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Astrological Forecast for May & June 2016

by Armand M. Diaz, Ph.D.

    Spring is typically a time of moving forward. Like the crocuses (and onion grass) that push their way through the earth at this time of year, we feel a resurgence of energy as the sun, Venus, and Mercury move through the beginning of the zodiac. We shake off the cold of winter and begin to venture outdoors, reconnecting with our neighbors, our neighborhood, and the environment. 

   Yet this spring, we may feel that the outward-flowing energy is somewhat attenuated – slowed and turned inward. As a number of planets reverse direction during May and June we could feel that we are spinning in circles, alternately moving forward and trying to prevent ourselves from slipping backward. Mostly, it’s important to bring patience to this time, and to let frustrations go. 

   Perhaps the dominant theme of these two months is the retrograde of Mars through Sagittarius and Scorpio. When Mars is retrograde, energy is often lacking, although motivation can be extremely high (Mars is closest to Earth when retrograde). We want to express our energy – our drive – but find it hard to gain the necessary traction. Beginning a new job, starting an exercise program, and even initiating a new sexual relationship can lead to hesitations and blocks when Mars is retrograde. In the signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio that Mars is moving through (from April 17th to June 29th), we will be experiencing a mix of ideological conflict and personal security issues. It’s likely to be a tense time, although the greatest eruptions of energy may happen after Mars moves direct this summer. Keep in mind that the motivation for change is strong, but the means and opportunities may be in short supply.

   May begins with both Mercury and Mars retrograde. With Venus newly arrived in her home sign of Taurus, it may be time to kick back and enjoy the spring weather during the first week of the month. We might feel a bit guilty about not pushing to go forward, but this is a period of relative relaxation.

   The vibe changes significantly around the 9th, when Jupiter stations to move direct. With an easy trine to Venus in the offing, we can feel hope for the future and an expanded sense of possibilities in the areas of relationship, creativity, and even finances.

   Mercury and Venus both make easy aspects to Pluto on the 12th and 13th, suggesting that we can have (or revisit) a serious conversation. It’s an opportunity to express yourself with relative ease, and to share your feelings as well as your ideas.

   The time around the full moon on Mar 21st will be especially charged. This moon directly connected to retrograde Mars, who is very powerful despite his backward motion in the skies. Additionally, Mercury stations to go direct a day later, and the times around Mercury stations are often fraught with confusion and even mayhem. Expect polarized opinions on the social and political fronts – a theme this spring – and a willingness to act on beliefs whether or not facts support them. On a personal level, we may find that things are also reaching a kind of peak, and any issues that have been left unresolved are acted upon.

   That energy may or may not involve our relationships, but as Venus opposes Mars on the 24th, we’re likely to bring our personal lives to the forefront of our consciousness. Conflicts that have been simmering with our partners can be especially tense during the third week of May.

   A square between Jupiter and Saturn on the 26th has a less personal feel to it, but will reverberate strongly in the collective consciousness. Saturn in Sagittarius may pull us towards adhering to party lines, sticking with what we believe to be true – even as Saturn subtly gets us to question those beliefs. Jupiter in Virgo tosses facts at our Sagittarian opinions, perhaps further leading us to question our beliefs.

   Neptune sets the watery tone for June, a month that will have us seesawing through emotional ups and downs. Neptunian energy is great for contacting alternative realities, meditation, and exploring spirituality. Intuition is high, although it can be difficult to separate genuine insights from quasi-paranoid fears. In short, imagination and fantasy are running high all month, but what can or should be done in practical terms is a question that may be hard to answer. Follow the fantasy, but don’t expect a payout at the end – Neptune offers us experiences, concrete results are Saturn’s province.

  New moons are often quiet times, but the new moon on June 4th is unlikely to be very calming. While the previous week may have been about the collective, the first week in June has a very personal feel, as the sun and Venus slip into the mutable square between Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune. On June 1st, the sun squares Neptune, an aspect that can cause a gross over- or underestimation of someone or something (including ourselves). Heroes and villains are made out of ordinary folks, and interesting ideas can become a sacred cause.  

   With Venus repeating the square two days later, on the 3rd, relationships could be more directly affected. Our significant others, or potential partners, could seem dreamy – or like nightmares come to life. With Venus and the sun both opposing Saturn and squaring Jupiter on the same day, our inflations may come down to earth quite quickly. The more we build things up, the harder they fall. Jupiter helps us to find a way to harmonize the disparate energies – service to a larger cause. Step out of your personal melodrama, offer someone a hand, rescue a puppy, help a child with their homework – make it less about you, and you’ll feel better (or at least someone will).

   The new moon in Gemini on the 4th may be as much a time of endings as beginnings. Perhaps illusions and delusions of the past few days will offer a sense of what to keep and what to release in the coming month. The new moon in Gemini is a great time to set intentions around changes to your daily routine, by the way. This aspect of life isn’t given a lot of attention, yet it forms the background on which more dramatic events play out – it really does matter!

   As Mercury opposes retrograde Mars on June 9th, hot words may be flying. Bargaining could be tough, whether it’s coming to an agreement on the price of a new car or deciding where to go for dinner. On the collective level, we’ll see opposition to entrenched beliefs, and also some folks waving the flag especially high. Winning the argument could be more gratifying than discovering the actual facts, but that isn’t necessarily advice on what you should do.

   The second week in June features some powerful yet vague energy. Neptune is featured, and he starts the party with his station to retrograde on the 13th. The stations of Neptune often amplify our sense of possibility, but can also tap into our despair. Flights of the imagination can be fun, or scary, but keep in mind that practical applications could be difficult or impossible to manifest.

   The festivities continue on the 17th, as Saturn squares Neptune, the second in a series of three squares that are the dominant aspect of the year. Saturn/Neptune gets us to question reality, and operates mostly on the collective level. Conspiracy theories (and perhaps conspiracies) multiply around these aspects, as we lose our sense of orientation and our ability to even evaluate what’s real. With Saturn in Sagittarius, belief systems are likely to be especially prominent, with religious and political conflicts amplified. The full moon on the 20th is at the last degree of Sagittarius, and thus folks may be especially willing to go to extremes to get their points across. Look for political polemics to reach a peak around this time.

   If high-flying political rhetoric sounds like an opportunity to exaggerate, gild the lily, or offer a bill of sale, then don’t be surprised if falsehoods are offered wholesale between the 20th and 22nd, as Mercury opposes Saturn, then squares Neptune and Jupiter. Don’t even trust yourself with this energy in the air. Yes, someone may have a good point or a sound idea, but you’d do better to evaluate it in the sober light of day – preferably a day about a week after these aspects.

   Not everyone is likely to be so patient, however, with Jupiter trine to Pluto on the 26th. This is the third in a series of three aspects that began late in 2015. Jupiter/Pluto tends to amp up power brokers. With Jupiter in service-oriented Virgo, we may see concessions towards progressive causes, but watch out for hidden costs. Corporations or governments may offer a helping hand, at a price.

   As June ends, Venus is once again busy, making aspects to Neptune, Pluto, and Jupiter (the last on July 1st). This suggests an interesting mix of fantasy and power plays in our relationships, and we may also see some stunning new creative projects around this time. With Mars also stationing to go direct after ten weeks of retrograding, we may finally feel that it’s time to go forward by early July.

Armand M. Diaz, Ph.D. helps clients make decisions that are in harmony with their greatest potential, offering a truly integral approach to astrology. Armand has practiced divination for more than twenty years, working with the I Ching and Tarot in addition to astrology. He has published in various astrological journals, including The Mountain Astrologer.  His most recent book, Separating Aspects: The Astrology of Breakups, Divorce, and Other Partings, is available through Amazon and available on Kindle.  He can be reached through his website at www.integralastrology.net.

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