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Loving Yourself Into Life

by JZ Knight

Excerpt from: Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, Blue College

Retreat, February 25, 2006. Yelm: Ramtha Dialogues®, 2006.

Love is that mystery of ourself. I think we can understand that supply and attraction are molecules of emotion. We get addicted to a person because they make us turn on, and it is never really about them; it is about us. It is about what our brain sees and configures as attractive. We get infatuated with people because they are reflecting back to us ourself. We never hear what they say when it is not in us. We never hear that conversation. It is never even in our mind. And we are attracted to them if what they show us turns us on. What we find beautiful, satisfying, and glorious in all those wonderful romantic things when a person looks at us is we know they are frequency specific with us. Then we are mooning and swooning all day long because we can hardly wait to have another session of love, making out, petting, and stuff, because it is about us. They are causing this reaction in us. Actually, it is us who are making it happen.

A love matures with a person when we are happy sharing those mystical qualities about ourselves and being with someone you can sit and mind-meld with. It doesn’t have to be the sensation of sexuality. It doesn’t have to be the sensation of hurt and pain or success and failure. It is a mind-meld of options and opportunities and drifting off into some wonderful place that they can construct thoughts to you and you back to them. That sort of perfect mirror that we work all of our life to find is really about having a person or persons in our life that construct the view of our world and construct the view of ourselves as mystery. And then there are finer portraits of people that we love and cherish and aspects about them that we love and cherish in ourselves. I mean, there truly are. 

So like the Ram says, love is the glue that holds all things together. Then we can begin to understand how then God, the greater mind of God, is held together by the pluralisticness of all that we are, for as far as we are into forever and eternity, and that in a short order we know what love is because we tender the reality of ourself in our life with good care. So we hold it together, you know. The things that putrefy, we have walked away from and simply let go back to dust. In that way we have pulled our love away. We haven’t loved it into life. 

When we create mind in this very sophisticated concept that the Observer lives in us, we organize thoughts that are compelling, that make us transcend our knee-jerk reaction of subsisting — a definition based upon past experiences — rather than being hard-pressed to not know an answer until we have known its experience. A thought deserves our presence. It deserves being loved into life. So I suppose that love into our future and into our greater concepts is equal to loving God, to loving God with all of our heart and all of our body and all of our mind. Those are great concepts of being a divine person that we love into life once we realize that. And finally these few threads come together and we look in the mirror and go, "Oh, my goodness, it is me." It is about us. 

We loved other people who enchanted, mesmerized, and flattered us, as well as those who cursed us. And to those who gave us their passion, we gave back to them, all of the things that opened us up to mind-melds. The greatest compliment we have ever been paid, as Ram said, is that we are the ultimate creator. That is that great picture of Ramtha that says "The power is in you." 

Here we find love but in an order that we could nearly talk about in terms of quantum physics. The observation of energy into a particle takes our attention, and our attention is, in the end, the result of our focus, and we are charmed by that focus. That is what Ram calls loving it into life, collapsing free energy with free information into life. Life is when it becomes frequency specific with our frequency and becomes one of those small aspects of matter itself on a journey, a wonderful journey to join us in our kingdom. 

Does the charm and the love ever end? We fall more in love with the components of ourself as divine being the closer we come to this study of just how miraculous, magical, and wonderful we really are and that everything we say and think is destined to be our mind. When we pay that close attention to detail, then we start to fall in love with the magic and the beauty that is us. It doesn’t matter what we look like. Everybody gets a chance at looking into the mirror. It is what we think. Our flesh is clothed only to the way we thought. Those ground rules have changed now. We will be changed. 

So love then is much more. The romance is the chemicals of a more adoring relationship, sexuality, all of the things I mentioned: lovely, beautiful, fantastic. The love, as the Ram says, that comes with the adventurer, the one who goes where the gold meets the blue, is never-ending. It is a relationship that never pales or grows old. It is ever-finding itself and ever in love with itself. So we could say then if love is the glue that holds things together — including relationships, conversations, families, children, ideas, business relationships, nature, friends, and relatives — then it is also the same focus and presence that holds together the ideas that are destined to become new worlds in which we ourselves inhabit. 

We are worth the effort to put effort into, to dressing ourself every day in a brain that befits the new mind. We deserve living the new mind, the brave new tomorrow. We deserve that. And the day that we fall in love with ourself and realize how magnificent we are is the day that we won’t be focused in a holy moment outside of us when we should be focused on ourself to create reality. We will not share that moment with the past, as we have clearly got ourselves aimed at the future. That is the day that we have put away our childish things of yesterday and are dressed in the skin ready for tomorrow. 

We are enriched in love everywhere in our life — everywhere it shows itself to us for chemical, sexual romance that is only a focus away — but the great love that makes it is the great God that we are. 

— JZ Knight

Copyright © 2006 JZ Knight. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the written permission of JZ Knight and JZK, Inc.

About JZ Knight: JZ Knight was born in Roswell, New Mexico, in March 1946. She is the author of the bestseller autobiography, A State of Mind: My Story, and the unique channel of Ramtha the Enlightened One and one of the most charismatic leaders of the Schools of Ancient Wisdom and the Great Work in the world today.

About Ramtha: Ramtha the Enlightened One is an ascended Master Teacher who learned in his lifetime the unlimited potential of our minds for creating and shaping reality. His empowering message of hope for humanity continues through his school, Ramtha School of Enlightenment.

For more information on JZ Knight, Ramtha, and Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, please contact: Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, P.O. Box 1210, Yelm, WA 98597, USA call 1.800.347.0439, 1.360.458.5201, or visit us online, www. ramtha.com

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