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Your Journey to Purpose, Power, and Wholeness: The Rhys Method Life Purpose Profile System®

by Rhys Thomas

What if you could buy a ticket to the life you’ve always wanted to live, the life you know you were born to live? 
You, like most people, would probably step right up. But the funny thing is you don’t need a ticket for what is already inside you, just waiting to be discovered. What you need is a tool that helps you to clarify and bring forth your unique mission in life, that thing you are here on the planet to do…What you were born to do.

The Rhys Method Life Purpose Profile System® is that tool. With it, you can identify and then utilize your unique core qualities from the deepest level of your being.  Each of the five profiles acts as a lens through which a person’s life purpose can be focused and developed, and then become integrated into every level of your life. 
Which one are you? Are you a thinker, creating the future through you brilliant ideas; a feeler, tuning into subtle levels of human emotions; a supporter, being the glue that holds any system together; a leader, destined to inspire the masses; or an achiever, responsible for seeing the bigger picture and getting the job done? These are the five Life Purpose Profiles, and each of us contains all five of the qualities represented. But only one of the profile qualities describes you your primary purpose in life. 

Whether you are a Creative idealist (thinker) Emotional Intelligence Specialist (feeler), Team Player (supporter), Charismatic Leader-Charmer (leader), or Knowledgeable Achiever, (achiever), your journey to purpose, power and wholeness, begins with you knowing who you are. 

Let’s look a little closer at what the profiles are and what they do. 

To begin, the profiles are not behavioral labels like those used by other profile systems to identify your character or personality type.  Rather, they are based on your greatest soul qualities and aimed at supporting you to bring those qualities fully into your everyday life.  You get to live your soul’s desire, not your personality’s wants, and not who others tell you that you should be.

The profiles also provide an in-depth analysis of how you sabotage your greatness under stress, and they offer individually tailored guidance for how you can stop. When you know your profile’s shadow side—the lower-self traits and tendencies unique to your profile—you have real power to become a whole human being and fully live your life purpose. Then you can start to create yourself as the person you were born to be, no longer behind the mask you have been wearing, unaware of your true nature.  

So where do you start?

First you want to identify your own unique Life Purpose Profile by taking the Life Purpose Profile questionnaire, available on my website (http://rhysmethod.com). This is not a one-size-fits-all approach to knowing who you are, but rather a highly individualized system for self identification and purpose, made possible by the 50-item questionnaire. Once you’ve identified your unique profile, you can enter into a 3-part program provided in my book, Discover Your Purpose. This is a mini-course based on the 3-year program I teach at my school, The Rhys Thomas Institute for Energy Healing outside of Boston.  In this condensed version of the program I’ve taught to thousands of students who go through my school, you are guided by activities and resources designed to help you to bring forth your unique life of purpose, power and wholeness through three basic steps:

 #1. Align with your profile. You explore your specific profile’s characteristics, including  soul qualities, defensive patterns, relationship issues, career and finance directions, and the physical and energetic elements unique to your profile.

#2. Confront Your Defensive Patterns. You use your profile as a lens to reveal your childhood vows to be someone other than who you truly are, as well as the negative pleasures you’ve been giving yourself that keep you stuck in your defensive pattern.  

#3. Live Your Life Purpose. You discover and then own your shadow self, leaving you no longer divided by your distorted self-understanding but free to live on purpose as who you truly are. 

That process underlying all three steps involves feeling, choosing, and acting in alignment with your unique profile. Becoming who you are is not something you arrive at through any mental process.  You can’t figure out the way to your purpose.  Instead, the path to that deeper self-knowledge is through tuning into and trusting your deepest feelings, an experience of resonating rather than reasoning.  Then choosing from what resonates with you and having the courage to act on your choices further empowers you in living your life purpose. 

In the program, you are supported to choose and act based on your feelings that ring true with who you are. My Crystal Bowl readings, tapes of which are accessible through my website, help you to skip the process of trying to figure it all out, giving you an experience of instant recognition on the level of your soul.  

When you are feeling, choosing and acting through your unique Life Purpose Profile, repeating the process dozens of times in your day, then living on purpose soon becomes second nature.  When your purpose is integrated at that level, you can have the life you’ve always wanted, including success in your career, fulfillment in your relationships, and the energy and well-being to fully enjoy your life.

It starts with feeling your purpose from the center of your being to become the person you were born to be.  The place to look is where your purpose has always been—inside you. 

        Rhys Thomas is a visionary author, speaker and trainer in the energy medicine field. He is the author of the International Best Selling book, "Discover Your Purpose: How To Use The 5 Life Purpose Profiles To Unlock Your Hidden Potential And Live The Life You Were Meant To Live." He is the creator of the Rhys Method® transformational system that is taught exclusively at the Rhys Thomas Institute. http://www.rhysthomasinstitute.com/

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