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Astrological Probable Alerts for US in 2017

by Kushal Kumar

This Vedic astrology writer’s alerts for US for the present year in article ------ “Astrological Probable Alerts for US in year 2016” ----- published last year on 15 October 2015 in online magazine the sop.org have so  far been confirmed accurate by actual happenings on the ground.  This accomplishment has inspired this writer to work out similar predictions  for US in next year 2017.

Let readers know that planetary positions and other aspects of these predictions have been based on sidereal zodiac usually followed in India.  The difference between tropical zodiac and sidereal zodiac during the next year 2017 is about 24 degrees and eight minutes.  So, if 24 degrees and 8 minutes are deducted from tropical zodiac positions in 2017, corresponding  positions in sidereal zodiac may be deemed to have been obtained.  Here, position of slow moving planets Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu (Nodes of the Moon) and Mars have been indicated.  Readers may, if necessary, find out position of remaining fast moving planets from any standard book of ephemeris. 

(1) Saturn    On the opening of the year in January 2017, Saturn is in sign Scorpio in direct motion moving over to next sign Sagittarius on 25 January 2017.  It gets retrograde on 7 April 2017, re-entering Scorpio on 22 June 2017.  It turns direct on 25 August 2017 in sign Scorpio re-entering Sagittarius on 25 October 2017, to continue movement there when the year closes.

(2) Jupiter.   Jupiter is in direct motion in sign Virgo of the sidereal zodiac turning retrograde on 7 February 2017 and continuing to be so until 9 June 2017.  It is in direct motion on 10 June 2017 in sign Virgo until 11 September 2017 when it enters sign Libra.

(3) Rahu – Ketu ( Nodes of the Moon).  At the opening of the year  Rahu, the North Node of the year, would be in sign Leo of the sidereal zodiac.  Its motion is always retrograde.  It enters sign cancer on 20 August 2017 to continue there for the remaining part of the year.  Ketu, the South Node of the year is at 180 degrees away from Rahu.

(4) Mars   As the year 2017 opens, Mar begins its journey in sign Aquarius of sidereal zodiac, passes through different signs ending up in sign Libra at the close of the year.

During the year, four eclipse occur :-

(1) Lunar penumbral eclipse on 11 February 2017.

(2) Annular solar eclipse on 26 February 2017.

(3) Lunar eclipse (partial) on 7 August to 8 August 2017 ( at some places date changes).

(4) Total solar eclipse on 21 August 2017

Chart for the new year has Libra sign rising at 26 degrees in sidereal zodiac.


Analysis of planetary potential for US in year 2017 appears to disclose two periods of substantial worry, while it may not be right to opine  that worries are seen to be non-existent during remaining periods of the year.  It must be known that a worry is comparative.

(1) The months of February and March in 2017 look to be bringing to surface  for US , woes of economic nature which may upset heavily  policy makers and the rulers alike.  A kind of economic war may perhaps be there unless appropriate and sufficient strategy is hammered out and applied meanwhile.  Farming and agriculture sectors may be in limelight for their concerns  necessitating more attention and care.  Health hazards or epidemics may be in focus having substantial worry relating to weakening or  decline in physical immunity system.  Agreements with friendly countries relating to energy resources or arms or food deals may spring up either issues or cause delay.  Fire or volcano eruption or earthquakes may be likely while such like places as Carolina and Delaware may take more precaution in this regard.  Ambitious projects relating to power generation or nuclear energy may meet with delay.  Also, take more care while handling chemicals or nuclear energy.  

(2) The months of August and September 2017 may raise national issues.  Postures of friendly countries are likely to trend to be less warm causing substantial concern or turmoils in the friendly countries may impact US.  Some agreements of economic or trading nature could run into rough weather turning a  big irritant.  Economic or political scenario impacting system may be upsetting. Societies and communities are advised to have restraint.  Some ambitious plans relating to consumer- energy, hydro-power, nuclear energy, fires or chemicals may require special attention.  Some health hazards or epidemic may need special attention.  Earthquake,  hurricane like natural disasters could be likely at vulnerable regions.    Such like places or regions as Detroit, Tampa, Miami, Missouri, Maine, Massachusetts, Tennessee may call for more care and strategy to deal with from the point of view of aforesaid situations.  Some active  engagement in war or cyber war looks to be arising.  Briefly speaking, there is a need to take recourse to restraint among different communities  and  races. These indications  of likely trends amount to neither deterministic   nor  having claim of  certainty, and are aimed at serving a wake up call for more care and appropriate strategy having potential to reduce gravity of outcome of such impacts sometimes obviate also.

Kushal Kumar, hailing from Sansal of District Kangra in Himachal Pradesh State of India, is presently settled at Panchkula, Haryana State of India. His articles about practical spiritual life and Vedic astrology have been published by premier magazines in the West also. His work has also been published by The Mountain Astrologer from California, Dell Horoscope from New York. He can be reached via kushal1948@gmail.com.  


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