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What in the World is Happening?

by Share International

Looking at the current world situation, a reaction of fear and uncertainty is understandable. Dangerous conditions have developed on social, political, economic and environmental levels that threaten the future of the planet and its people. Chief among these are the disparity of wealth between the rich and poor, commercialization and the blind following of market forces, and pollution of our soil, air and water. A course of action for the amelioration of these conditions seems to elude the grasp of national leaders whose duty it is to ensure the welfare of the people. Many would agree that it’s time for a different approach to solving our problems.

The corruption inherent in the present systems is coming to light, and the status quo is proving to be obsolete. The ‘voice of the people’ however, is growing louder. Millions across the world are demanding justice, peace and a livable planet. What is behind these developments?

Many now know that the Age of Aquarius is beginning. Concurrently, the Age of Pisces is ending, and so we are at the beginning and the end of a civilization, an epic time in history, a time of painful change. The energies of Pisces have developed in humanity a sense of individuality and abstract idealism, characteristics desirable as evolutionary milestones, but have resulted in the creation of a civilization based on competition, separation and inequality. That civilization is crumbling before our eyes. The synthesizing energies of Aquarius promote unity, cooperation and a sense of oneness. The new civilization that we will build in response to this influence will reflect the divine principles of Love, Justice and Sharing. 

Also of significance is the awakening of humanity. People are beginning to realize, on a very large scale, the power in their hands to affect change. We are ready for the challenges ahead.

To help us in this task of reconstruction are teachers of extraordinary wisdom, insight and achievement. They have reached the end of the evolutionary path upon which we, the rest of humanity, are still engaged. They are, from our point of view, perfect. They are known as the Masters of Wisdom and comprise the senior members of the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet. At their head is Maitreya, the World Teacher, Whose Love for mankind is beyond measure. 

The Masters have been with humanity since our appearance on this planet, working openly among us much of the time, to guide us along the path of evolution. For the past 98,000 years however, they have guided and inspired mankind from Their retreats in the remote desert and mountain areas of the earth. Now, at this time of crisis, They are returning to the everyday world and offer their help to us in building a new and better civilization for all people.

Maitreya, the World Teacher’s concerns are reflected in His list of priorities: an adequate supply of the right food, adequate housing and shelter for all, healthcare and education as a universal right. Maitreya will advocate that the number one priority, after the ending of starvation for millions, will be the saving of the environment. His message can be summarized in a few words: “Share and save the world.”

In January of 2010, Maitreya gave his first interview on American television. He has since given a series of interviews on television in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and India. He will soon be interviewed on TV in other parts of the world. In this way, He is gradually making His concerns known and presenting His solutions to the world’s problems.

He does these interviews incognito, not using the name Maitreya. He is becoming known for His analysis of the world’s needs. Look for a man who is calling for justice and freedom for all. When enough people are responding to what He has to say, Maitreya will be asked to speak to the entire world.

On the ‘Day of Declaration’, Maitreya will be seen on television worldwide via linked satellite networks. He will mentally ‘overshadow’ all of humanity simultaneously and everyone over the age of fourteen will hear His words inwardly, telepathically, in their own language. At the same time, thousands of miraculous healings will take place, and the energy of Love that He embodies will enter the hearts of all, galvanizing humanity to save the world. Maitreya will outline the future life for humanity and make his appeal for justice, for sharing as the only way to justice, and so to peace in the world. Our response to this event will determine the entire future of the world. Maitreya has already said: “My heart tells me your answer, your choice, and is glad.”

"For more information please visit www.share-international.org

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