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The Struggle to Be Well in a High-Tech World

by Phyllis Light, Ph.D.

Do you, or anyone you know, wrestle with allergies, colds, chronic fatigue, headaches, eyestrain, or even more serious immune system disorders, like cancer, Hashimoto’s, or rheumatoid arthritis?  You probably have no clue what you are up against, living in our high-tech world. You just know that it’s “normal” to carry a cell phone in your purse or pants pocket, and sit in front of your computer screen or mobile device daily, either at work or home, or both.

You connect your computers and cell phones to a WiFi network, which broadcasts life-damaging frequencies throughout your offices and homes, and then you watch HDTV at night, bathing in all the digital frequencies the TV is emitting. Your sleep cycle is often disturbed, so you take sleeping pills in order to be able to sleep. And, you think this is natural.  It is “normal” and a common part of modern-day life, but it is anything but “natural.”  

The problem is that we are both energetic and physical beings.  That is, we have an energy field surrounding our physical body that is actually the blueprint for the body.  When the energy field gets damaged, the physical body sustains damage as well.  If we could keep our energy field healthy, then the physical body would stay healthy too.  

However, the unnatural and life-damaging electromagnetic fields and frequencies that blanket our planet continually create ill health for our energy field. They fill the space in which we live and breathe, bombarding us to the tune of “300,000 times per minute” in most metropolitan areas. The human energy field was not designed to withstand such a continuous onslaught of disruptive energies.

Normally, as humans, we are “self-repairing” in our makeup.  That is, when we cut ourselves, the wound will normally scab over and heal itself within a short period of time.  When our energy field sustains a moment of damage, it, too, will then heal itself within a short period of time.

Before 1975, when HBO and Cinemax started broadcasting from the skies, we would get hit with maybe 40 frequencies per day, from our three television stations and small handful of radio stations.  When a frequency would hit us, our energy field would wobble, dysfunction for a moment, and then would right itself, once the frequency went away.  Then, we wouldn’t get hit for another half hour or so, thus giving us the space and time we needed to repair ourselves after each hit.  This “self-repairing” function happens naturally and automatically. It’s not something we have to think about or put our attention on.

When we fast-forward to today’s world, the air is so jam-packed with frequencies, that we are getting hit constantly, non-stop.  So each time our energy field tries to repair itself, it gets hit again, and again, and never gets the space and time it needs to allow this self-repairing mechanism to work effectively.  So, our energy field gets weakened over time.

Since the energy field is the blueprint for the physical body, the body, too, gets weaker with time.  And this ever-increasing weakness shows up in different ways for different people.  For many, it starts with a weakened immune system.  The immune system actually goes into “overdrive” trying to fight off all the frequencies, but it is unable to do so, and just tires itself out in the process. This is why you are seeing the rise of immune system disorders as technology advances.

When many of us grew up, we ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. Now, many kids are allergic to peanuts, because of their weakened immune system, a function of growing up in a frequency-laden world. Yet, the frequencies are invisible. When you can’t see them hitting you, it’s easy to ignore the fact that they are. However, it has gotten to the point where people are truly struggling to be well, and one can’t keep ignoring this problem that faces us all today.

I met an older woman who told me that her husband had died of a sudden rupture in his colon, and the doctors were unable to find anything wrong with him.  I asked her if he carried a cell phone, and she said, “Why yes, in his pants pocket, right in the place where his colon had ruptured.”  

Another man I met told me he started getting pains in his right leg.  First he thought he had “restless leg syndrome.” I asked him about his cell phone.  He said, “You know, I thought of that, so I took my cell phone out of my pocket, and left it off my body for a couple of weeks, and amazingly enough, all the pains in my leg went away.”  He was apparently more aware than most.

So the challenge is, how to use technology to your advantage, without frying yourself!  I have given seminars where I list “things you can do to help protect your energy field in a high-tech world.”  I share some of them here:

1) Don’t get rid of your landline.  Use your cell phone sparingly, vs. talking on it all the time, or using it as your sole connection to the outside world.
2) Turn your computer and wireless network off at night. Most people don’t do this.  At least you are limiting the number of frequencies that bombard you when you sleep.
3) Figure out a way to not have your cell phone next to your body all the time.  Challenging, yes, but it’s better than creating physical disorders that can happen with constant cell phone exposure.
4) Research products that are effective to neutralize the life-damaging frequencies.  Once you become aware of the problem, you can then find viable solutions, which do exist.

We are all living with undue stress from the bombardment of the damaging frequencies in our world.  Yet, life can be more peaceful.  We can be healthy and enjoy a sense of aliveness and well-being.  It may take some effort to transform the quality of your life, but it is an effort well-worth making. 

Phyllis Light, Ph.D, is an expert in “Telepathic Healing” and a pioneer in dealing with the energetic impact of modern technology on our physical body and subtle energy field. She created the Rejuvenizers®—powerful, energetic devices that protect the human energy field from the damaging effects of EMFs.  To learn more, visit: www.lighthealing.com or call (512) 301-2999.

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