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Your Horoscope for September & October 2016

by Elizabeth Joyce

Aries (3/21-4/20)
September brings no rest for the Aries folks. Little time for family and friends as well. After the 22nd the party’s on again. You may decide that enough is enough in a current relationship. Be sure to tend to your responsibilities and take your vitamins for stamina. October brings social times with your lover or partner. Enjoy spontaneous times along with the unpredictable. Watch your wallet, as someone wants to help themselves.

Taurus (4/21-5/21)
Although you will be busy with lovers, recreation, and creativity Saturn could present some unexpected difficulties. Don’t get cranky now. In business, you might consider taking on a partner. Don’t be so quick to shake hands on it, take your time until Mercury turns direct on the 25th. You find yourself interested in metaphysical interests as October opens. When you ask the Big Question about life, these people will be able to tell you where to begin. Love and lovers surround you now, Taurus, and everyone is happy, especially you.

Gemini  (5/21-6/20) 
September has you feeling outgoing, sociable, and friendly. Over this next year it may be difficult to focus on work, but your weekends promise to be fabulous! You may meet someone different who is not like anyone you’ve ever dated. As for your money, be careful mid-month about a financial spat. Some people just refuse to be satisfied. October brings pleasure and having the time of your life. Expect long trips, short trips, interesting conversations and lost of new friends. Be careful with the spending, and don’t take chances with your money!

Cancer (6/21-7/22) 
Mercury is retrograde for the first three weeks of September, so if you are planning a Labor Day weekend with the family and kids, prepare for many unexpected delays. Most of all, if you car stalls out, don’t get cranky. Try not to buy anything mechanical or invest in a new vehicle until Mercury turns direct on the 25th. In October, Mars will stir things up for you. He’s a very passionate fellow but he can inspire arguments and upsets as well. Mid-month you could get into an argument with a family member who isn’t carrying their financial burdens or weight. Be quite and calm when you lay down the law, including the “due” dates. 

Leo (7/23-8/22)
September brings Jupiter into Libra, making you quite lethal in the charm department. Prepare to easily convince anyone of just about anything. You seem to be temporarily endowed with a superpower, but be sure to use it only for the good, Leo. If not, I promise you that you won’t like the backlash of karma. October brings travel as you are lured away from your usual routine. At work, all you hard work begins to pay off as a higher-up takes notice of your efforts. You may be up for a promotion but don’t bite off more that you can chew. They’ll love you anyway.

Virgo (8/23-9/22)
Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for new changes in September, Virgo. Your money is on the upswing this next year. You may decide that you’re not willing to stay in a relationship any longer, or you could fall in love at first sight. It's not hard to imagine you’re winning something; a sought after contest, an award, or perhaps even the lottery. It only takes one ticket. October brings mysteries and mayhem. If you need to complete a research project, this is the month to do it. You enjoy digging around for clues, and will be thrilled with what you find.   
Libra (9/23-10/22)
September brings you all kinds of new openings and good luck. Door will open for you, many of them involving fortunate partnerships. If you’ve had a tough time of it lately, you can count on all that coming to an end. Mid  month you could meet someone who will prove to be a powerful force in your life. You may not feel an attraction at first, with love or business, but take the time to get past what’s on the outside because you will love this inner Soul. October focuses on your personal presentation. Pay attention to symbols, and your dreams now, because a test is coming shortly. Libra, if you have not taken the time to speak your mind, you most certainly will now.

Scorpio (10/ 23-11/22)
After Mercury turns direct in September 21st, you’ll be able to connect with that who has been missing. You are in the mood to partner up, both personally and professionally. If you’ve met someone you care for, now may be the time to go to the next level. Surprise, you just may have that raise or promotion you’ve been waiting for at month’s end. October brings connections and group gatherings. You may find you’re on the end of receiving of some wonderful, kind, and sincere attention. Money issues go smoothly and others are now there to help when needed.

Sagittarius (11/23-12/21)
You’re a part of a fun group in September where an old lover could show up unexpectedly. Count on a whole lot of invitations now, and opportunities to mingle with some very interesting people. You are inspired with great big changes and information about your new, chosen field. This all could stir up some confusion on the home front, so be prepared for some confusion. October brings places to go and people to meet. You may not be able to get your rest, but you won’t care. With your “new’ personality and appearance, your popularity will be off the charts. 

Capricorn (12/22-1/19) 
Traveling in September brings upsets and delays, so verify reservations and meetings several times on the trip. After mercury goes direct, this confusion will ease up. Mid-month you may decide to take on a partner in business, but make sure they are just as dedicated to making it a success as you are. Best to wait a bit, until Mercury turns direct on the 21st. October brings a time to take a break. When is the last time you took a day or weekend off? You’re sure to have company to join you, so go for it. You may want to make a large purchase at month’s end, but on the other hand, a heavy bill may become due. Watch your temper and don’t be aggressive.

Aquarius (1/20-2/18)
As September opens, it’s time for travel and new experiences. If on vacation, choose a place where you’ve never been before, and enjoy exploring. Group camaraderie go quite well, and spending time with your sweetie tops it off. Your money experience is about to change with the two eclipses in September. Don’t worry; you’re always up for change, because you find it invigorating. Remember that sudden windfalls fall into this category as well. October brings group adventures and gatherings of kindred spirits. Venus might direct your attention to that interesting stranger across a crowded room. 

Pisces (2/19-3/20)
September brings the opportunity to work out problem relationships through compromise. Making amends will go smoothly, too. Your mission is to resist doing anything that might cause the need for it. Major change is on the way with two eclipses in your sign and opposite. Someone new comes your way, for better or worse, and they will rock your world. Take your time getting to know them. Stability is also on your carpet as money improves and building up savings begins. October brings you some necessary playtime after the intensity of last month, Pisces. You could be occupied with dimly lit places while in the company of someone delicious. It’s a bit tricky at month’s end. Be careful driving and don’t get into a car with anyone who isn’t up to driving. 

One of the very few psychics world wide that picked up on the Haitian Earthquake, the Philippines earthquake, tornados, and the Twin Towers tragedy in New York City. Thousands of people have witnessed Elizabeth Joyce's incredible psychic powers on TV shows such as Unsolved Mysteries, Beyond Chance and The Psychic Detectives, as well as CNN News; She is a frequent guest on radio shows across the country, including Coast 2 Coast AM. Elizabeth’s books are available at Amazon.com and her website as well. Please check her website, www.new-visions.com, for rates and services before calling. For an appointment call 215-996-0646. 
Elizabeth Joyce

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