities for romance and love opportunities with which to start practicing new attitudes and relationship advice I've spoken about here.

Good luck!
I hope this has helped.
Jeff Pica

Hi Astrology Guy,

I don’t seem to have the best luck with relationships. I’m currently single and have been for almost a year. I recently turned 30 and my birthday is October 11, 1985 at 10:37am in London, Ontario, Canada.

I've have had multiple heartbreaks from relationships for years. I've been cheated on, lied too, degraded, and been left feeling worthless or not good enough. I'm hoping my fate won't be like this forever. I have always wanted to be in a loving relationship to potentially move forward to the next commitment of marriage and children however every time I let my guard down in every relationship my ex partners have ended up becoming distant and then eventually breaking up with me. I am hoping for some clarity as to if I will ever find a real love/soul mate connection. I am willing to work hard at a relationship and I hope to be with someone who also values strong commitment/marriage/children.

Thanks you for your help.

Hi Debra,

Let's take a look at your Natal Astrology Chart.

You have Saturn conjunct (close to) your Ascendant, which usually indicates a cautious and more reserved person, often driven and ambitious. Saturn "on the Ascendant" in Astrology lingo, makes an opposition aspect to the Descendant, or cusp of the Seventh House of marriage and partnerships, indicating the same cautious and planned approach to relationships. A characteristic of Saturn opposed the Descendant is often a karmic or fated sense to relationships, meaning involvement in partnerships carried over from past lives. 
An important thing to know when Saturn affects anyone's Seventh House, is that it favors marriage after the age 28 to 30. This is because, for everyone, transiting Saturn returns to the place it was when one was born, called a Saturn Return, around age 28 to 30, and then again around age 56 to 58. On the first Saturn Return, important life issues are addressed, "what is important to me? "where am I headed?" "what do I want in life?" This is the reason there is usually a marked difference between those under, and over, age 30. On a second Saturn Return, the same issues are reevaluated again, this time in regard to one's later senior years.
Your Saturn Return occurred when you turned 29, helping you to define these important life issues, and, because for you Saturn influences your relationships, helped you to define your views on marriage and partnerships, "what do I want from a relationship?" "what am I willing to give?" enabling you to present a new, more mature version of yourself to others. 
You have Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo in the Tenth House, as Venus squares Neptune and Mars squares Uranus. Venus conjunct Mars reveals a passionate nature in general, although you can be a bit picky with Venus and Mars in the sign of Virgo. This passionate nature can be found in your work with this pairing in the Tenth House of career, as well as in your personal life.

Your Venus receives a harsh square aspect from Neptune, unveiling more complex layers to the relationship area of your life. Neptune often brings confusion and gray areas to partnerships. Deception is also a possibility with this aspect. The tough spot here is distinguishing fact from fiction or ideals from reality in regard to relationships. 
Added to this relationship dimension in your chart is a harsh square aspect from Uranus to your Mars, resulting in rash, often unexpected behavior. Combining the two aspects, you, and/or your partner, may flee after realizing a relationship was, in fact, nothing as either of you had thought it was.

Transiting Jupiter entered your Tenth House of career in September 2015 and transits through the Tenth House until Fall 2016. A wonderful transit, Jupiter through the Tenth House brings career achievement and acknowledgment in general. Don't be surprised if you come into your "15 minutes" of fame. Under this transit, you are "talked about and known" and often will be presented to people in someway; appear on TV for a moment, a newspaper article about you, on a stage for some reason, etc. If one was an unknown actor or artist, this transit would bring success. 
(Jupiter moves around everyone's chart every 12 years, generally transiting every House for two years at a time. I often time important decisions, say about real estate, when Jupiter transits the Fourth House of family and the home.)
Interestingly, transiting Saturn made a harsh square aspect to the cusp of your Tenth House in November 2015. I'm wondering what happened at that time for you? Usually Saturn will act the opposite of Jupiter. Where Jupiter as described above is bringing expansion, Saturn in a harsh aspect will bring the ending of something important. For example, a worker could leave a long-standing job for some reason under Saturn, as Jupiter brings in a new and ultimately, better job.

Transiting Jupiter entered your Tenth House of career in September 2015 and transits through the Tenth House until Fall 2016. A wonderful transit, Jupiter through the Tenth House brings career achievement and acknowledgment in general. Don't be surprised if you come into your "15 minutes" of fame. Under this transit, you are "talked about and known" and often will be presented to people in someway; appear on TV for a moment, a newspaper article about you, on a stage for some reason, etc. If one was an unknown actor or artist, this transit would bring success. 

(Jupiter moves around everyone's chart every 12 years, generally transiting every House for two years at a time. I often time important decisions, say about real estate, when Jupiter transits the Fourth House of family and the home.)
As lucky Jupiter transits through your Tenth House, it will be passing over (conjuncting) the planets Mars and Venus from Fall 2015 to Summer 2016. This transit has the potential to bring in a love interest that you're seeking since the passionate, personal planets Mars and Venus are involved. However, what could very well happen is to come into a windfall of sorts. Venus also represents money and opulence and transiting Jupiter will also be affecting your Second House of money, goods, and values.
Transiting Uranus is moving through your Fifth House of love affairs and creativity. The Fifth House is also the house of risk taking, and combined with the effects of transiting Jupiter and Venus as described above, that windfall could come in as a lottery or winning some type of chance game. The effects of this are most felt as transiting Uranus makes as opposition aspect to your Sun in the Eleventh House of groups and friends from Spring 2015 to Spring 2016.
I don't see a classic aspect for a new relationship, but one can develop during this time with Jupiter affecting Venus. If a relationship does develop by Spring 2016, then the attraction and impact will be felt immediately, like a whirlwind affair, and/or there can be some kind of difference between you two; age, race, class, etc... Look within some kind of group association or though friends.  
I hope this has helped,
Jeff Pica

Debra's Response:

Hi Jeff,
I just wanted to say a quick thank you for your detailed message regarding my natal chart. You truly do amazing work and I can see how passionate you are about it what you do. Thank you for helping people like myself to receive some sort of clarity.
Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Years as well.


Hi Astrology Guy,

I found your information threw a friend and thought I would give this a try for some clarity in life. I'm 31 years old, born in London Ontario Canada. I was born on Aug 11 1984, I don't have the exact time but I know it was around 7am. I have not had an easy life. Especially the last 10-15 years. I have no luck in relationships I have been single for a few years now and would like to see that change. I also have a hard extremely hard time financially barely making it and health wise I'm not great as I have a life shortening disease. My family has had a really difficult time as well. I'm wondering if you could maybe bring some clarity on when things will become better and if I will ever have love, maybe some money and better health. 

Thank you for your time 

Hi Nicole,
I'm so sorry to hear of your difficulties.
Let's take a look at your Natal Chart.
Your Sun sign is in Leo in the Twelfth House, conjunct (or close to) your Ascendant in Leo. Your Moon is in Aquarius in the Sixth House, conjunct the Descendant. Your Sun and Moon are in an opposition aspect to each other, often the sign of parents who divorced, parents who are otherwise separated, or parents who should be divorced because of marital discord. Whatever conflict and friction was within your parent's relationship as you grew up most likely led to relationship difficulties for you now, as an adult, in relating to others. 
An added complexity to the opposition aspect between your Sun and Moon is a square aspect to the opposition from Saturn, creating a large T formation across your chart, called appropriately enough, a T-Square aspect. This type of aspect tends to block self-expression, making you appear reserved and there is often a fear of expressing who you truly are or a fear of criticism. You may have took on responsibilities from childhood, leading to difficulty as an adult in expressing your emotions. The childhood years for many of those with such a Saturn aspect shows an oppressive, burdensome, or in some way, a lonely environment or home life. For others, it denotes an harsh or restrictive Mother, or a lack of the mothering principle altogether. 
Saturn rules your Sixth House of health. Another manifestation of your T-Square, besides relationship difficulties, could result in karmic health problems. By karmic, I am referring to past life actions and how they relate to current life circumstances.
Your South Node, an indicator of past life characteristics, is in Sagittarius in the Fourth House, conjunct Mars and Uranus. Traditionally, A Sagittarius South Node shows a past life characteristic of submerging one's identity into their family life, however, conjunct Mars and Uranus, my feeling is that you may have forsaken your family duties in favor of more ego driven pursuits. Now, in this lifetime, you may be forced to deal with family duties and responsibilities. Ironically, your North Node located in the Tenth House symbolizes that you must learn to keep your life focused in a direction above and beyond all the scattering needs of your close family members. 
Your Venus makes a square aspect to both the North and South Nodes revealing that you neglected the area of love and relationship altogether in your immediately past life.
Your chart shows a way to work with your difficult T-Square and Nodal positions is through your Jupiter in a close relationship to Neptune, which indicates aspirations to experience a oneness with something larger than yourself and your own concerns. In other words, to put your trust in God. Try to tune into your innate and irrepressible faith in life. Your Jupiter/Neptune combination is in the Fifth House, showing you could be successful working with creativity and self-expression through the arts and theater, in sports, or with children. You may find yourself a guide and teacher to others when it comes to these areas.
I can see that transiting Saturn was squaring your Natal Venus this past year until November 2015. Saturn in such a harsh aspect to your Venus brought anxiety and difficult times. Love seemed harder to come by, in fact, relationships often cool under such an austere Saturn transit. Thank goodness Saturn is off of your Venus, however, it soon makes a square aspect to your Natal Mercury in 2016, bringing self-doubt, pessimism, and difficulty in communications with others. On a more positive note, this can be a time of mental reorganizing to encompass more open, broad, and liberal frames of mind. 
The best news of all is transiting Jupiter will be making a conjunction to your Progressed Sun in 2016, welcoming in a new 12 year cycle of growth and expansion. Look for any subject that might raise your level of awareness and consciousness. Use Jupiter's exuberance to help you realize your full potential.
I hope this has helped.
Reverend Jeff Pica has been a professional Astrologer for over 25 years. He began his study of Astrology with two years of private tutoring and then became a student of the New York Astrology Center in New York City. He gives private Astrology readings, teaches Astrology, and lectures on Metaphysical topics. He’s a Psychic Medium, Reiki Practitioner, and an ordained Spiritualist Minister, which gives extra depth to his Astrology readings. He’s also a founding member of the Spiritualist Church of New York City.  
Please address questions to jeffpicaastrology@gmail.com with Astrology Question as the subject.

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