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Our Greatest Hope

by Alison David Bird, CHt

This is as close as you have ever come, and some of you are stealthily stealing ground from under the noses of forces that are opposing your every move. 

However, to others we would say; while we applaud your choosing to align with the Light at all times we need to warn you that in this energy, posting pictures of Angels on Facebook may no longer be enough. 

The Spiritual Hierarchy has been very gentle in its attempts to encourage you out of your stables, but the race is on and you are already lagging behind. 

Much of what you have been led to believe about Spirituality in your Dimension was devised for that experience. The truth is more pragmatic. There is a muddy, dirty war waging and we are sorry to wake you from your slumber, but the enemy is at the gate.

No, you don’t often hear or read these words from your beautiful channels, because this not for everyone. It is for you! Our Lightworkers and Starseed, the ground crew who feel called, those who agreed. 

You said: “ Wake us! Don’t let us sleep.” 

Imagine yourselves as racecar drivers speeding around a racetrack. The rain is falling! 

The road is slick. We can call you into the pits and switch to all weather tires, or, we can stop the race and prevent a pile up at the finish line. (And you can pick up new vehicles and begin another race).  But, you have been running this particular race for so long and you are so close to the end. You wish to experience the success of completing so much, and we – your Galactic Family - would like to see you cross the finish line and share in your celebration. 

We know you struggle to visualize how the Shift will complete. 
· Will you raise your vibration until you disappear from the room? 
· Will the planet be rent asunder in some splendid quantum division with the New Age dawning on one version, while the other spirals downwards towards its ultimate conclusion? 
· Will rescue ships appear in the skies while catastrophic Earth movements scorch the Earth? 

These are all potential timelines, yes, but the fact is you can’t survive any one of these options without RECALIBRATING the human vehicle to adapt to conditions in Higher Dimensions. 

Unless you are meditating for hours daily and rise above the density of the collective, you cannot do it alone.

We can assist you in becoming anchors of Infinite Light Frequencies and teach you to stand in your power as the Advanced Guard you came here to be, Michael’s ‘Sentinels of Light.’ 

Every higher choice and decision you make as co-creators on the ground, will set the template for those who come up behind you in the lower gradients of Ascension. 

You - our Lightworkers, as fully embodied Avatars - are and always have been our greatest hope. 

For more information visit  www.Marconics.com

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